How to remove cheeks and make cheekbones at home

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No one gets younger over time, and if you want to at least briefly maintain the former beauty of your face and body, you will have to devote some time to this. One of the main problems of women is the appearance of sagging cheeks over the years. You can get rid of them and restore your face to its previous appearance without even resorting to plastic surgery. Learn how to do it..

How to get rid of cheeks at home

Not all women like their chubby cheeks. The reason for this is often weight gain and it is possible and necessary to remove such a defect without liposuction of the cheeks. Slender can be not only a figure, but also a face. He immediately suits much more stylish haircuts and hairstyles, while chubby ladies have a long time to choose the image to look spectacular.

There are many ways to lose weight in the cheeks. Moreover, these methods are, if not completely free, then they cost a penny (if we talk about masks). The main thing that is required is patience, because without this, nothing will come of it. As in any process of losing weight, it is important not only to perform any actions aimed at reducing weight, but also to maintain proper nutrition, without which excess weight will not go away. On how to remove fat from the cheeks, you will learn further.

Cheek and cheekbone exercises

To reduce the contour of the face, you can do special exercises to lose weight on the cheeks. It is important to perform them regularly, then the result will certainly make you happy. With the help of this complex you will get rid not only of full cheeks, but also of the second chin. How to remove cheeks:

  1. Sit and throw your head back. Move your chin as if you want to grab your upper lip with your lower. Repeat 30 times.
  2. Closing the jaw (keep your head straight), try to protrude the lower lip as much as possible.
  3. Tilt your head forward slightly, begin to make movements with your chin: stretch to the left, then to the right shoulder.
  4. Keep your head straight, the corners of the lips should lower. Start straining your muscles and stay in that state for a minute.

Girl does exercises for cheeks and cheekbones.

Face and Cheek Diet

If you think that there is a special diet for the cheeks, then you will probably be disappointed that it does not exist. Losing weight on this part of the face will depend entirely on how much you want to lose weight in general. Uncontrolled hunger will not help, so start by eating a healthy diet. Review your diet: remove all fried and fatty foods from it, refuse fast snacks. Allow a diet of at least two weeks, cleanse your body of toxins, and in combination with exercise, the effect will achieve you even faster and you will not need any liposuction of the cheeks.

A healthy diet will help not only to improve the contour of the face, but also to make a slim figure. Eat plenty of vegetables, try to use honey instead of sugar, often refuse flour. In this matter, the main thing is to have patience, because there is no way to quickly remove your cheeks. Everything needs time and perseverance, and the result will certainly not take long.

Masks for cheeks

Another great alternative to get a beautiful face is different masks against the cheeks, which can be done independently from natural products. Here are a few recipes to help you fight roundness:

  • Lemon mask. Stir 1 tsp. lemon juice and the same amount of honey with warm oatmeal porridge (1 tbsp. l.). Spread the mask over your face and leave it on for 20 minutes..
  • The mask on the yeast. Dilute 20 g of yeast with a tablespoon of milk, add an egg, a tablespoon of olive oil and honey (1 tsp). Thicken the mixture with rice flour. Apply the mask on the face and leave for 30 minutes.

Cheek Slimming Massage

Finally, the last of the free methods is facial massage for losing weight on the cheeks. How to remove cheeks with massage:

  1. Apply any nourishing cream. It is undesirable to use funds with a lifting effect.
  2. Start stroking the skin, go to pats, tingling. No need to hurt yourself, because massage should give only pleasure. Move movements from bottom to top from cheekbones to temples.
  3. Start pinching and rubbing the folds. A huge mistake will be if you start to stretch the skin very much. In this case, the exact opposite result will be obtained..

Woman makes massage for slimming cheeks

How to remove bulldog cheeks at home

Faced with sagging facial skin can not only women aged, but also girls or young men. Sagging is largely dependent on genetics. To worry about this problem is not worth it at all, because there are many methods for how to tighten sagging cheeks at home. In this case, it is not necessary to resort to liposuction of the cheeks or other plastic surgeries.

Contrast face shower

A very useful tool that will help clean your cheeks is a contrast shower. It can and should be done regularly, every time you take a bath yourself. Everything is very simple: pour hot and cold water over your face. In this case, you can alternately inflate the cheeks, then blow them out, gaining air in them. Such gymnastics and contrasting water procedures have a positive effect on the skin of the face, rejuvenating it and making it more elastic.

Facial massage for face oval lift at home

Sagging facial skin should be massaged with the palm or fingertips. This process helps to improve blood circulation and has a rejuvenating effect. Regular massage from sagging cheeks can be done in the salon by a professional or on your own at home, which is not even worse. For the procedure, it is advisable to acquire a special oil, which helps to increase skin elasticity..

One of the ways in which cheeks can be removed using massage requires a special decoction of herbs. Almost any one will do, but chamomile, birch, and mint act especially well on the skin. Moisten the tip of the towel in the broth and lightly hit it in the face with it. Problem areas need to be thoroughly kneaded, tap on them with your fingertips. Create vibrations like movements. Performing such a massage on a regular basis, you will soon forget about this problem..

Girl does a massage on her cheeks

Sagging cheek exercises

It is possible to achieve skin elasticity and build up facial muscles by performing special exercises for sagging cheeks:

  1. Strengthen the upper part: fold your lips as if you want to sing the sound “o”. In this case, the upper lip is pressed to the teeth. Start smiling at the top. You can keep the skin around the eyes from wrinkling with your fingers. Repeat movement 20 times.
  2. The lower part is strengthened in a slightly different way: fold your lips the same way as in the previous exercise, only lower the corners this time. Make 20 circular movements at the bottom of the cheeks with your fingers. If you feel a burning sensation, then the exercise is done correctly..
  3. Fold your lips, as in the first exercise, press the upper lip to the teeth. Smile only with the corners of your mouth, lifting your cheeks up. Repeat exercise 20 times. Hold the last smile for 30 seconds.

How to reduce cheeks visually

Want to learn how to visually reduce cheeks with makeup? To do this, there is a simple technique that can help make the facial contour more slender, like the models in the photo. You will need dark blush to suit your skin tone, light powder, thick brush and 5 minutes of free time. With the help of powder, tint the face, and apply blush along the hollow line, which is formed when the lips are folded with a duck, starting from the cheekbones. Do not overdo it with cosmetics, distribute blush evenly.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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