How to remove riding breeches on hips at home

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With a thorough examination, each person will find on his body a lot of problem areas where to remove excess fatty deposits. Women are especially worried about how to remove breeches on their hips, because they often get ugly “ears” in these places..

What is a thigh riding breeches

You can not have excess weight, but suffer from not very beautiful parts of the body. Hip riding breeches are a problem area for many women. It does not occur due to the presence of excess kilos and not from cellulite. This is the so-called reserve fat layer. Its formation begins during puberty and ends at about 20 years old. The problem is that after establishing a regular menstrual cycle, the need for a backup layer disappears. The body no longer needs it, so it is blocked from life.

This leads to the process of sclerotization (thickening of the fat layer), which is a natural stage in the formation of a figure. Then the layer is enveloped with fibro-connective tissue and is no longer involved in any processes. Its disproportionate distribution contributes to the emergence of the famous breeches on the hips, which can not be removed by any diets.

How to remove ears on the hips

Correction of any part of the figure is a purposeful work that takes a lot of time and effort. To remove the ears on the hips, you will have to work twice, because the layer that forms them is much deeper than surface fat. This part of the body is exposed only to complex effects. For its beautiful appearance, it is necessary to combine diets, exercises for the breeches, hardware techniques, massage. Extreme Method – Liposuction.

Only with this approach will it be possible to break through a dense shell that protects fat. The expended efforts will be rewarded with a permanent result, since the local deposits of this type the body loses forever. It is important to begin work on the problem zone during its formation, leaving the use of harmful food and making constant efforts to work on the figure. Girls who at a young age were engaged in swimming, dancing in other sports are much less concerned about how to remove the breeches on their feet, because it does not form there.

Girl with a ball

How to remove a breeches zone at home

Everyone who wonders how to get rid of the ears on the hips resort to several important procedures:

  • do self-massage;
  • oil wraps;
  • eat right;
  • perform appropriate physical exercises.

Systematic work in these areas will remove the breeches at home without the cost of gyms and beauty salons. Self-massage is best done using anti-cellulite creams that will speed up the process. A good effect is achieved through the use of vacuum cans, but you can massage the body with your hands. The technique is simple: apply cream or oil to the problem areas and slowly drive in circular and zigzag movements. The course should consist of no more than 15 procedures carried out in a day.

Everyone should choose a diet for himself. It will have an excellent effect on both byrd and on the stomach, arms, face, removing excess fat. It is necessary to include in the diet more plant foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, white bread, change to bran, monitor calories. It is useful to reduce the intake of salt, which slows the outflow of fluid, stick to cooking cooked foods, lean meat, eliminate sweets and quick bites of junk food. You can focus on healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates..

Wraps also play an important role in the task of removing the breeches on the hips. They contribute to weight loss, improve the general condition of the skin, tighten it and make it more elastic. They can be carried out using essential oils, chocolate, mud or algae. To make an oil wrap, prepare the following composition: 20 grams of base oil (olive, almond, massage) and 2-3 drops of juniper, lavender and lemon oil. Put the mixture on the hips and wrap the film for half an hour.

Girl do hips wrap

Thigh Riding Exercises

In order for the hips to become slender and not be spoiled by any “ears”, you need to choose the right sports approach to them. It consists of cardio training in combination with regular exercises. As the first fit running, dance aerobics, bicycle, fitness. Cardio workouts need to be given time several times a week. Their goal is to work out the relief. After you can perform exercises from riding breeches on the hips:

  • Abduction of the legs. We get up straight, hands on the sides. We take the right leg up and to the side, holding it in the air for 20 seconds. We carry out 5 mach. Then repeat with the left foot. The number of approaches – 3. To make it easier to maintain balance, you can rest against a chair or wall.
  • Squat The body is straight, hands on the sides, you need to try so that the knees do not go forward beyond the level of the toes. 3 sets of 15-20 squats.
  • Leverage on all fours. We take a pose, raise a limb in the same bent position to the side, hold it for 3 seconds, lower it. We do 2 sets of 20 times.
  • Lunges. Stand up straight, arms on your sides. Take your legs back one by one, crouching. It is necessary to do 3 sets of 15 lunges with each leg.
  • Jumping with pre-knee. Starting position is standing. Jumping, trying to reach with your knees as high as possible to your chest.

How to remove the breeches in the gym

Classes in the gym have several advantages because of the ability to use simulators and thanks to the specialist who draws up an individual program and monitors the correct implementation. To remove the breeches in the thigh zone in the gym, the Gack simulator will help, which allows you to intensively pump your hips from different angles. There you will find a crossover, special simulators for working sitting, standing and at an angle. Each of them will allow you to turn your efforts to strictly defined muscles. This is the inner or back surface of the thighs, quadriceps, biceps of the thigh.

The girl is engaged in the gym

How to remove ears from the inner thighs

To remove the ears from the inside of the thighs, be sure to try the crossover. It creates a high load on this part. For greater efficiency, it is worth starting the working leg with an overlap to the supporting leg, which will strengthen the work of muscles Keep your leg straight and create maximum range of motion. We choose the weight so that you can lift at least 10 times. Beginners are recommended to do 1-2 times 10-15 max each leg, weight up to 10 kg.

How to remove fat from the outside of the hips

Squats in the Hack simulator help remove fat from the outside of the hips. At the same time, the exercise involves the inner and back thighs and buttocks. It is suitable for those who have problems with the back and joints, since it removes part of the load from them. The narrower the legs, the greater the load on the front of the thighs. Repeat 2-3 times in 10-15 repetitions with a weight of 0 to 10 kg.

Leg extension is not a difficult but effective exercise from the breeches on the hips. It creates a high load on the outer part of the limbs, reducing their volume. To increase the load on the outside of the hips, you need to turn the socks out. If you make a long pause at the top point, then the muscles will contract better. This exercise is good to perform after squats. Repeat 2-3 times for 10-15 max with a weight of 10-15 kg.

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