How to twist the hoop: does the hula hoop help remove the stomach and sides

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Now the trend is a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition and exercise. The fashion for personal care at home is gaining popularity again, and along with this, more and more beautiful women are interested in weight loss simulators at home. Does the hula hoop help to remove the stomach and sides, how to twist it correctly in order to lose weight? In fact, it’s not so difficult!

What is hula hoop

About 30 years ago, hulahup was the main fitness accessory along with dumbbells and a health disk. With their help, fashionistas of those times sought to maintain their figure in good shape. The hoop itself looks like a circle. It is mainly made of plastic or aluminum. Hulahup is an excellent sports simulator that can be easily used at home. He strengthens the press, makes a slimmer silhouette. Hoop helps to remove stomach and sides, reduce body weight.

Hula hoops have different weights, which makes it possible to weight or reduce the load. Gymnastics has become much more efficient and easier, because there are models equipped with massage elements, heavy metal, folding compact options. A wide range allows you to make workouts more effective, make excess fat easier and more actively burned..

Hulahup Slimming

The use of this gymnastic accessory is beneficial for health, there are a number of positive changes:

  • intestinal function improves;
  • skin tightens due to massage effect;
  • a slim waist is formed;
  • the involved muscles are strengthened;
  • the spine is in constant tone.

Separately, it is worth noting that exercises with a hoop for weight loss, workout for abdominal muscles work great. Exposure to adipose tissue occurs both externally and internally. Exercising for 15-20 minutes burns a lot of calories – like a 30-minute run. The external effect is similar to the effect of anti-cellulite massage – the effect is obtained on hard-to-reach fat, the skin becomes tightened.

Girl with a hula hoop

Which is better

If you plan to use the device for the first time, then the best solution would be to buy a lightweight plastic hoop until the body is used to harder loads. Collapsible models are convenient, which make it possible to weight or reduce weight, if necessary. Advances in technology made it possible to incorporate a calorie burn counter into some types of hoops. Does the hoop help remove the stomach and sides? Yes, but to do this, train on a model with massage balls. You need to be careful, because breaking the technique, it is easy to get abrasions and bruises.

How to twist hula hoop

The rotation technique is simple, but to effectively combat overweight, you need to remember a few rules on how to use useful equipment:

  • When the legs are narrow, the number of muscles involved in the work increases.
  • Start from the position of the leg at shoulder level, gradually reducing the distance, this will achieve the best results in the desire to get a slender figure and a beautiful posture.
  • Does hula hoop help remove stomach and sides? Yes, but only with proper breathing. You can’t hold the breath in, oxygen should circulate evenly throughout the body.
  • Movements should be vigorous, hands clasped behind the head, so as not to interfere with the proper technique of exercise.

Girl twists hula hoop


For weight loss in the waist, you can perform the following actions:

  • Put your legs together, arms raise to the sides. Twist the hoop with different strengths, periodically changing direction.
  • Rotate it, swapping legs, or walk around the room.

Exercises with a hoop for weight loss look like this:

  • put your feet at shoulder level, twist the hula hoop, lifting it to the waist, and then lowering it to the hips;
  • rotate the hoop alternately half-crouching and straightening.

If the question of how to remove the stomach with a hoop, given all the efforts made, remains relevant, then you can do auxiliary exercises. For example, kneel down, place the hula hoop in front of you at arm’s length. Then we sit on the left thigh and circle the hoop to the right. Similarly, do the left side. This involves muscles from a different angle..

Girl twists hoop

How much to turn the hoop to clean the stomach

Will the hula hoop help remove the stomach and sides? Quite, and this is confirmed by the results of many women. Training time directly depends on the goal that you plan to achieve. The minimum daily training time is 15 minutes, it is better to do such a complex in the morning and in the evening. To start the active process of weight loss, you should train at least 20 minutes..

Contraindications to the use of hula hoop:

  • back problems
  • inflammation of the internal organs;
  • persistent soft tissue bruises.

Overdoing is also not allowed. The maximum for intensive hula hoop use is 45 minutes. Doctors prohibit exercises with a hoop for pregnant women in the first months after birth, and also warn that the use of a hula hoop for a long period of time can contribute to the omission of the uterus, and this is fraught with serious complications.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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