Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss – how to drink and take a bath

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Real reviews report: if you properly take hydrogen peroxide inside for weight loss, the final result of weight correction is observed immediately. The dietary effect is provided due to the chemical composition of the indicated antiseptic, however, before its use, it is additionally necessary to consult an attending physician with an attending physician, to exclude side effects, medical contraindications.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

There are plenty of existing methods for correcting excess weight, but it is difficult to choose the most effective among such a rich assortment of offers. Hydrogen peroxide is a unique solution that helps to become slim and graceful in the shortest possible time. Such a clear liquid in the chemical composition contains oxygen and hydrogen molecules, which, as a result of chemical decay, not only break down subcutaneous fat, but also improve the functioning of internal organs, activate metabolism at the cellular level.

Can I drink peroxide?

For many patients, the first thing they are interested in is the safety of the chosen method of losing weight, so the question to the nutritionist is whether to drink peroxide is the leading one. Professor I.P. clarified the situation. Neumyvakin, which has been clinically proven that this antiseptic burns subcutaneous fat, is an effective prevention of atherosclerosis. Taking hydrogen peroxide daily, you do not need to go on a strict diet to lose weight quickly and noticeably. Overweight is literally melting before our eyes, however, it is advisable to adjust the daily dose with your doctor.

Hydrogen peroxide in a bottle

The benefits of hydrogen peroxide for the human body

The instructions say that the drug has pronounced antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, but there is not a word in the content about a sustainable dietary effect. And yet, peroxide for weight loss really works, moreover, thanks to its unique properties, it provides an improvement in overall well-being, a solution to many health problems. If you undergo a full course of treatment, you can get rid of a number of unpleasant diagnoses. So, the benefits of hydrogen peroxide for humans are as follows:

  • disinfecting effect in the body, the fight against poisoning;
  • stable antimicrobial and antiseptic effect;
  • increased systemic circulation, prevention of thrombosis;
  • decreased cravings for food, suppression of wild appetite;
  • improving the condition of the skin, anti-aging effect;
  • treatment of tonsillitis and pharyngitis, as a local antiseptic;
  • elimination of yellow plaque with tooth enamel;
  • activation of metabolic processes of the body;
  • effective obesity control in a safe way;
  • affordable recovery of the whole organism.

How to lose weight with hydrogen peroxide

Effective weight loss according to Neumyvakin provides for a strict dosage of an antiseptic for oral administration, which can be disturbed for your own health. In the fight against overweight, the professor offers two working schemes, and the task of losing weight is to independently determine the best option for yourself, not to violate the prescribed standards. So, productive weight loss using hydrogen peroxide has the following sequence:

  1. First method. Dissolve one drop of hydrogen peroxide in a tablespoon of water, take a single dose inside 2 hours after the meal or 30 minutes before it. Take an antiseptic three times a day. Every day, increase 1 drop of peroxide, bringing a single dose to 10, then daily reduce it to a drop.
  2. Second method. Take three servings of an alkaline drink per day. A single dose is 2 drops of peroxide, which must be previously dissolved in a glass of water. Continue to take alkaline solution for 20 days daily, after which take a three-day break.

Girl drinks water

How to drink hydrogen peroxide for weight loss

It is necessary to take such a chemical compound daily, while it is important to exclude fried, highly salty and fatty foods from the daily diet, and control the body’s water metabolism. Water with hydrogen peroxide for weight loss should be an integral part of the daily menu. It is also important to increase physical activity, move more, more often take walks in the fresh air. It does not hurt to control the number of calories that enter the digestive system with each meal. Do not violate the selected scheme, do not skip the intake of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths

In addition to oral administration of a local antiseptic for medical reasons, water procedures can be systematically performed. Such sessions should not be daily; three sessions per week are enough. Hydrogen peroxide baths for weight loss if improperly performed can cause burns on the body, and inhaled fumes can cause acute intoxication of the body.

Girl takes a bath


Hydrogen peroxide is not allowed for use by everyone who wants to lose weight quickly. Doctors stipulate medical contraindications, violation of which can cause certain health problems. For example, with increased sensitivity to active ingredients, a skin rash of an allergic nature appears, which is complemented by swelling and a feeling of itching. The process of losing weight will have to stop, look for other methods of correcting excess weight. The second contraindication to the use of hydrogen peroxide – acute gastrointestinal tract diseases.

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