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To achieve good results in losing weight, you need not only proper nutrition, but also combining it with different workouts. Each girl wants to make a wasp waist and remove fat from the abdomen. But not everyone knows how to make the waist thin – special exercises and low-calorie nutrition will help to transform the body and achieve the result. You can wear a corset at the same time, but this will only help hide shortcomings for a short time.

How to make a slim waist

You can remove extra pounds and keep in good shape only if you have willpower and regular classes. The size of the waist depends on the physique, for example, in the “rectangle” figure, it hardly stands out, and it will be difficult to make it thin, but in the “hourglass” figure it is not a problem to make a slender waist – visually wide hips further reduce it.

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It is necessary to approach the issue of losing weight comprehensively. The training program should be fat burning cardio exercises and strength. In order to make a thin waist, it is better to choose such activities in which the oblique muscles of the press are involved. It should be done at least four times a week for 40-50 minutes. In addition to training, you need to monitor your diet, limit the intake of fatty, sweet and salty.

Waist exercises

In order to effectively reduce their parameters, it is not necessary to go to the gym. Exercises for a thin waist at home can be performed almost any. You can use an additional hoop – it is a good way to form a beautiful waist and burn a large number of calories. Twisting is very effective, they help strengthen the oblique muscles of the abs and make the stomach more embossed.

To achieve a quick result, the exercises must be performed every other day, the training should be at least 40 minutes. For 30 minutes before training, it is better to eat nothing, and the next meal after training should be no earlier than an hour. Exercises should be performed in 2-3 sets of 20 times. Rest should not exceed a minute, during class you can drink still mineral water.


This exercise is always included in the complex exercises for the press and burning fat from the lower abdomen. At first glance, it is very easy to complete the bar – you just need to hold out for two minutes in one position. But to withstand a long time, you need physical fitness. The bar is aimed at strengthening all the muscles surrounding the abdominal cavity, buttocks and intensive burning of fat in this area.

The starting position resembles push-ups. You can perform the bar at home or in the fresh air. How to make the bar:

  • put outstretched arms in front of the shoulders (to complicate the task, you can stay on your elbows);
  • legs are straight, back is straight;
  • do not lower your head down;
  • keep in this position for about a minute, gradually you need to increase the time to 3 minutes.


Side bar

There is an alternative to the previous exercise. The side bar is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abs, arms, lower leg, shoulder work and intense fat burning. The exercise is performed in 2 sets of one minute, each time you need to increase the time by 15 seconds. Rest between sets should not exceed two minutes. If it’s hard to hold on an outstretched arm, you can lean on your elbow.

The side bar is part of the standard exercise for the aspen waist. To correctly execute the side bar, you need to make the following movements:

  • take a starting position similar to push-ups;
  • put your elbows in front of you;
  • straighten the body exactly along;
  • turn to one side;
  • hold this position for at least 30 seconds, then switch sides.


This is another type of exercise that does not require any additional accessories, the main thing is to follow the execution technique. Twisting helps burn fat above and below the abdomen. When performed correctly, the entire rectus muscle works. Regularly performing twisting, improves posture, strengthen the muscles of the abs, back and burn fat.

You need to repeat the movements 40-50 times in two approaches. The correct twisting technique is as follows:

  • prepare a soft mat, lie on your back, bend your knees;
  • throw your hands behind your head, while doing your hands you need to relax;
  • during inspiration, to rise, bending the back, the chin should not reach the chest;
  • the lower and middle parts of the spine should be motionless;
  • exhale lower case.



This exercise is very easy and is included in many training sets to form a perfect waist. It can even be done as a stretch before or after a workout. Before you make the waist smaller, you need to take care of burning fat from the side of the abdomen. Tilting to the right and left will help to do this, but you can not abuse them, especially if you are the owner of the figure “rectangle”.

It is very simple to do this exercise, one approach is enough 10 times on each side at the beginning and at the end of the training. Technique of execution:

  • align your back, put your legs apart across the width of your shoulders;
  • arms bent at the elbows on the sides;
  • bend the body on the sides;
  • when bending, the opposite arm can be raised;
  • when performed correctly, there will be a tension in the lateral abdominal muscles.

