How to make your fingers thinner – weight loss exercises, procedures and massage

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At all times, graceful long fingers were considered a sign of the aristocracy, the noble origin of man. The dream of all the ladies, and not only – beautiful musical hands. What to do when the fingers or hands are not thin, excess fat is deposited at the base, they look puffy, thick and short? How to lose weight in your fingers, reduce their volume and make them long, elegant and thin?

Why fingers get fat?

If you are thinking about how to lose weight in your fingers, you need to find out the reason why they lost their pristine attractive appearance. And there are several factors that contribute to the increase in size:

  • the occurrence of edema as a result of malnutrition, stagnation of fluid in the body;
  • weight gain as a result of malnutrition, abuse of fatty foods or sweets, restrictions on mobility and physical activity;
  • fat fingers on the hands are observed as a result of metabolic disorders or health problems;
  • visual changes are observed with age, this problem is corrected with the help of gymnastics and diet.

Do fingers lose weight while losing weight?

Do your hands decrease visually if you lose weight with exercise or diet restrictions? The answer is yes, because these are the same parts of the body as muscles, bones, stomach, legs. Therefore, if you have a need for weight loss with full fingers, start with a general weight loss. By removing excess weight, you will be pleasantly surprised by the elegant, sophisticated and aristocratic look of your hands.

Beautiful female hands

The main steps to start losing finger weight is to take care of your body in a complex. It does not require a complete rejection of your favorite foods, it is just important to monitor your diet, remove excess sweet, fatty foods.

What to do to lose fingers?

If you are tormented by the question of how to lose weight in your fingers, we hasten to assure you that the process is not so complicated. The main task is to organize yourself, it is better to make a certain plan of complex actions. Take a few minutes every day for specific exercises, plus monitor your diet. And remember, do not forbid yourself anything, otherwise the body will rebel! So, what actions will help you lose weight in your fingers:

  • an important factor is a healthy diet, you need to eat more fiber, fruits, cereals, light soup, protein and salads, do not allow yourself a lot of flour, carbonated drinks, convenience foods, limit the use of coffee;
  • you should monitor the amount of daily fluid intake: excess water in the body leads to edema, and its lack affects the metabolism;
  • Special exercises, which are important to do for several minutes every day, will help to make your fingers slim.
  • massage helps to improve the appearance of any part of the body, including hand massage is a popular way to make them thinner and more elegant;
  • Another way to visually make your fingers thin is to use moisturizing creams, which helps smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin and improve the overall appearance of the hands.

Girl makes self massage brush

Finger Weight Loss Exercises

In a separate effective way, you can distinguish exercises for losing weight on the fingers. In addition to improving the visual appearance, such gymnastics helps to improve joint health, blood circulation and muscle activity. So what to do to make your hands worthy of the attention of cameras of the best magazines in a short time?

  1. The easiest and most effective way to stretch your joints is to bend and unbend them. A comprehensive repetition of 10-20 times with a break of 5 minutes is necessary. Exercise is best repeated in the morning and evening. The beauty of this method is that it can be used everywhere: at work, on the subway, on a walk or in a movie theater.
  2. Another effective exercise is squeezing the hand. We squeeze it into a fist (firmly), then relax, put the brush on the table, spread our fingers in a fan as possible (until you feel a slight tension). Each finger is torn off from the surface, lifting it up. Repeat this combination 2-3 times, in a few weeks you will see the first results.
  3. Have you noticed what beautiful exquisite hands the pianists have? This is not an accident, the constant playing of the piano develops hands, makes them thin and graceful. Therefore, do not be lazy to periodically “play the keys”, since this activity is uncomplicated (and at times pleasant and soothing), and possible on any hard surface.

Girl doing finger massage

Finger massage

A pleasant part of complex weight loss is a massage for the fingers. Experienced cosmetologists and massage therapists never get around their hands during the massage process (cosmetologists can perform it while the client is resting on a couch with a mask). You can do the massage yourself (one arm massages the other) or ask someone close to you. Nevertheless, if you are wondering how to reduce fingers, you should use the services of a professional massage therapist.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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