How to remove a fat apron using self-massage

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On the human body are areas that are considered the most problematic. Specialists have developed many programs that are used at home. The technique “Self-massage of the abdomen removes the fat apron” – helps to get rid of the consequences of operations, the accumulation of excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle. Ugly folds that cause physical and aesthetic discomfort will decrease after 7 days of performing simple exercises. The guarantee of success is strict adherence to all recommendations..

Rules for performing the procedure at home

Massage the abdomen for weight loss is carried out at any time. Procedures are recommended to be done in the morning or in the evening, but their daily performance is considered the main nuance. You should not choose only one type of exercise. Efficiency will be much greater if you combine all of their types in one session. It is necessary to begin self-massage in a prone position. Where to do it (on the rug, on the bed, on the floor) does not matter.

A special rule applies to meal times. It is necessary to do massage for weight loss of a stomach and sides one hour before a meal or not less than two hours after it. During the procedure, the muscles relax as much as possible. To achieve this state, it is recommended to bend your knees. When exposed to the skin, a slight reddening will appear. This nuance is a confirmation that the exercises are performed correctly..

Fat apron

Self-massage techniques for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Losing weight at home is not difficult. The main success factor is the availability of patience, willpower and the use of additional funds. For example, if you do not control your diet and do self-massage in order to get rid of a sagging abdomen, then you will have to wait a long time for the result. With a combination of diet, massage treatments and lifestyle changes, the effect will be noticeable after seven days.

A procedure for getting rid of a fat apron takes place in several stages:

  1. Pinching the skin of the abdomen.
  2. The use of water pressure in the shower as a means to massage the abdomen.
  3. The use of honey or essential oil for massage the abdomen.
  4. Vacuum fat removal in the stomach (banks).
  5. Massagers help.


Technique of the first stage of self-massage:

  • adoption of a supine position (legs bent at the knees);
  • preparation of the skin of the abdomen and sides with massage movements (stroking);
  • part of the skin, starting from the area below the navel, must be collected with your fingers and gently squeezed between the index and large;
  • movements are carried out with minimal effort, it is necessary to pinch the skin gradually, moving clockwise around the navel;
  • similar tucks affect the lateral zone;
  • the second round of massage movements is performed with great effort (there is an imitation of squeezing fat);
  • after the procedure, the skin turns slightly red (massage the problem area as if trying to squeeze out fat);
  • You must complete the session for at least 10 minutes;
  • after pinching the abdomen, you should go to the second stage of massage (water or vacuum);
  • the effect of massage will improve if you additionally shake the press in several approaches.

Banks for massage of a stomach

Vacuum or can

Under the skin not only fat but also fluid accumulates. Both substances play a major role in the appearance of the fat apron. A sagging belly gives a woman discomfort. After tingling the skin, a softening effect occurs. The purpose of vacuum massage is to remove fluid and body fat. Make the procedure easy with the help of two or three cans, which are sold in any pharmacy. Additionally, you need essential oil or cream.

How to remove folds on the stomach with vacuum jars:

  • first, the skin of the abdomen and sides must be warmed up by careful pinching;
  • self-massage is carried out, lying on your back;
  • the surface of the abdomen is smeared with a small amount of essential oil;
  • cans should be installed so that the skin is absorbed into them no more than 1.5 cm;
  • lying on their backs, banks move their hands clockwise around the navel (the zone of the belt should be excluded);
  • the time of the massage procedure is 10 minutes;
  • after the massage, it is advisable to be at rest for some time (the abdominal area should be covered with a bath towel).

Girl in the bathroom

Water massage shower

An ordinary shower has an effect no less effective than hardware procedures. While taking a bath, you need to clockwise effect the stomach with a strong pressure of warm water. Due to this technique, vibration and mechanical pressure on the skin are created. Ten minutes of such a session is comparable to a salon massage procedure. An important nuance is the direction of water flow. This is done in a circular line around the navel. It is recommended to supplement the technique with underwater massaging. Lying in the bath, it is necessary to make stroking and pinching movements of the hands along the problem area.

Honey self massage

Technique of the procedure:

  • Before the procedure, you must definitely take a bath (or shower);
  • the skin on the stomach is treated with a small amount of honey (do not apply the component in too thick a layer);
  • then you need to wait for the absorption of honey;
  • massage is carried out in a circular, zigzag, rectilinear movements over the entire surface of the problem area;
  • during the procedure, sharp force movements and point impacts are used (it is difficult to call such a massage pleasant, but it eliminates fat at an accelerated pace);
  • session duration – at least 10 minutes;
  • honey is recommended to be mixed with a few drops of any essential oil (previously the mixture should be slightly warmed up in a water bath to give a cream consistency);
  • the unique properties of honey masks and compresses allow you to use this component in numerous cosmetic procedures (the product is able to correct any areas of the skin, making them toned and elastic).

Woman makes self-massage of the abdomen with a massager

The cause of the fat apron is the deposition of harmful substances. There are many varieties of massagers designed for home treatments. Any of them is ideal for correcting the figure of a woman in the abdomen and sides. For example, an apparatus for getting rid of cellulite, small hand-held devices or specialized products sold in medical institutions. During the exercise, movements occur in a circle (around the navel), and the procedure is performed in accordance with the general rules of self-massage.

For self-massage, you can use foot massagers. Learn more about their varieties and characteristics..

Any kind of self-massage is not difficult. It does not take a lot of time to run the program. A video tutorial tells how to do a stomach massage yourself. Thanks to simple procedures, the fat will begin to disappear, and the figure will gain the long-awaited harmony. The master class shows not only exercises, but also provides detailed information on the main nuances, secrets and advantages of home massage sessions.

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