Slim Waist and Flat Belly Exercises

There are many different training programs to reduce belly fat. It is believed that good results can only be achieved in the gym, but it is erroneous. So how to reduce the waist at home? To reduce the volume, you need to perform exercises that are aimed at working out all the muscles of the abdomen so that fat is burned evenly.

After each exercise, stretching should be done to warm the muscles. Before the workout, a warm-up is mandatory – it exerts a serious load on the abdominal muscles, therefore, to avoid stretching, charging is mandatory. You can do the whole workout at home without any additional equipment, to make the exercise more difficult, you can use a bottle of water.

Vacuum for the abdomen

This exercise is one of the most common in the matter of how to achieve a thin waist. A vacuum is recommended in the morning on an empty stomach. Performing it regularly, the transverse muscle of the press works, when it becomes more elastic and taut, extra centimeters from the abdomen will leave. There are several variations in the execution of the vacuum – lying, kneeling or sitting.

Approaches should be at least 5. First, you can limit yourself to 20 seconds, daily increase the time to 1 minute. The vacuum technique is as follows:

  • take a comfortable starting position;
  • take an even, deep breath and hold your breath for 45-60 seconds, strongly draw in your stomach;
  • with a lack of air, take small short breaths;
  • relax as you breathe evenly.


Rope jumping

The process of burning fat begins with cardio exercises, which should be performed at the beginning of the workout. Jumping rope is a great way to warm up your body, stretch yourself and tune in to a fat-burning, intense workout. It is worth noting that intense 15-minute skipping rope helps burn about 250 calories. Skipping rope is great for burning fat all over the body..

During the jumps, it is recommended to draw in the stomach so that not only fat is burned, but also the internal muscles of the press are pulled to help make the aspen waist and flat stomach. For starters, you can jump for 5-7 minutes, each time increasing the duration to 20 minutes. This is enough to warm up and prepare for strength training. Jumping rope exerts tension on the muscles of the legs, arms and increases endurance.

Twisting sitting

Answering the question of how to narrow the waist at home, it is worth noting such a type of exercise as twisting while sitting. Performing these not very difficult exercises, the rectus abdominis and back muscles work, and the stomach is perfectly tightened. To make the waist thin by twisting, you need to lie on your back, put your palms behind your head, raise straight legs as high as possible, pull the sock and lift the body, turning it to the right, then to the left. During the exercise, you will feel how the obliques of the abs work. First you can lower your legs without lifting the body.

Sitting turns


In different methods with which you can make a flat stomach and narrow waist, trainers are advised to make turns. This is a very effective exercise that everyone can do without any preparation. To do it, you need to take a starting position while standing, put your hands on your hips, belt or put in front of you, legs together. Make body turns to the right, then to the left about 20 times.

Waist hoop

At home, you can deal with light improvised means – use a bottle of water for weighting, a big ball instead of a chair, and a plastic or metal thin hoop to make a thin waist. Being engaged with him, a thin stomach will not keep itself waiting. Thanks to daily lessons for 15 minutes, in a month it will take 1-1.5 cm in volume.

Performing exercises with a hula hoop is very simple. Become in a starting position, place a hoop on a waist, put legs on width of shoulders. Start to twist the hoop due to circular rotations of the pelvis, during execution, maximize the tension of the abdominal muscles so that the result is more effective. During the rotation of the hula-hoop due to massage movements, blood circulation in the muscles accelerates, fat is burned in a short time.

How to reduce a man’s waist

In the process of losing weight, almost every man wonders how to make the waist thinner. The answer is very simple – to perform intensive fat-burning exercises specifically for this part of the body and combine them with proper nutrition. Cardio load will help to “dry” the whole body, because it is impossible to get rid of excess fat in a specific area of ​​the body, the whole body loses weight immediately.

A man shakes the press, lying on his back

For men, the same techniques are suitable as for women. After a day, you should do twists, turns, tilts left and right, engage with a hoop. In matters of weight loss, systematicity is very important – the result can be achieved only with regular classes. For yourself, you can create a table, marking each day the number of approaches of each exercise to track progress.

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