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It is a natural polysaccharide produced by the human body or sludge comes with products. Hyaluronic acid is used at home and in salon procedures in the form of tablets or injections for additional nutrition of the skin, their rejuvenation. In medicine, the tool has found its application in the treatment of joint pain. The Latin name for this element is hyaluronic acid..

What is hyaluronic acid?

For most girls, this is a special tool that is designed to rejuvenate the skin. Few people know what hyaluron is, because acquaintance with this element begins when additional hydration is necessary. The substance itself refers to the natural structural component of human skin, which is located in the connective tissue of the body. Hyaluronic acid helps maintain normal water balance.

The body in its youth is able to actively synthesize substances, therefore, there are no problems with sagging skin, wrinkles up to 30 years. The skin receives natural hydration in the required quantities. Over time, the synthesis slows down and signs of aging begin to appear, so the effect of hyaluronic acid in cosmetology has become very popular.

Hyaluronic acid packaged


The effectiveness of hyaluronoplasty is due to the positive effect of the element on the skin. A good result was also observed in joint therapy due to the fact that the composition of hyaluronic acid is suitable as a lubricant. The following properties of the substance are considered key:

  1. Creating a protective layer against free radicals.
  2. In all layers of the skin, the moisture level is normalized, water is retained in the deeper layers, which served as the name “molecular sponge”.
  3. After applying the upper layers of the skin, the epidermis acquire elasticity, firmness, a healthy look.
  4. It becomes a catalyst for the production of collagen, which acts as a natural barrier against aggressive external factors.
  5. Increases the regeneration rate of tissues, skin cells.
  6. It has anti-inflammatory effect.
  7. Helps accelerate metabolism in tissues, absorption of beneficial elements.

Benefit and harm

The action of the acid is used both in medicine and in cosmetics. You can buy ready-made drugs or make your own at home. The positive aspects of hyaluronic acid are as follows:

  1. Anti-aging effect. The aging process cannot be controlled, but masks made from hyaluronic acid help straighten expression lines and cope with dry skin. You can carry out the procedure even at home..
  2. The element is able to retain moisture 6 times its own volume. Any other synthetic or natural polymer is inferior to it in this indicator. This is an important factor in aging processes and skin rejuvenation methods. Increased hydration of the epidermis, it acquires elasticity, softness.
  3. Provides antioxidant, protection from negative influences, reduces inflammation, which makes the substance a good tool in the fight against acne, acne.
  4. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to be effective in the treatment of aphthous stomatitis (oral ulcers).
  5. It has a positive effect in the treatment of osteoarthrosis (joint disease).
  6. Injections with these medical research items help with cataract therapy..
  7. According to doctors, hyaluronic acid is much safer than collagen injections. It is used for lip augmentation for aesthetic purposes..

This tool is not a panacea and against the background of a large number of positive aspects, there are also disadvantages that a specialist and consultations before the procedure must tell you. The main disadvantages include:

  1. The drug is addictive. The body with frequent use of hyaluronic acid may stop producing this substance on its own, which will lead to dryness. sagging skin.
  2. When the component is combined with sulfates, parabens, alcohol, skin benefits are sharply reduced.
  3. Acid is an active biological substance, therefore there is a risk of aggravating existing diseases, for example, systemic autoimmune or infectious pathologies.
  4. Hyaluronate is not recommended for blood clotting problems..

A girl with an ampoule in her hand makes an injection in the face

Indications for use

A large number of cosmetics contains a hyaluronic component, which are intended for regular use. Such drugs help to achieve a visible effect with complex use: masks, tonics, creams, injections, tablets. The minimum rate is one month. The use of medications with hyaluronic acid is recommended for:

  • uneven complexion;
  • reduced turgor, sagging skin;
  • pore enlargement;
  • rosacea;
  • wrinkles;
  • uneven skin surface.


The benefit in the issue of skin rejuvenation of this element has been proven, but the use of hyaluronic acid has some limitations. It is contraindicated to use this component in the following cases:

  • in the presence of diabetes;
  • during lactation. pregnancy
  • in the presence of an infectious disease;
  • with oncological pathology;
  • herpes virus;
  • blood diseases;
  • infectious diseases.

