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There are several ways to reduce the calf of the legs in girls: liposuction, drying, weight loss. The best option is selected individually, based on the desires of the woman. To achieve an operational result in the fight against calf muscle volumes, it is recommended to use several methods at once.

How to remove fat from calves

Many women who are impressed by thinness want to always be slim, fit and beautiful. To achieve this result, they go on diets, exhaust themselves with lengthy daily workouts, intense physical activity, and are actively involved in sports several days a week. At the same time, excess weight goes away, but the problem of thick calf zones, which cannot be reduced instantly, remains unresolved. What to do in this case?

The drumstick is always under heavy load, subcutaneous fat acts as a protective barrier, so the female body spends it very slowly. How to reduce calves in this case? Experts recommend doing gymnastics, practicing fast running several times a month, jumping, giving up carbohydrates and restricting vegetable fats in the diet. Helps reduce large shins walking, regular walks, squats, their comprehensive strengthening.

The main ways to make calf legs thinner:

  • sports, a set of specially designed exercises;
  • drying, stretching;
  • liposuction;
  • massage.

Before choosing the appropriate method that will allow you to achieve thin calves, you must establish the cause of completeness. It can be:

  • regular swelling of the limbs;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • gait;
  • accumulated fat.

Foot calf massage

How to reduce inflated calves

Pumped calf muscles are no less serious problem arising due to excessive load on the legs (it is possible to pump calf muscles if you allocate the minimum time for stretching). How to reduce calves if they are excessively pumped:

  • Exercise 1: sitting on the floor, bend your legs to the socks, pull the socks towards you, then in the direction away from you. In each position, hold them for one minute. Perform 3 approaches – this way you can reduce the volume of the problem area by 1 – 2 centimeters.
  • Exercise 2: In a standing position, bend one leg, put the other forward slightly, pull the toe toward you, bend to the straight leg, stand in this position for 30 seconds, and then change legs. This exercise will help reduce the problem area after 5 to 6 sessions..

Reduced calves can be reduced if:

  • reduce the load on the legs;
  • exclude prolonged performance of the same exercises;
  • run replaced by walking;
  • stretch muscles well before each workout;
  • periodically resort to drying.

How to lose weight quickly in the calf

If the calf muscles seem thick due to the accumulation of excess fat, it is recommended to go on a diet to reduce them. In addition, it is recommended to exclude fatty and spicy foods, products containing carbohydrates, vegetable fats from the diet, climb stairs daily, and control the amount of water drunk per day. A complex of specially selected exercises that can be performed at home will also help to lose weight quickly in the calves..

Girl runs up the stairs

Calf exercises

Pay attention to the beautiful legs of ballet dancers or gymnasts – their calf muscles do not contain anything superfluous and can be considered the standard of beauty and perfection. The following exercises to reduce calves will help to quickly solve the problem:

  • you need to stand up straight, spread your legs to the width of the pelvis, take a deep breath, and exhale to your toes (at first it is recommended to perform this exercise for calves 20 times, over time, the number of repetitions can be increased to 30 to reduce the problem area by several centimeters);
  • Having taken the same position, spread the legs apart, transfer the body weight to one leg, bend the second in the knee, inhale, rise on the toe, and do the exercise alternately on each leg at least 15 times.

Calf stretching

How to remove calves on legs using this method? To begin with, as experienced trainers advise, you need to warm up the muscles thoroughly in order to prepare them for intense loads. Otherwise, you may be injured or sprained. It is recommended to perform such exercises daily:

  • Exercise 1: stand facing the wall, step back with one foot, fix the heel, roll the body forward so that the knee moves toward the wall, hold the position for thirty seconds, repeat with the other foot;
  • lead 2: sit on the floor, stretch your legs, bend, straighten your back, lean on your hands behind, fix the pose for thirty seconds (such a stretch of calves will help to relax the clamped muscles and make them more plastic).

Drying calf muscles

How to reduce calves in this way? It is necessary to change the regime of water consumption and nutrition. At the same time, do not forget that drying the calf muscles is not weight loss, but getting rid of subcutaneous fat while maintaining muscle mass. Fats and carbohydrates, which are deposited in the form of a liquid that creates an unnecessary volume, should be excluded from the diet. The less carbohydrates a person consumes, the faster fat is burned. To improve the effect, it is important to use various auxiliary agents and vitamin complexes.

Girl drinks water

Calf liposuction

Before you reduce caviar in this way, you need to evaluate all its pros and cons. What is calf liposuction? This is a surgical operation in the course of which the shape of the calf muscles is corrected, which allows to quickly reduce their volume without exhausting training. It involves the preliminary dilution of subcutaneous fat with a special solution, its removal from the body. Disadvantages of liposuction:

  • the need to use anesthesia, which will help ease the course of the operation and reduce pain;
  • the presence of a number of contraindications;
  • long recovery period;
  • high cost of the procedure.

Foot calf massage

This method of calf muscle reduction helps to relax clamped muscles, makes them plastic. The calf massage is carried out for 15 to 20 minutes. It has a strengthening, restoring effect, normalizes blood circulation, prevents volumetric edema, relieves fatigue, a feeling of heaviness. Before you reduce the volume of the calf muscles, resorting to massage, you must first consult with a specialist.

The information that can be obtained from the video below will help to get thin legs in a short time. A set of exercises and general rules that are recommended to be followed will be useful to all women who though look perfect. If you follow these recommendations, you can achieve an excellent result in one to two months..

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