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People who spend a lot of time on their feet or vice versa do not move much, it is just necessary to periodically massage the lower limbs. Due to the low activity, blood stagnation occurs, which leads to many diseases over time. A foot or foot massage done in the salon or at home will bring many benefits. A correctly performed procedure will relax the muscles, relieve discomfort after a hard working day, and prevent the development of many ailments.

What is foot massage?

Mechanical action on the tissues of the lower extremities is an excellent prevention of longitudinal or transverse flatfoot and varicose veins. Foot massage is especially useful for a person, because the whole load falls on them. Chinese masters have long advanced in mastering massage techniques. Since ancient times, the procedure was done to save a person from insomnia. Massage movements on the legs contribute to the overall relaxation of the body. After massage of the lower extremities, nervousness disappears, sleep becomes stable.

The modern technique of foot massage is the effect on the muscles of the knee, hip, ankle joint, as well as on the feet and fingers. It is not necessary to contact professionals in the salon. To get rid of heaviness in the legs, you can ask to massage the feet or other parts of the lower extremities of a loved one or massage your feet yourself. This unique action heals the whole body..


The main advantage of lower limb massage is its stimulating effect on the whole organism. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the legs and feet have the largest number of important reflex points, each of which is responsible for the work of a particular organ. For example, several nerve endings responsible for the condition of the spine are located on the arch of the foot. By stimulating them, you can get rid of back pain. Toe massage has a positive effect on the gums, teeth, eyes, heart, ears and sinuses.

Foot massage


Doctors advise to regularly conduct a variety of massage techniques for the legs, and especially for the feet, to restore the functions of the digestive tract, with nausea, arrhythmias, and for the prevention of acute respiratory infections. In addition, lower limb massage helps with:

  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • reproductive system diseases;
  • kidney pathology;
  • depressive disorders.


No matter how useful the massage procedure, it also has contraindications. Little absolute – the acute stage of any ailment and fungus on the legs. The remaining contraindications are relative, that is, they require consultation with a doctor and a cautious approach:

  • oncology of any etiology;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • pregnancy;
  • osteoporosis;
  • pathology of small joints of the foot;
  • diabetes.

If you decide on a massage yourself in these conditions, serious health complications can occur. During pregnancy, during the stimulating effect on the feet, relaxation of the uterine muscles occurs, in which there is a risk of premature birth (miscarriage). Some malignant tumors can also be activated when massaging the corresponding reflex points..

How to do leg massage

First you need to put a pillow under the knee or a rolled towel so as not to feel soreness when exposed to the muscles. In order for the procedure to take place in a comfortable environment, it is necessary to maintain a normal temperature in the room, and so that the second leg does not freeze, cover it with a terry sheet. The procedure can be performed at any time, for example, before a pedicure or sleep. It is recommended to massage using a cream, special lotion or massage oil.

Girl doing foot massage


Massaged lies on the stomach, a roller is placed under the knees. With a straight palm, the masseur performs light stroking from the ankle to the knee. After it should be massaged with increased pressure. For 3 minutes, the masseur alternates rubbing and stroking. Then kneading begins, which affects the nerve endings. In the end, the process is replaced by stroking again, on average it takes five minutes.


Massage movements are performed from the ankles to the hyoid fold, including the popliteal region. The procedure is used to restore the body after arthritis, arthrosis, flat feet, gout or injuries to the legs, spine. The doctor should direct the procedure, and it must be done exclusively by a professional. You should first find out how much a foot massage costs and whether they make a treatment option in the chosen salon, because even in Moscow you can not find a good specialist everywhere.


To perform a relaxing massage is not necessary to be a professional. To make it yourself, you first need to warm your legs. This is done with stroking movements using massage oil. Then you should grab the heel with both hands and do ankle rotation. Then do the same with the knee joint. Next, you can go to the sole and toes. Within 10-15 minutes they need to be kneading, squeezing and stroking in random order.


This massage technique is performed by a professional (manual therapist). Massaging certain zones on the feet, it is easy to put in order the nerves, strengthen the immune system, improve the body. The specialist presses on certain active points that are responsible for the work of a particular organ. The pressure force, in this case, should change from strong to weak and vice versa. Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture and modern Thai, but was discovered three thousand years ago by ancient Chinese scientists.

Foot massage

Foot massage at home

In order not to pay a high price for the procedure to professionals, you need to learn how to massage the lower extremities yourself. Self-massage should start with warming up your hands. To do this, intensively rub each other’s palms together. Leg movements should be smooth, starting from the calf muscle to the knee, and then moving to the pelvis. To warm the hips from the inside, the intensity of movement should be reduced, and on the outer surface to increase, but in moderation. The rule must be observed: hands slide on the leg only in the opposite direction.

Foot massage

After warming up the foot, you need to grab it with your hands and stretch it several times between your palms, moving to the heel from your fingers. Then you need to stretch the outer edge of the foot. This is done by pressing the elbow or the edge of a bent fist and tapping the heel with your fingers. After fixing the massaged leg, you should gently twist the heel in different directions with your hand. In the end, it is necessary to stretch the muscles around the lower joints of the fingers in a circular motion..


Movements are performed from the calf to the popliteal cavity. Kneading should begin with stroking, smoothly turning into rectilinear rubbing, intense tingling and rotation with the palms of the hands. Manipulations should be moderately vigorous so as not to harm the calf muscles. Massage is performed with the middle part of the closed fingers, the lower part of the palms and fists. The number of repetitions for one drumstick is up to 7 times. After stretching the calf muscle or damage to the ligaments, massage should be carried out with minimal intensity without movement to tear..


The procedure is especially appreciated by women who regularly wear high-heeled shoes. So that over time the joint of the base of the thumb does not deform, such massage sessions should be periodically performed. During the procedure, the pads are first kneaded, then each phalanx gently scrolls. The masseur in turn moves first along, and then against the trajectory of the clock. For additional load, you can apply extension-flexion of the toes.

Toe massage

Thigh muscles

The procedure consists of two stages: the study of the front and back of the thigh. The order is arbitrary. Movements include stroking, kneading, rubbing, gently squeezing with two hands. Such methods easily remove cellulite, lymphatic drainage of the skin occurs, which helps to get rid of stretch marks, wrinkles, and improves skin condition. Vibrating actions that produce from the knee to the hip joint are helpful.

How to massage yourself

You can use foot massagers at home or learn how to do lymphatic drainage massage yourself. A feature of the procedure is the wave-like soft movements carried out along the lymph to the lymph nodes. Massage is performed to prevent varicose veins, relieve leg fatigue and to lose weight in the hip zone (in combination with a diet). The impact occurs on the soft tissues (their upper layers) to cleanse. As a result, toxins are eliminated, the process of splitting of subcutaneous fat is enhanced. Self-massage should be performed at least 1 time in 7 days.

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