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At home, observing the basic rules of manicure, you can grow long nails. They will become a natural decoration, even without a bright varnish or design. To achieve the result quickly, you need to act in a comprehensive manner – take care of the cuticle, nail plate, overall health.

What affects nail growth

The result of proper nail plate care

The average growth rate is 1 mm per week. It depends on age and heredity. Up to 25 years, nails, hair, eyelashes are updated quickly, then regeneration slows down. In women, growth is more active, but jumps in the hormonal background during pregnancy and childbirth can increase or decrease its rate.

External factors:

  • Season. In summer, there is a lot of vitamin D in food. It affects the process of keratin production, helps to quickly grow nails..

  • Water balance. When it is normal, metabolic processes accelerate.
  • Nutrition. Proteins and vitamins are the “building material” for cells. A complete, varied diet causes rapid growth of nails, hair, improves skin condition.
  • Household chemicals. The alcohols, acetates, and alkalis that make up detergents dry the free edge and make it brittle..
  • Care. It will not work to grow nails in 1 day even with moisturizing and nutrition, but with special tools the process will go faster.
  • Computer work, piano, strings. The butt is damaged, grind off.
  • Habits. Working blood vessels function more actively, better nourish tissue. This stimulates nail growth, but an increased load on certain fingers leads to breakage..

How to grow nails

You can quickly grow your nails in a week and immediately make a spectacular design, but there will be no lasting pleasure. At the first strike, the free edge will break. When growing, you need to maintain thickness, density, elasticity.

Change habits

  • Stop biting your nails. You damage the plate, cuticle, rollers. To get rid of a habit, find its cause and eliminate. Pharmaceutical bitter varnishes will help to deal with biting faster.

  • Do not peel off peeling coating. For soft, non-traumatic removal, there are special fluids without acetone.
  • Do not scrape old glue with your bare hands, stick from pans, labels, do not tighten the nuts.
  • Wear gloves when working with household cleaning products (dishwashing, cleaning).
  • Use the cream regularly so that your hands and nails do not dry out after contact with water..
  • Moisturize daily, massage the cuticle, it will eliminate burrs.

Abandon artificial turf

Gel and acrylic wraps protect the nail, but when building and removing the plate is sanded. It thins her. If you cannot do without strengthening, use healing coatings (IBX, CND) with vitamins and minerals. At least every six months, the extension and gel polish should be completely removed for 1-2 weeks, so that the nail bed receives a portion of the necessary oxygen.

Eat right

Vitamins for Nail Growth

Trace elements that help grow nails faster:

  • Zinc. Stimulates protein production. Located in clams, cashews, asparagus, green beans.

  • Folic acid. Improves the state of the nervous system, metabolism. Eat in red meat, soy products, cheeses.
  • Biotin. Increases plate density, accelerates growth. Contained in chicken and quail eggs, bananas, avocados, oily fish – salmon, trout.
  • Vitamin A. Increases plate density. It is in sweet potato, carrots, greens: spinach, lettuce, arugula, parsley.
  • Calcium. Strengthens, whitens the free edge Is in hard cheeses, milk, cottage cheese, sesame.

A high protein diet will help make nails long. Try to get it from legumes (lentils, chickpeas), less from calorie meat. Do not try the keto diet: it reduces the level of biotin in the body. Add fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, seafood to the menu. Reduce fast food and sweets: this food has a bad effect on metabolism and absorption of nutrients.

Vitamins for Nail Growth

  • Omega 3. Contained in fish oil capsules along with vitamin D. Drink 300 mg of the drug daily.
  • Biotin. Take 2.5 mg every day for a month.
  • Calcium. Dose – 500 mg per day.

Complex preparations

Vitamins for Nail Growth

  • Vitrum Beauty;

  • Complies with Radiance;
  • Cosmetics Alphabet.

Nutritional supplements:

  • Solgar, Skin, Nails and Hair. Tablets with zinc, copper, silicon, vitamin C, L-proline and L-lysine.

  • California Gold Nutrition Collagen Up. Powder with fish collagen, hyaluronic, ascorbic acids.
  • Nature’s Bounty, Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies. Chewable tablets with vitamins C and E, biotin, sodium.

Follow the manicure technique

Manicure stages

Stages of the procedure:

  • Soaking (maceration) in the bath.

  • Free edge shape file.
  • Cuticle processing with nippers or stick.
  • Grinding, polishing the surface of the plate.

Do not remove the cuticle deeply. A strip of skin protects the nail from infection in the root, transfers the necessary oxygen. Unedged (drug) manicure using a nourishing and moisturizing remover will help to grow nails faster. Apply the product, move the cuticle away with a stick.

File the free edge correctly:

  • Select the abrasiveness (rigidity) of the tool. For shaping – 240-350 grid, and for grinding – 400.

