Instructions for the use of massagers for the face – types, an overview of the best models and cost

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No one will be able to avoid wrinkles. Someone will notice them earlier, someone will show signs of wilting later. Skin changes become more noticeable with age. Facial massager, a cosmetic device with many varieties, will help to prolong youth at home. Judging by customer reviews, the device improves blood supply to the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and eliminates age spots..

What is a facial massager

The facial massage device at home will be useful in the prevention of facial wrinkles, relieve puffiness, and even out skin color. It helps to increase blood circulation, relax facial muscles, remove toxins, eliminate a double chin. With regular use of the apparatus for the face, the skin is tightened naturally, as there is stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen. The appliance for home use is a good alternative to expensive salon procedures..


Today, you can buy a facial massager in an online store of various types of exposure. Some devices stimulate blood circulation, the second affect the dermis (deep layer of the skin), while others improve the nutrition of the epidermis (upper layer of the skin). Unites all massagers the end result:

  • increase in muscle tone;

  • oval lift;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • cleansing from pigmentation;
  • oxygenation of the epidermis;
  • elimination of puffiness;
  • smoothing deep wrinkles;
  • regeneration of the skin at the cellular level;
  • activation of recovery processes.

How to use a face massager

The method of use depends on the type of massager, but there are traditional rules. First you need to clean the skin with a scrub, then apply the cream and begin to use the device, performing massage movements. The device should be driven immediately on the bottom of the face, and then on the top. The main thing is to comply with the measure so as not to injure the epidermis. It is advisable not to use such devices more than twice a week.

Facial massager

The best facial massager

As a rule, the effect of massage on the face is noticeable after the fifth session, regardless of the type of apparatus. Beauticians recommend using electrical and mechanical devices for home use. They are very efficient and easy to operate. However, if desired, a woman can choose any other model. The cosmetic market offers massagers of various directions.


It works at high speed, so it perfectly heats the epidermis. To improve skin cleansing and enhance the effect of the procedure, it is sold with batteries and various accessories. The action of the device is aimed at eliminating irregularities of the skin, increasing their smoothness. Ultrasound compresses the cells, so there is also a lifting effect. The best representatives of the species:

  • model name: Gezatone Superlifting m 356;

  • price: 4499 rubles;
  • characteristics: works by galvanic action, safety glasses included;
  • pluses: helps get rid of the effects of acne, ideal for age-related care;
  • cons: high price.

Cheaper ultrasonic massager from Germany. It enhances the effect of cosmetics:

  • model name: Gess uSound;

  • price: 2590 rubles;
  • characteristics: based on the method of “sonoderma”, it works from the network, a lifting gel is included;
  • pluses: has 5 intensity modes for each facial zone separately;
  • Cons: application from 30 years old, not suitable for young skin.

Ultrasonic face massager Gess uSound


The most budget for the price. Two rollers that are connected to each other are made of stone, wood or plastic. Most Popular:

  • model name: WAVE FACE ROLLER;

  • price: 750 rubles;
  • characteristics: used for skin rejuvenation, relaxing and nourishing epidermis massage sessions;
  • pluses: coconut oil is included, which with regular use with roller massage helps to get a healthy complexion;
  • Cons: can not be used for any skin inflammation.

More expensive roller apparatus from a well-known French manufacturer. The device will easily replace salon vacuum massage:

  • model name: EMS Gezatone Biolift 4 m 270;

  • price: 6499 rubles;
  • Characteristics: electric massager for the face with the function of myostimulation and plastic massage;
  • pluses: in the zones of influence smoothes the skin, raises the descended muscles, makes the facial contour clear;
  • cons: a little unpleasant procedure.

Facial massagerWAVE FACE ROLLER


It works due to the impact on the skin of alternating current by the type of electrophoresis. The device uses a low-frequency laser, which, penetrating the epidermis, improves blood circulation, enhances metabolic processes. Popular representatives:

  • model name: Darsonval US Medica;

  • price: 6500 rubles;
  • characteristics: a multifunctional device with additional special nozzles;
  • pluses: the best of manual massagers, improves skin tone with microcurrents;
  • cons: there are many contraindications.

Another effective portable device for microcurrent stimulation of the skin. With its help, you can quickly remove puffiness:

  • model name: Bio Wave Gezatone m 920;

  • price: 1899 rubles;
  • characteristics: the procedure is performed by balls – electrodes with a temporary electric voltage;
  • pluses: perfectly massages the skin;
  • cons: doesn’t help anti aging.

Portable Facial Massager Darsonval US Medica


The effect of this device is based on the release of negatively and positively charged ions. The first ones help to tighten the skin, improving its relief. Positive ions cleanse the epidermis well. The best representatives:

  • Model Name: Bradex Beautician;

  • price: 1584 rubles;
  • Specifications: Battery Operated; Case: Plastic; Metal;
  • pluses: has a complex effect;
  • Cons: from strong vibration, the case may loose.

More expensive ion vaporizer. The device with regular use helps the production of collagen:

  • model name: Panasonic EH VP 520;

  • price: 7900 rubles;
  • Characteristics: ionized steam opens pores, removes excess fat;
  • pluses: deep skin cleansing with a moisturizing effect;
  • cons: expensive.

Bradex Ionic Vaporizer for Face Beautician

Vibro massager

Universal massager is only manual type. Due to its small size, it is convenient to take the device with you. Popular compact vibratory massagers:

  • model name: US MEDICA JOY;

  • price: 700 rubles;
  • characteristics: battery powered, the ability to use in the shower;
  • pluses: deep microvibration massage of the face, eyes, body;
  • cons: no mains power.