Side effects are possible after using the acid. There are few recorded cases, but experts recommend conducting skin tests before use to avoid them altogether. Symptoms disappear 2-3 hours after application, if this does not happen, you should consult a doctor. The following negative consequences became the most common:

  • soreness of the skin;
  • puffiness of the skin, redness and itching;
  • dizziness, headache.

Hyaluronic acid in cosmetology

Many well-known companies have included this component in the formula of their funds. There are well-known Korean companies that have become market leaders in sales, for example, Holika Kholika or Tony Moli, and Libriderm drugs are also popular. Cosmetologists use hyaluronic acid in salon procedures, but if desired, women can use the funds on their own.

Libriderm product line

Facial treatments

There are several ways to use this component. As a rule, he chooses which procedure to do depending on the requirements and stage. The most popular is the non-injection type, which involves the use of ointments, lotions, masks and creams. The age of clients is usually in the range of 25-60 years. In beauty salons, the method of introducing funds into the skin using laser beams, ultrasound, microcurrents or oxygen is used.

The effect of the procedure lasts no more than 1 month. To increase the effectiveness of the proposed injection method. There are several options for this method of administration:

  1. Mesotherapy Often used for breast plastic surgery in plastic surgery. Hyaluronic acid is injected subcutaneously.
  2. Biorevitalization. This is a superficial version of mesotherapy, this technique provides for moisturizing the inner layers of the skin using laser injection. It differs from the above method by the consistency of the product, a more viscous material is used.
  3. Redermalization. This cosmetic technique is necessary for smoothing scars, scars, wrinkles. Together with hyaluronic acid, succinic is used, which enhances the anti-aging effect. This procedure is carried out, as a rule, in the decollete zone, on the neck and face..
  4. Bioreparation. The most expensive option is a cosmetic procedure. The drug is injected under the skin with the help of some microinjections. Used to increase skin tone, sagging, dryness. the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation. In some cases, it can be used to combat cellulite..

All these options for using hyaluronic acid will give a tangible result only with a long course. Efficiency also depends on the stage of skin destruction. The cost of these procedures is not low, so at home you can use special tools that are easy to find in a pharmacy, for example:

  • masks;
  • hyaluronic acid in powder;
  • creams.

Hyaluronic Acid Preparations

This substance is one of the fundamental components of the work, the structure of the joints. Hyaluronate in the human body is part of the synovial fluid (joint lubrication, saliva, blood. There is always about 15 g of acid in the human body. An additional source of the component is nutrition and the drugs described below:

  1. Leaped. A special solution that is used for injections. In addition to hyaluron, the medicine contains dihydrogen phosphate, hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, water for injection. The price of the drug is in the region of 2500 rubles.
  2. Hyastat is an opalescent gel of hyaluronic acid. Sold in sterile, sealed syringes of 29 mg. The cost is about 2300 rubles.
  3. Ostenil is prescribed in the treatment of osteoarthrosis of small joints. The medication must be injected into the joint. The price of the drug is from 2100 rubles.
  4. Hyalur CS. The main components are chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. Their combined effect has a positive result in the treatment of damaged joints. The cost of the tool is about 7700 rubles.

Packaging of the drug Hyastat

In face cosmetics

Cosmetic companies often include this component in their medicines. Libriderm with hyaluronic acid for the face is considered to be famous, which is suitable for all skin types, even for overdried and hypersensitive. A large amount of low molecular weight acid has positive effects:

  • restoration of skin hydrobalance;
  • hydration of the epidermis;
  • skin color improvement;
  • face relief alignment.

It helps to remove early signs of aging on young skin; the cream is recommended for daily care of the face, neck, and décolleté. this cream is distributed in a 50 ml bottle with a convenient dispenser, it is produced in Russia, the cost is 400-500 rubles. The Libriderm line includes other forms of drug release: serum, water, etc. There are very few negative reviews about this product, which indicates the reliability of the funds. The following drugs deserve attention:

  1. Cream Laura. Anti-aging cream that contains hyaluronate, vitamins, plant phospholipids, wild yam extracts, needles. Packaging – tubes of 30 g, the cost is about 350-450 r.
  2. Cream Topping. The manufacturer positions all its products as substances from natural components. They did not ignore the hyaluronic component. They developed a cream that is universal for any age, contains shea butter and olive oil, vitamin E, panthenol, linalol, trace elements. It has a wonderful moisturizing effect..
  3. Topikrem. Cream from a French manufacturer that contains high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, avocado extract, baobab and shea butter. Provides additional moisture to the skin, increases its softness, firmness, improves complexion. Sold in bottles of 40 ml, estimated cost 1300-1400 r.