  • Metal files tear plate scales. Use ceramic, glass or paper..
  • File an oval shape from ingrown corners to the center, square – in one direction.
  • After sawdust, grind the end face with a soft file to smooth the flakes..

Nail Growth Products

Drugs that help to grow nails faster are divided into two groups:

  • Preventive. Varnishes and base coatings that protect the nail from external factors make it denser, but do not affect the structure. They are applied to the plate, cannot go inside.

  • Medical. Creams, serums, oils and masks with a high concentration of beneficial substances – moisturizing, nourishing, stimulating tissue repair. Products with vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, natural oils are applied to the cuticle. Through it, they penetrate the root (matrix), change the plate at the stage of formation.


Nail Care

  • Treatment facilities (OPI Nail Envy, ORLY Calcium Shield). Contain ceramides, calcium, vitamin E. While growing nails, apply such bases in 1-2 layers instead of varnish. This will protect the surface..

  • Masks with keratin, oils (CND Rescue RXx). Apply the composition daily for 20-30 minutes to accelerate growth and update the plate faster. The result will be visible in two weeks..
  • Serum (Avon Nail Experts Prep Serum). Active substances in high concentration improve the condition of the cuticle, strengthen quickly overgrown nails.
  • Hand creams. Calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort in the composition moisturize the skin, prevent the appearance of burrs. Rub the compound into the rollers and plate daily overnight. Good creams for Neutrogen, Natura Siberica, Planeta Organica.


The use of oil for the growth of nail plates

Natural oils help to quickly grow strong nails:

  • Olive. Contains vitamin E, protects the plate from brittleness, moisturizes. For 1–2 minutes before going to bed, massage your hands and periungual rollers with warm oil.

  • Coconut. Apply as a mask before bedtime to stimulate tissue renewal..
  • Almond, jojoba. Contain fatty acids, vitamins E and B2, which relieve brittleness, dryness. Massage to moisturize the cuticle.

Buy capsules of fat-soluble vitamins separately or as Aevit: retinol (A), tocopherol (E). These elements moisturize and nourish the nail plate, protect from external factors. Rub the contents of 1-2 capsules into the cuticle once a week. For best effect, mix in half with any base oil.

Folk recipes

Nail bath recipes

To make nails long faster, add active products to bathtubs, masks and wraps:

  • Iodine. Protects from fungus and pathogenic bacteria, eliminates brittleness, lamination.

  • Sea salt. Natural minerals strengthen and moisturize the nail plate.
  • Lemon. Whitens the free edge, stimulates collagen production.
  • Avocado. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Essential oils of rosemary, lavender, tea tree. Stimulates blood circulation, kills bacteria and fungal spores.
  • Chamomile, St. John’s wort, mint. Soothes the skin, strengthens the nail plate.
  • Ground cinnamon, red pepper. Accelerate local blood flow, improve the flow of nutrients to the root of the nail.


Nail growth tray

Simple recipes:

  • Dilute 1 tbsp. l sea ​​salt in a glass of warm water, immerse your fingers in it for 15 minutes. Dry with a towel, apply a moisturizer. Do 2-3 times a week.

  • Brew a collection of chamomile flowers and mint leaves (1 tbsp each.) With 2 cups of hot water. Strain after an hour, warm to a warm state, add 2 drops of iodine. Immerse your hands for 10 minutes. Repeat every day.

Citrus baths can be done only if there are no injuries and inflammations on the skin of the fingers:

  • Squeeze the juice from 1-2 oranges. Immerse your hands in it for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, apply a moisturizer. Thanks to vitamin C, such a bath will help to quickly grow strong nails..

  • Mix 1 tbsp. l lemon juice with 3 tbsp. l olive oil, slightly heat in the microwave. Hold your fingers in this mixture for 10 minutes. Clean up the excess with a paper towel. Such a bath will bleach the free edge, moisturize the nail plate.


Citrus mask

  • Cut fresh lemon into thick slices. Put them on your nails, remove after 5 minutes. Rinse your hands with warm water. Do it every day. Cannot be used for skin lesions..

  • Melt in a steam bath 50-100 g of beeswax. Apply on fingers with a thick layer, gently rubbing into the cuticle. When hardens, carefully remove. Repeat the procedure every other day..
  • Mix ground red pepper and any oily hand cream (1 tsp. Of each product). Hold at your fingertips for 20 minutes, rinse with soap, apply a moisturizer. The procedure helps to quickly grow nails on the hands, but more often than once a month can not be used due to the drying properties of pepper.
  • Mix 1 tsp. hot olive oil with 2 drops of iodine. Rub into the nail plate, rinse after 15 minutes. The tool may give a yellowish tint, so after the procedure, make a lemon bath. Repeat once a week.
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