How to stick and remove false nails at home – types, choice of glue and design

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Each woman has her own approach to hand care: some madly love extended nails, others love the naturalness and health of a natural plate, and others appreciate the practicality of false tips. Those girls who prefer home treatments to salon do it yourself manicure and often use artificial nails.

How to glue false nails

Those girls who used nail tips fully appreciated their advantage, and it became quite possible to stick false nails today without the help of a master at home. In order to learn how to stick nails correctly, it is better to go to a professional manicure once. You can follow all the steps of the master in stages, so that at home you can try to do the same thing, only on your own. There is a certain scheme on how to glue nails – whether in a salon or at home, so before you start, familiarize yourself with the general scheme:

  1. Before starting the procedure, you need to take care of the materials. In order to work with nail tips you will need: manicure set, nail tips of different sizes, glue for false nails, base polish, degreaser for the plate, a container with hot water, a cloth to remove glue.
  2. Artificial plates are glued only after manicure and to healthy nails: a cuticle curve or the remnants of varnish can easily ruin the work, and the presence of infection (fungus) can lead to serious consequences. Under the glue, the existing infection on the plate will develop more rapidly..
  3. After the manicure, you need to grind and degrease the plate, apply a medical varnish base to glue the pad evenly.
  4. After the varnish dries, a uniform layer of special glue is applied. To better distribute it, you can use an orange stick.
  5. Immediately after applying the glue, the tips of the required size are applied, which must be selected in advance. Manicure glue dries quickly, so any delay can ruin the grip.
  6. Remains of glue that protrude from under the plate are cleaned with a napkin..

false nail design option

How to remove false nails

For home manicure using tips it is important to know not only how to stick, but also how to remove false nails at home. Few people can wear tips for a long time, especially since it is dangerous to abuse them – artificial plates can be left only for 12-14 days. If they last longer, then the appearance of diseases, fungi is likely. You can remove false nails in the salon, but at home it can be done:

  1. Make a hot water bath, place your fingertips in it for 15 minutes.
  2. When the glue dissolves, you can peel off the tip with a smooth movement from the base of the cuticle.
  3. Remove glue with solvent..
  4. Dry your fingers and apply nail polish on your nails.

What false nails are

Depending on your preferences, abilities and desire to draw on the design of false nails, the stores offer many options for tips: transparent, with a natural color and a finished design. It is better to choose materials from manufacturers of professional products for nail art. In online stores and professional salons, you can buy the following options for fashionable solid tips:

1. Transparent forms from Kodi professional:

  • Model – Regular Clear
  • price – 300 p. for 100 pcs;
  • characteristics – made of high quality plastic, durable, easy to use, sold in convenient packaging;
  • pluses – the ability to create any designs;
  • cons – require additional application of a background or pattern.

2. Natural color shapes from Kodi professional:

  • Model – Natural;
  • price – 280-300 rubles per 100 pcs;
  • characteristics – high-quality oval-shaped plastic material, elastic, durable, do not crack;
  • pluses – the ability to create any designs, the ability to use the minimum amount of coverage;
  • cons – not suitable for nail art with transparent inserts.

3. A set of tips from Kiss:

  • model – Everlasting French;
  • price – from 400 r. for 28 pcs;
  • characteristics – high-quality plastic material, with a finished square shape, design;
  • pluses – creating an image with minimal time and effort;
  • cons – only a classic French manicure is created with a given plate plate, high price.

Kiss Everlasting French Tips Set

False nails for children

Significant popularity is enjoyed not only by women, but also by false nails for children, therefore the range of such products for children’s nails is wide: a child can choose an oval, round or square design with bright beautiful pictures depicting favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons. Glued nails on children’s fingers can cause distrust in many mothers who consider them harmful. Proven manufacturers took care of safety using safe plastic and bright but harmless paints, sparkles and foil.

Self-adhesive False Nails

To create the desired beauty on the fingers, as in the photo on the Internet, you can replace ordinary tips with self-adhesive nails. The mounting procedure for such models is simpler, and a manicure can look no less spectacular. The only negative of this product is that it will not last long to stick on the adhesive material, especially if it is not enough to degrease the nail before sticking and often wet your hands in warm water (for example, when washing dishes or in the shower).

Short false nails

A significant part of women prefers not long, but short manicure. It is more convenient, practical, and most importantly – more in line with current trends. Short false nails are a real salvation for those who want to get fashionable and inexpensive nail art. Short models are sometimes difficult to distinguish from a natural, only painted, marigold. The cost of such a manicure will be lower, however, the scope for a fancy nail design will be limited.

Hand with false nails

How to choose false nails

You can buy tips in a professional salon, where the masters will advise you, help you choose the right material for your nails, but such a purchase can be much more expensive than ordering online. Catalogs with product descriptions on the site and some tips on how to choose the right manicure for you will help you buy the option that suits you.

  1. If you want to quickly tidy your nails for one evening, without planning a long wear, then the option of self-adhesive and flexible plates is suitable for you. Such nails will cost less, but it’s better not to choose the cheapest option, but to buy products from professional brands.
  2. If you plan to design yourself, then transparent or natural plates will suit you. Pay attention to the price and the manufacturer, such a product, if it is of high quality, cannot be cheap. Read the information on the packaging, the description should contain plastic for cosmetic purposes. This item also applies to the selection of children’s products..
  3. Short false nails are more often sold already with a finished color coating and size. When ordering such a product, read the parameters indicated in the description to avoid situations when your nail and nail tips vary in size.
  4. When choosing products for children’s manicure, it is better to contact professionals and evaluate the quality of the goods before buying. Plastic plates should be safe for children’s fingers, so the edges of the nails should be soft so as not to injure the pad of non-children’s fingers.
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