Instructions for the use of hyaluronic acid

The medication is available in several forms: capsules, powder, injection. You can buy a ready-made product or make a mask yourself at home. For each form, there is an instruction on how to use hyaluronic acid. For each form, there is a dosage for administration in order to obtain the desired result, as they should be applied, described below.

In pills

Acceptance of this form takes place in the traditional way – inside. Grind. chewing or dissolving the capsules is not necessary, you should drink plenty of water. It is impossible to ignore this point, during the day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water (not coffee or drink, but water). The correct dosage is 1 tablet 3 times a day with meals. The course is at least 4 weeks, if a medication is taken to solve problems with bones and joints, then the doctor determines the duration.

Drinking water in a bottle and glass

In ampoules

Hyaluronic acid injections are usually given either for the treatment of joint pain or for cosmetic procedures. In the second case, more than 30 mg for one site can not be used. If the skin is too flabby and additional injections are required, they are carried out separately. Anesthesia for the correction of wrinkles, wrinkles is not needed, with an increase in the lips will require blockade of nerve endings.

For the treatment of wrinkles and wrinkles, a linear injection technique is used, you can replace it with a series of point injections. Clearance of the needle during injection should be turned up, while the injection, the contour of the needle should remain visible. The solution must be fully introduced until the needle is removed from the skin. This will help prevent material from escaping from the puncture site..

In powder

From a hyaluronic substance, you can make an aqueous solution for the face. To do this, use the following statement:

  1. Heat 30 ml of water, add mineral components.
  2. Pour hyaluronic powder at the tip of the knife.
  3. Leave it to swell for 30-60 minutes.

The consistency of the powder should be homogeneous, mash the lumps, if they are formed. You can apply the prepared solution several times to preserve the medicinal properties of the drug, it must be stored in the freezer. Apply the solution on clean skin, apply a cream or mask on top that suits your skin type.

Hyaluronic acid masks at home

If desired, each girl can independently prepare a nourishing agent for the skin. A mask is made with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. Both of these drugs can be found on pharmacy shelves. There are several recipes for self-cooking. A hyaluronic face mask is created from several components. You can use any cooking method described below..

Mask with green tea


  • 0.5 tablespoons of glycerin;
  • 3 drops of lavender oil;
  • 0.5 distilled water;
  • 1 bag of green tea;
  • glass bottle for storage;
  • 1 g hyaluronate powder.

Cooking method:

  1. Brew green tea cool for 5 minutes, let the water cool.
  2. Add Hyaluronate Powder to Tea.
  3. Next, put lavender oil, glycerin and pour everything into a glass container.
  4. Shake the bottle well, leave in the refrigerator for an hour.
  5. Apply the mask before using your daily moisturizer.

A face mask is applied to a girl

Simple mask


  • hyaluronic powder – 2g;
  • boiled warm water – 30 ml;

Cooking method:

  1. Add powder to the liquid.
  2. Let it swell, it takes 1 hour.
  3. Stir thoroughly to break lumps.
  4. Scrub your face, apply to the problem areas or over the entire skin of the face.
  5. Wait until the serum is completely absorbed by the skin, there is no need to rinse.
  6. Apply moisturizer on top.

Alginate mask


  • kelp – 12 g;
  • hyaluronate – 15 drops;
  • sodium alginate – 7 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Collect 70 ml of distilled water. stir in it sodium alginate and let it brew for 5 hours.
  2. Add kelp powder to the mixture and pour 20 ml of green tea (cold).
  3. Next add hyaluronate powder and mix.
  4. Clean the face surface first, apply a 5 mm mask in a continuous layer.
  5. Remove the frozen mask after 15 minutes.

Hyaluronic Acid Price

This substance belongs to dietary supplements (dietary supplement), therefore it does not require a prescription for purchase. How much the product will cost depends on the region where you will buy the medicine. The estimated price of the drug in Moscow is as follows:

  • Evalar, 150 mg, 30 capsules – from 1097 p.;
  • Dizao Eye Mask, 10 pcs. – from 610 p.;
  • Solgar, 30 capsules, 120 mg – from 2,300 p.;
  • Sheri serum ampoule No. 4 – from 65 r. per ampoule.

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