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The doctors have already said so much about the dangers of rapid weight loss on strict diets that it makes no sense to repeat, but it happens to a woman that you have to find a way to quickly lose 5 kg or more. Is it possible to lose such an amount of hated weight and reduce volumes in a week and a half and what methods can help with this? What speed of weight loss in express mode can be considered not too dangerous?

How much can you throw 5 kg

The main measure of the period for which a person is able to lose a certain amount of excess weight is not the chosen diet – this is a secondary factor, but the initial data. If you are obese, there is a chance of losing the first 5 kg quickly, even in a couple of weeks, only by limiting yourself in the amount of servings, or by eliminating fatty foods. Further, the lower the weight, the more difficult it is to determine how much 5 kg can be dropped – in the case when this is the last step to the ideal figure, “grinding”, long fat burning can be ruled out, up to a speed of “less than a kilogram per month”.

In addition to the initial weight for how quickly you can lose 5 kg, answer:

  • physical (aerobic) loads;
  • competently composed training regimen;
  • rigidity of the diet;
  • hormonal background (women are often prevented from losing weight due to fluid retention);
  • metabolism.

Girl in jeans of large size.

Lose weight by 5 kg in 2 months

This rate of weight loss is not considered unnatural, since doctors call it possible to lose weight even by a kilogram per week, which in 2 months will be already 8-9 kilograms. However, individual calculation is more reasonable: to lose about 7% per month from the current weight – this is the optimal speed. So even a woman with a body weight of 50 kg can lose 5 kg without loss in 2 months, however, she should not do this faster.

Correctly and without the risk of a return weight, you can lose five kilograms at home for the specified period:

  • Having removed sweets from the menu.
  • Stop eating before bedtime.
  • Having reviewed the composition of the dinner – you need a light, preferably formed from vegetables and seafood.
  • Having calculated for himself the basic metabolism and calorie intake per day (directly for how to quickly lose the extra 5 kg, and not for mild weight loss).
  • By making regular physical activity (for a week at least 2 workouts of 40 minutes).

How to lose weight by 5 kg per month

These rates are already slightly deviating from the natural, but have not yet been recognized as impossible, even if you are trying to lose the last kilograms in the pursuit of a perfect body. Traditionally, limited calorie comes to the rescue first, which you need to calculate for yourself. You can lose weight by 5 kg per month without starvation on mono-diets, so do not rush to make the menu only from carrots and lettuce. You only need:

  • Remove simple carbohydrates.
  • Actively drink clean water (break 2 liters 10-15 times a day).
  • Start the morning with gymnastics – pick up a complex of aerobic exercises, or on the run.
  • Before the workout you do to quickly lose weight, eat only three boiled eggs without yolks (no cereal, sandwiches, etc.).

Girl with an apple and a centimeter

Diet 5 kg per month

You can make weight loss more effective if you stick to a clear menu and the same clear schedule of activity. The diet “5 kg per month” focuses not so much on cutting calorie (although it is necessary not to exceed 1200 kcal), but on the correct ratio of BJU and time between food and cardio training. Please note – lose weight quickly (even for the indicated five kg for a period of a month) with problems with the endocrine system may not work.

The daily plan, which is desirable to withstand the whole month (the hours are indicative):

  1. 9:00 h – egg whites (from 3 soft-boiled eggs), green tea.
  2. 9:30 h – any cardio training: running, jumping, aerobics. Duration – from 40 minutes.
  3. 10:30 h – oatmeal (milk allowed), sweetened with a spoon of jam (the only moment allowed sweets).
  4. 12:00 h – 150 g of fruit.
  5. 14:00 h – boiled buckwheat with tofu cheese, fresh carrots and cucumber.
  6. 16:00 h – grapefruit.
  7. 18:00 h – salad of greens, tuna (or other canned fish) and tomatoes.
  8. 21:00 h – kefir with cinnamon.

How to lose weight by 5 kg per week

In life, a situation can always happen that requires emergency correction of the figure. There are ways, but all the methods that offer the scheme “lose weight quickly by 5 kg per week” or rather, are very difficult to tolerate if the body has chronic diseases. Use of these diets is allowed only to a healthy person and rarely. If you set out to learn by any means how to urgently lose 5 kg in a week, do not be surprised at the loss of strength, the inability to give yourself physical and mental stress. Even morning exercises will have to be postponed.

Diet Minus 5 kg per week

The daily caloric value in the case when you need to lose weight quickly is reduced to 1000 kcal, and of the products in the diet only:

  • greenery;
  • vegetables (without potatoes and heat-treated beets with carrots);
  • green fruits (kiwi, apples);
  • lemons;
  • nuts (portion – 20 g);
  • chicken breast;
  • egg whites;
  • kefir.

