Instructions for use Sulsen shampoo for dandruff and hair loss, reviews and price

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Hair loss, seborrhea of ​​the scalp, dandruff are common problems that can be eliminated by the use of Sulsen shampoo. Learn about the action of Sulsen, how to use it and the prices of shampoo, in this article..

Sulsen Shampoo Composition

Selenium disulfide (selenii sulfidum) is the main active component of the drug, which has a directed effect on the main cause of dandruff – a yeast-like fungus. In addition to disulfide, the composition of the drug includes a number of excipients:

  • water;
  • glyceryl stearate;
  • perfume;
  • cetyl alcohol;
  • lemon acid;
  • propylene glycol;
  • cinnamon alcohol;
  • salicylic acid;
  • sodium hydroxide.

Amalgam sulsena

Amalgam, a Ukrainian manufacturer of cosmetics, has been producing Sulsen Amalgam shampoo for more than ten years. The product has a pleasant aroma of fragrant herbs, making the procedure of its use a real pleasure. A special manufacturing technology allows the tool to prevent the propagation of yeast and contribute to its destruction. The drug effectively fights the main causes of dandruff, among which are:

  • increased production of sebum, provoked by a violation of the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • psoriasis, in which dead epidermal cells accumulate;
  • excessive dryness of the skin.

Sulsen Shampoo

Shampoo Peeling

The tool effectively inhibits the activity of yeast. Sulsen peeling shampoo, in addition to selenium disulfide, contains polyethylene granules that provide soft but deep cleansing of the skin. Granules gently massage the skin, improve blood circulation, strengthen and tone the hair roots. As a result of peeling, sticky scales of keratinized epidermis are removed, dirt and dandruff are removed from hair and skin. Using shampoo and peeling Sulsen in the complex, you have an increased effect on the root cause of dandruff, contributing to its quick elimination.

How does Sulsena

In addition to medicinal properties, sulsen shampoo has the ability to actively care for your hair, giving it a healthy look. Sulsena has the following cosmetic effects:

  • itchy skin disappears;
  • locks begin to shine beautifully, become silky to the touch;
  • oily shine disappears, the need to wash hair occurs less often;
  • excessively dry hair becomes elastic, soft;
  • hair growth accelerates.

Psoriasis Shampoo on the head

The causes of psoriasis on the head are many – from malnutrition to serious metabolic disturbances. The disease is manifested by peeling, itching, the formation of plaques and silvery scales in the affected area. Properly selected shampoo for psoriasis is an important part of treatment. Applying Sulsen for psoriasis, you can notice such positive changes:

  • reduction of itching and peeling of the skin;
  • reduction in the number of rashes;
  • removal of inflammation and elimination of irritations;
  • softening the skin;
  • removal of excess fat;
  • cleansing hair from dead epidermal cells.

Scalp psoriasis

Sulsen Dandruff Shampoo

Sulsen dandruff shampoo has a triple effect on the main cause of the onset of the disease:

  • cytostatic – regulates the renewal of epidermal cells, normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • fungicidal – inhibits the growth of fungi, destroys the environment for their reproduction;
  • keratolytic – exfoliates dead cells, preventing the formation of dandruff.

In the fight against dandruff, it is not enough to use only therapeutic shampoo, since the causes of its appearance are not always fungus and scalp diseases. In order for Sulsen to save you from dandruff forever, it is recommended to adhere to such basic rules:

  • get rid of problems with the endocrine system;
  • eat right, making up for the lack of vitamins in the body;
  • Avoid mental and physical stress;
  • Do not supercool or overheat the scalp;
  • less often use a hair dryer, curling irons, chemical dyes;
  • observe hair hygiene;
  • avoid stress, nervous strain.

Sulsen shampoo for hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem that affects many people of all ages. The main causes of hair loss are:

  • weak immunity;
  • lack of iron in the body;
  • reaction to taking medication;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • seborrhea, dermatitis;
  • insufficient blood supply to the vessels of the scalp;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • consequences of stress;
  • bad ecology;
  • temperature differences.

The body of the hair consists of amino acids containing sulfur, the lack of which provokes dryness, brittleness and fragility. Sulsen shampoo from hair loss, due to the content of selenium disulfide, which is 45% sulfur, effectively solves this problem. The hair becomes as strong as possible, elastic, the hair loss process stops. Regular use provides not only thorough care, but also accelerates the growth of new hairs.

Girl with a comb

Sulsena shampoo – instructions for use

To get a good result at home, medical shampoo should be used correctly. The use of Sulsens for treatment should be carried out no more than three times a week, and for prophylactic purposes, use the drug once every ten days. In case of contact with eyes, to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane, rinse thoroughly with water. Instructions for use include a number of actions:

  1. apply a small amount of the product to wet hair;
  2. be sure to foam the product along the entire length of the strands;
  3. with gentle movements of the fingertips, massage the head, which will enhance the process of exfoliating keratinized scales;
  4. leave the drug in strands for three minutes;
  5. thoroughly rinse the product with warm running water;
  6. repeat the procedure again.


Serious prohibitions on the use of shampoo by dermatologists have not been identified, the product does not pose a threat and harm to health. Sulsen shampoo contraindications exist only for people with individual sensitivity, hereditary or acquired, to the components of the drug. The use of the drug for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding is recommended to be discussed with your doctor. Sulsen shampoo has a neutral pH (acid-base balance), does not cause allergies.

Sulsen Shampoo Price

Sulsen shampoo is an inexpensive tool that can be bought in many stores in Russia or ordered in an online pharmacy. Find out how the cost in rubles of 150 ml sulsen shampoo differs in different pharmacies in Moscow in the table below.

Name of pharmacy

Price, p.

Samson Pharma


“ASNA – Lublin”


“E Pharmacy”




Health Plus






“Social farm Okskaya”




“Era of Health”


Social Health


“Nova Vita Chertanovskaya”


“Asaki-Pharma in Lublin”


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