How to wash your face in the Lazlo system – stages and advantages, duration and effect

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For more than a century, women all over the world who want to get rid of wrinkles have been using the Lazlo system, the principle of natural face care, which gives the first results after 4 weeks. This system was developed one hundred years ago by the Hungarian dermatologist Erno Lazlo. This facial treatment process is suitable for milestones, and it aims to cleanse oily skin from impurities. This pore cleansing procedure has not lost its popularity after so many years, but has only become more in demand. Many stars have used this system, such as Merlin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn..

What is the Lazlo system

Dr. Lazlo’s face wash system is very popular in the modern world because of its high efficiency. It would take only one month to achieve the first results and feel the effect of the procedure. Dr. Lazlo was an adherent of thorough facial care, by steaming and cleansing. The doctor believed that beauty is not a whim and a gift of nature, but a necessity. Washing with the Lazlo system is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of time, because you need to spend it morning and evening.

The girl is washing

The essence of the method

The main essence of the Lazlo system is to thoroughly steam the face and cleanse the skin with the help of special products. During the procedure, specially developed oil, a bar of mud soap, tolerably hot water (for normal, non-sensitive skin) or warm water (for thin, sensitive skin) are used. Lotions are used to moisturize the skin of the face after washing. For the procedure, two types of cosmetic products are used – day or night, due to the repetition of the procedure during the day and evening. To cleanse the skin from these products, water splashes are used..

Advantages and disadvantages

This system of washing has a large number of advantages, including deep cleansing of the pores of the skin of the face, which prevents the appearance of acne, blackheads, comedones, as well as other types of rashes. The high temperature of the water, which is replaced by colder (contrasting washing) and massage movements, which are used to rinse the face, increase blood circulation, and as a result, improve skin color. No additional exfoliation is required – the use of peels or acid. No need to use moisturizers, cosmetic oil can handle this.

Due to the fact that the Lazlo system was developed more than a hundred years ago, it also has a number of disadvantages. The main disadvantage of such washing is the duration of the procedure. Not all women, at the current pace of life, can afford to spend more than half an hour washing twice a day. The cosmetic soap, oil and lotion used for this system must be original, otherwise the desired cleansing effect will be long. Not everyone can buy such a product, because it is very difficult to get it.

Washing stages according to the Lazlo system

Dr. Lazlo has developed five key steps in a facial wash system. As a result of long studies, a Hungarian dermatologist came to the conclusion that the best way to cleanse the skin from contamination is to expose it to water vapor. In connection with this, the first stage of the system is the steaming of the face. It is followed by moisturizing and cleaning by applying a special oil. The Erno Lazlo ritual is continued by washing with soap, then rinsing, after which the skin is moisturized. However, to understand the system, it is necessary to consider each stage separately..

Steaming skin

The best way to steam your face is to take a hot shower or bath. Although Lazlo himself recommended using a basin of hot water, the method of washing with the adoption of water procedures is more gentle. It is necessary to steam out the skin for at least ten minutes, so that the face has time to steam well, and all pores open. In this case, you need to try to keep the skin dry during the procedure.

The girl covered herself with a towel and bent over a bowl

Oil application

As soon as the preparation stage is completed, you need to dial half a sink of hot or warm water (here you need to focus on your own feelings and skin type), after which you should face it. If there is no sink, you can use a basin. On steamed dry skin, apply a small amount of the original cosmetic oil developed by Dr. Lazlo himself or replace it with olive. It’s worth using the product, applying it to the face with light massage movements.

Soap wash

The third stage of washing according to Lazlo is rubbing the skin with a special soap. This contributes to the deep cleansing of pores from sebum, dust and dirt. You need to stand in front of the sink, which is already filled with water, take a bar and dip it in water so that it gets wet. After that, you need to drive soap over your face for a while. Then again lower the whetstone into the water and whip the foam from soapy water, with which you need to remove the remaining oil from the face.


Erno Laszlo considered rinsing to be the main of all cleansing systems used for such washing. You need to wash yourself with soapy water through a spray or the so-called “hurrying”. Scooping hot water with your hands, it must be splashed on the face. The minimum number of approaches is 15-20 times, but Lazlo himself believed that the ideal number of rinsing approaches would be 80 times.

Skin hydration

The final stage of the Laslo washing technique is considered to be the process of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. A hot face is wiped with a clean and dry waffle towel, and then wiped with a cleansing lotion. The final procedure is the use of a tonic over the entire surface of the skin, after which a moisturizing cream is applied (the agent is applied depending on the time of day).

Girl wipes her face with a cotton pad

Cosmetics for the procedure

Lazlo washing requires special products: cosmetic oil, mud soap, lotion and facial toner. All of these cosmetics can be purchased from an official Erno Lazlo representative. In order to save money, some girls use homemade products – soap made with their own hands, and also replace cosmetic oil with olive, sea buckthorn or coconut. The following are the top 5 cosmetics used for washing by Lazlo.


A place



Specialized cosmetics Erno Lazlo


All products are specially designed for the Lazlo method of washing..

High cost. The presence of alcohol in cosmetics.



By means of this brand, you can freely do with the Lazlo system.

Not suitable for all skin types. High price.



The line and face care has everything you need: tonic and lotion. Instead of solid soap, liquid soap is used..

High cost. The effect is no different from cheap cleansers.

Estee lauder


Means well moisturize the skin.

Cream for washing does not have the corresponding effect.

Homemade cosmetics.


Naturalness. Long term use.

It takes a lot of time to cook.

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