A diet of 5 kg per week requires you to consume any kind of cabbage, because it is a product that helps burn fat fast. Spices are also needed that will activate the metabolism. About cottage cheese, etc., dairy products will have to be forgotten, because there is lactose, and this is sugar. Salt should also be discarded – it does not affect body fat, but the rate of weight loss slows down.


How to lose 5 kg in 5 days

If you rely on the feedback of those who tried to quickly lose weight (for a period shorter than a week), then among the recommendations, the sequence of diets with protein / carbohydrates by day is mostly flashed. There you can see confirmation of medical words that only overweight people can lose 5 kg in 5 days. The rest, even during fasting, will not be able to lose so much in less than a week. An additional advice from nutritionists looking for how to quickly lose weight by 5 kg is a plentiful drink: clean water, fruit drinks, fresh juices, teas. However, this is not suitable for people with kidney disease..

Diet for 5 days Minus 5 kg

Mono-nutrition with alternation for a short period in terms of the degree of negative impact on the body does not differ from other fast methods with strict reduction of calorie content, but this diet for 5 days “minus 5 kg” takes advantage due to the lack of uniformity between days. The principle of protein-carbohydrate alternation prevents weight stagnation, so it’s good to overcome the “plateau” with it. The food scheme does not know how to quickly lose 5 kg, every day is:

  • Monday. Animal protein (heat-treated) – 450 g per day.
  • Tuesday. Vegetables that can be exposed to temperature – 1 kg per day.
  • Wednesday. Porridge, nuts. The latter is not more than 100 g per day, and cereals (dry product) – up to 150 g.
  • Thursday. Any fruit – up to 800 g, but only one banana.
  • Friday. Cottage cheese and kefir – up to 700 g and 1 liter. Fat is not evaluated – it does not hurt to lose weight quickly.

Lose weight in 4 days by 5 kg

Not everyone can lose five kilograms in almost half a week, and the power scheme to achieve this goal will quickly be very cruel. In addition to the requirement to stop eating at night, you will have to forget about animal protein, leaving only legumes as a source of this nutrient – chickpeas, beans and lentils will become the basis of your lunch. For breakfast and dinner, those hoping to lose 5 kg in 4 days should try to do with fruit and vegetables, supplemented with cereal bread.

Diet for 4 days Minus 5 kg

The menu of this emergency weight loss does not differ in variety and balance: a diet for 4 days minus 5 kg is a meager plant diet with a rare interspersed buckwheat porridge and boiled eggs. Quick weight loss provides such nutrition:

  • Orange and a glass of tea for breakfast.
  • Buckwheat, cucumber and lettuce for lunch.
  • Fresh celery with cucumber and boiled egg (remove yolk) for dinner.

5 kg in 3 days

When urgent weight loss is needed, experts advise trying to lose weight on detox diets. This is almost the only idea for urgently looking for a method to lose 5 kg, only here there are several conditions:

  • The menu will be very hungry, because it consists of plant foods, and it does not provide the proper amount of energy.
  • Lose 5 kg in 3 days – do not burn fat in the same volume, but remove the liquid, so be prepared for a quick weight loss.
  • To lose weight quickly on fiber – to activate the intestines, so it is better to be at home during this three-day period of the diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Diet for 3 days Minus 5 kg

To resort to this system, express weight loss is allowed once a quarter. You need to leave it not quickly, but for a week, eating light foods: cereals, vegetables, eggs. No meat, no smoked meats, etc. The urgent diet “5 kg in 3 days” involves eating only raw vegetables / fruits, so some of them will not be on the menu – eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, i.e. those that require heat treatment. Freshly squeezed juices and salads will help to quickly lose excess, the volume of which and the frequency of consumption are not limited.

How to lose weight by 5 kg without diets

If weight loss that is too fast is not relevant for you, and you don’t want to lose weight and lose weight, use these tips from doctors to lose 5 kg without diets:

  • Make an active lifestyle a rule – so you will spend what you eat.
  • Try to eat at home, because the restaurant is difficult to track calorie and BZHU (not all institutions specify these options in the menu).
  • If you had to eat outside the house, choose the dishes that are clear in composition: salad without mayonnaise, grilled vegetables, etc..
  • Replacing baked goods with whole grain bread rolls will help to quickly lose some weight..
  • In search of an answer, how to quickly lose 5 kg, you decided to eat once a day? This will not solve the problem – fasting will slow down the metabolism, weight will only increase.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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