How to manicure a man – a technique for doing at home and the cost in the salon

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Modern men have the opportunity to make a manicure, the implementation of which will transform the nails and hands in general. This procedure was originally a privilege of women, and the purpose of manicure on male hands is to care, clean, and give the fingers a sleek, aristocratic look. A male representative should not be neglected by manicure if he wants to look at a high level, to give himself a status.

What is a manicure

This is a procedure for hygienic care of men’s nails, which will help them look more neat and attractive. Manicure for the stronger sex is used for aesthetic purposes, after it the hands look not just clean, but sleek and well-groomed. Unlike female manicure, colored varnishes are not used here, and only special care products are used. Strong manicure consists in removing the cuticle, shaping the nails, cleaning, polishing, nourishing the cream.

Master manicures a man

The need for

For some male professions, the appearance of the hands is extremely important, as part of the entire image of a person. For example, a politician, businessman, show business star, bank employee, photo or supermodel should have perfect hands. This is the price of their success and beauty. Manicure in terms of the health of men’s hands will help prevent:

  • burr formation;
  • the appearance of fungus;
  • deformation of the nail plates.

Features of manicure

Female and male procedures are similar. When performing manicure on the fingers of a representative of the stronger sex, the following nuances are taken into account:

  • In men, the pain threshold is lower; they feel pain more than women. Therefore, the male procedure does not use sharp tools.
  • Suitable for use modern coatings with minimal gloss, odor.
  • The male nail is harder and thicker, so the duration of the manicure takes from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.
  • When performing manicure in the salon, you can simultaneously do a haircut, beard modeling or pedicure.
  • After a little practice, you can do it yourself at home..


Manicure for men has the following options:



Classic edged

To prepare men’s hands for the procedure, they are “soaked” in the bath, and then the cuticle is cut.


The cuticle is not removed, but simply pushed back with a small wooden stick.


It differs in a certain design of the nail plate, which consists in coloring the end of the nail in white. In men, its length is not more than a millimeter.

Spa manicure

Carrying out the procedure in combination with brush massage, the use of caring cosmetics, aromatic oils, healthy masks.


It is carried out using a special electric device, which has different nozzles for cleaning and polishing..


The next important step after nail treatment is hand nutrition. To do this, they are immersed in a bath with cream or oil for 10-15 minutes.

Execution technology

Make the procedure as follows:

  1. Start a manicure with disinfection of the skin, because if an infection gets, inflammation, suppuration can occur.
  2. Steam and soften the skin of the hands in a bath with water of a comfortable temperature with the addition of oils or salts for 20 minutes.
  3. When performing manicure by cutting technology, the skin (cuticle) is removed at the line of the beginning of nail growth.
  4. According to European technology, the cuticle is not cut, but is pushed back with an orange stick..
  5. Nail plate shaping.
  6. Align the outer edge of the nail.
  7. Polishing to eliminate scratches and smoothness.
  8. At the request of the client, the master can apply a transparent varnish to give a healthy shine.
  9. Hands are treated with nutritious cream, massage.

Man doing hand massage in the salon

Trim manicure

The procedure is performed step by step according to the following scheme:

  1. Giving men’s nails the necessary shape.
  2. Next, apply a softener to the cuticle of all fingers of one hand.
  3. Shoulder cuticle removal.
  4. Immersion of male fingers in the bath for a couple of minutes.
  5. Cuticle Removal with Nippers.
  6. The final removal of excess cuticle with scissors. This must be done in one motion, so that the line is smooth, without any burrs..
  7. Final shaping.
  8. Nourishing Oil Application.
  9. Nail polishing.


This type of manicure is the safest, as it least injures the skin. Manicure is performed in the following way:

  1. Trimming and shaping.
  2. Application of the preparation to remove the cuticle. You need to do this with a light, uniform layer. To withstand a certain time in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. The product contains fruit acids, which can cause a burning sensation or burn if overexposed. Therefore, you need to work carefully and carefully, following the instructions.
  3. Dip your fingers in warm water with salt.
  4. After the cuticle has softened, it needs to be removed from the nail, the residues are easily removed with a cotton ball.
  5. Oil polishing and nutrition.

How to make a manicure for men at home

Performing this procedure yourself is not difficult. Let’s analyze the sequence of how to do male manicure at home:

  1. Move the cuticle to the line of the beginning of nail growth using an orange stick or pusher (special spatula).
  2. Cut the extra length of the nails with the help of nippers.
  3. We process the edge of the nail plate with a nail file. Men’s nails are thicker than women’s, so it is better to use a glass nail file with a larger and coarser abrasive coating.
  4. Soak your fingers for 4-5 minutes, taking a small bowl of warm water. Add some soap or bath salt to the container..
  5. Next, we continue to work with cuticles. We wipe our hands with a towel. Repeatedly push the excess skin off the surface of the nail plate with a pusher, then cut it off with scissors in one continuous movement.
  6. If necessary, remove dirt on the edges of the nail bed, this means on the sides – at the border of the nail and skin.
  7. In order not to damage the skin around, carefully remove the burrs. They look like bulging, sticking pieces of skin around the nail that appear due to minor damage to the fingers, or due to a lack of vitamins in the body.
  8. Buff buff.
  9. Apply cream.

Hands of a man after manicure and toolkit

What tools and materials will come in handy

To carry out the home procedure, you will need the following items:

  • Remedy for baths that can be replaced with soap.
  • Nail scissors.
  • A pusher is a two-sided tool for manicure, at one end it has a rounded spatula that fits the shape of the nail and is used to move the cuticle. The other tip of the pusher is pointed, they remove dirt on the sides of the nail.
  • Nippers.
  • Nail file. It is better to choose glass or ceramic. Metallic damage the nails.
  • Buff – a soft abrasive block for polishing a surface.
  • Light cream or butter.


The provision of hand care services has an average price of 1 thousand rubles. Consider how much a manicure costs at different points in Moscow:

Name of beauty salon, medical center

Cost in rubles for one procedure

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