How to take a gainer to gain muscle mass

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If you want to gain a couple of kilograms or increase the effect of classes in the gym, then you should try to take gainers. However, at first it will not be out of place to get acquainted with general information about what these additives are and how to use them correctly.

What is a gainer?

Proper sports nutrition in many ordinary people is usually associated with the intake of special hormones and steroids, because it is not in vain that bodybuilders, athletes and swimmers have such large muscles. In practice, enhanced muscle training and proper nutrition, which includes a large amount of protein, helps athletes build muscle.

Geyner is a biologically active nutritional supplement consisting of a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. The name originates from the English word gain and literally translates as growth. Dry mix is ​​sold in all sports nutrition stores. Mass composition: 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein. However, before taking a gainer, you need to consult a doctor, as this supplement can cause problems with the digestive tract.

How to drink a gainer

The dry mixture is supposed to be diluted in liquid, stirring intensively. A shaker will be very convenient for this case, but if there is no such device in your kitchen, you can use a blender or a regular whisk. The amount of dry matter and liquid is selected strictly individually. Often, the manufacturer indicates the desired proportions on the packaging of his product..

It is important to know that taking a gainer under no circumstances should replace a complete meal. Eating meat, vegetables, fruits and cereals is a must. As additional funds, special vitamin complexes, fitness shakes and complexes with amino acids can be combined with an energy cocktail. In order for the protein mass to have maximum benefits and minimum harm, it is better to consult a personal trainer about dosages or the need for admission.

Athlete drinks a gainer

How to drink a gainer to gain muscle mass

As mentioned above, only proteins and carbohydrates are part of the standard dry mix, but sometimes manufacturers add other substances to protein mixtures. For example, a gainer for gaining muscle mass will also contain amino acids. They are able to provide muscle building and regulate metabolic processes much faster than protein. It’s easy to determine the complex you need: if leucine, isoleucine, valine and L-glutamine are listed, then the choice is made correctly.

Gainer for recovery

Another gainer goes well with creatine. This mixture allows you to restore the muscle system after intense sports. You can take the gainer after training in conjunction with anabolic complexes. Fans of intensive exercises will not hurt to support the joints, which are subjected to special stress during the training process. Mixtures that contain elements such as collagen, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin will help restore the musculoskeletal system.

When to drink gainer

There are several controversial opinions on how to take a gainer. Some argue that the body better absorbs the drink before exercise, while others – after sports. Professional athletes and coaches, in order to achieve the best effect, are still advised to adhere to a strictly schedule. You can draw up a diagram by the clock, when to take the gainer yourself, based on the following data:

  • To get a boost of energy and increase the calorie intake of food, drink a cocktail immediately after breakfast.
  • Assign the next appointment one hour before going to the gym to achieve maximum results..
  • An hour after an intense workout, when the carbohydrate window opens, you should eat well and drink another portion of the drink.
  • It is allowed to replace one meal with a protein shake, but only in situations where there is no way to eat really healthy food.

Gainer in the form of powder in a measuring spoon

Is it possible to drink a gainer at night

For people with accelerated metabolism, novice athletes or thin athletes, trainers are occasionally recommended to drink a weight gainer at night, but only half the standard dosage. If your classes in fitness, weight lifting and other sports are far from professionalism, then it is better not to get carried away with such cocktails before going to bed, otherwise instead of a beautiful and toned figure, you can ensure the accumulation of adipose tissue in the most unpleasant places.

Is it possible to drink a gainer without training

Such a question often excites girls or guys who are tired of the sidelong glances of passers-by and questions of friends about whether they feed you at home? Simply put, all those who have in the first place the main goal is not to build muscle, but simply gain a little weight. It is worth noting here that not all professional athletes resort to such nutrition. A gainer without training will help to gain weight, but a significant minus is that the increase will go not to the muscles, but to the subcutaneous fat.

How to breed a gainer

In order to dilute the dry mixture to the state of the drink, you can use the following liquids:

  • plain filtered water;
  • fruit juices or nectars;
  • milk, kefir or yogurt.

The only thing that a weight gainer cannot categorically interfere with is boiling water. The fact is that when it comes into contact with hot water, the proteins that make up the mixture will lose their beneficial properties or simply collapse. As for the proportions, you can make a drink in different ways. If you want a liquid drink, take a little more liquid, and if you like a mixture that resembles kefir, then you need to pour less water. The main thing is that you need to drink the drink completely in 1 time.

Divorced gainer in a glass and bananas

How much to drink gainer per day

The amount of protein mixture per day is selected strictly individually, based on the weight of the athlete and the number of meals. A dry mixture is a good source of calories, the excess of which can negatively affect the result of training and lead to disturbances in the body. To correctly calculate the dosage and understand how many grams of gainer you need to drink per day, use the following table.

The optimal daily rate of biologically active additives from proteins and carbohydrates (grams)

Body weight / nutrition

50 kg

60 kg

70 kg

80 kg

90 kg

100 kg

Four meals a day







Three meals a day







Two meals a day







How much can you gain from a gainer per month

There should be regular use of a gainer. If you follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer and the right dosage, you can gain from 1 to 6 kg of muscle mass per month of such nutrition. However, it is worth considering the quality of the product used. If the gainer is from a cheap series, then part of the carbohydrates in it replaces sugar, which, when split, forms adipose tissue. A real protein drink for training will help you build muscle evenly.

Man in the gym

Is it possible to drink a gainer for girls

A thin body type is gradually going out of fashion, so many girls tend to gain muscle mass and put on weight, but without obvious manifestations of body fat. However, there are some women who, even with the right and rich diet, can’t increase their body weight in any way. A weight gainer for thin girls will help to change the constitution of the body, but with the right dosage and frequent trips to the gym. In this case, in the process of admission, remember that:

  • If protein diet predominates in the diet, then there is no need for additional protein, and its excess will inevitably lead to an increase in fat.
  • It will be necessary to switch to healthy fractional nutrition, plus food must be varied, and its intake is frequent: 4-6 times a day. Otherwise, the body simply will not have time to absorb all the beneficial substances from the drink..
  • It is worth paying attention to your health. If you suffer from indigestion even from eating the usual foods, then it is better to refuse the mixture. Dietary supplement can cause a number of side effects associated with the work of the digestive tract.
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