Vibro massager for neck and face with infrared heating. The procedure gives an unusually pleasant sensation:

  • model name: Neck massager PNG M 26 T;

  • price: 4750 rubles;
  • Features: magnetic therapy, battery for stand-alone use;
  • pluses: 6 types of massage, stimulates lymphatic drainage;
  • cons: heavy – up to 4 kg.

Infrared facial massager US MEDICA JOY


The device is based on the emission of laser waves. They activate metabolic processes in tissues, stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, and contribute to the construction of a clear oval of the face. The most effective:

  • model name: Rio LaserLift;

  • price: 8999 rubles;
  • Features: runs on battery and mains, accelerates ATP molecule synthesis;
  • pluses: removes small facial wrinkles after the first procedure;
  • cons: many contraindications.

More expensive professional model. An excellent remedy for rejuvenation at home:

  • model name: TRIA Age-Defying Laser;

  • price: 38,499 rubles;
  • Features: wireless system for home use;
  • Pros: stimulates the skin renewal process;
  • cons: high price, rarely on sale.

Laser facial massage device Rio LaserLift


Among electric massagers, the most bought is oxygen. It was created using the latest technology in cosmetology. The main result of use: elastic skin, clear lines of the face and neck, even in adulthood. The best representatives:

  • model name: VRANG LED ION MASSAGER;

  • price: 5400 rubles;
  • Characteristics: LED oxygen apparatus with 2 modes: uncharged iontophoresis and vibro;
  • pluses: ideal oxygen mesotherapy;
  • cons: can not be used for any skin problems.

The sensational massager from Japan. The device can be used for the whole body:

  • model name: Revoskin;

  • price: 1490 rubles;
  • Characteristics: the roller is made of particles of titanium and germanium, covered with medical silicone;
  • pluses: activates the regeneration of cells, saturating them with oxygen;
  • cons: contraindicated for hypertensive patients, pregnant women, children under 16 years old.

Revoskin Oxygen Universal Massager


Stone therapy is gaining more and more popularity. Facial massage with jade will not only relieve skin problems, but also relieve general stress of the body. On sale you can find:

  • model name: jade massager QI-SI;

  • price: 330 rubles;
  • characteristics: removes skin defects, removes swelling under the eyes;
  • pluses: possesses powerful healing properties;
  • Cons: after each use, it must be cleaned in a soapy solution to remove the accumulated energy.

Jade mask is a universal remedy. Unlike analogues, it can be used several times a day:

  • model name: Health Secret;

  • price: 1699 rubles;
  • Characteristics: made of small jade plates fastened with special threads;
  • pluses: allows you to take the shape of a face, especially recommended for people sitting at the computer for a long time;
  • cons: not found.

Jade Massager QI-SI


Massagers with the action of galvanic current (electricity with low voltage and low power) are effective against aging. This procedure cleanses the deep layers of the skin, promotes rejuvenation. The most efficient electroplating devices:

  • model name: Gezatone 0602;

  • price: 8290 rubles;
  • characteristics: active lifting with galvanic current function;
  • pluses: infrared heating, tightening, rejuvenation;
  • cons: difficult to manage.

A cheaper offer from Gezatone. This device gives a quick anti-aging effect:

  • model name: Electroplating and light therapy M805;

  • price: 790 rubles;
  • characteristics: a combination of electroplating, chromotherapy and ultrasonic massage;
  • pluses: three cosmetic techniques in one device;
  • Cons: confusing instructions, small print.

Electroplating and light therapy for wrinkles M 805

For the skin around the eyes

Depending on the manufacturer, these massagers are different. Basically, the device has a metal tip and is equipped with a vibrating mechanism. Any massager for the skin around the eyes eliminates swelling, improves the structure of the epidermis, delicately cleans small wrinkles. The best representatives:

  • model name: Profi Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager;

  • price: 490 rubles;
  • Features: Battery-powered portable pencil massager;
  • pluses: produces a soft massage of the area around the eyes anytime, anywhere;
  • cons: batteries not included.

An innovative development are silicone massager glasses. In addition to cosmetic effects, perfectly relieve eye fatigue:

  • model name: Eye Care Massager;

  • price: 490 rubles;
  • Characteristics: has 26 finger probes made of an alloy of magnetic metals;
  • pluses: makes the skin smooth, reduces pigmentation, improves eyesight;
  • cons: many contraindications.

Profi Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager

For facelift

Many of the above massagers will help increase skin turgor, get rid of the second chin and make the face contour more clear. In addition, I would like to offer an effective device for home use by a Russian manufacturer with an ultrasonic and photon-microcurrent rejuvenation system:

  • model name: Biophonic;

  • price: 15,700 rubles;
  • Features: Unique 5 in 1 rejuvenation system;
  • pluses: the best alternative to professional procedures;
  • cons: high cost.

How to choose a facial massager

When choosing a massager, you should not pay attention to discounts or sales. It is necessary to clearly understand for what purposes the device is purchased, and then study its indications and contraindications. When buying, pay attention to the number of nozzles (brushes), the power option, power and convenience, because it is important how comfortable the massager lies in your hand. Try to avoid heavy and bulky models that have sharp edges. Having a rechargeable unit is also an important detail. With him, even on a trip you will not forget about the beauty of the skin.

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