Inversion table – indications and benefits of classes for diseases of the spine, contraindications and exercises

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The human vertebral column experiences tremendous loads under the influence of gravity, and if we add here regular exercises in the gym and constant weight bearing, the intervertebral discs will experience additional compression. Inversion therapy, which is performed by hanging upside down, improves blood circulation, improves immunity, eliminates or reduces back pain. For this, an electric and mechanical inversion table (board) is used, which can help a patient who is often worried about the spine.

What is an inversion table

Inversion simulator is a device that is designed for inversion therapy. Its use can help get rid of back pain by stretching the intervertebral discs and relieving the load from the back. In addition, exercises on it help improve posture. Modern manufacturers offer a choice of different models that differ from each other in cost, frame material, size, adjustment of the angle and length, taking into account the height of a person, the back of the table, etc. There are even special adapters for such simulators.

Indications for use

Today, inversion simulators are widely used in fitness centers. They are especially useful for back problems and diseases associated with intervertebral discs. The inversion table used for hernia of the spine helps to increase the intervertebral distance, due to which it is eliminated by compression of the spinal nerves. Other indications and benefits:

  • improved posture;
  • relieving spasms of the back muscles;
  • strengthening the ligaments of the spine;
  • stimulation of blood circulation, lymphatic flow, nutrient intake;
  • stress relief from the spinal column;
  • prevention of a disease such as varicose veins.

Man on an inversion simulator


If you are planning to order an inversion table to increase growth and, in general, general recovery, first get acquainted with the available contraindications, consult with a knowledgeable specialist. It is impossible to engage in inverse therapy at any stage of pregnancy. As for children, this issue is resolved on an individual basis, but children under 15 years of age are not allowed to receive this therapy in most cases. The main indications include:

  • cerebral aneurysms;
  • glaucoma;
  • arrhythmia;
  • hypertension of the 2nd degree and more;
  • IHD in the onset;
  • chronic connective tissue diseases;
  • ventral hernias;
  • fresh injuries and fractures;
  • senile dementia, etc..

Inversion table models

Having decided to buy an inversion table, get acquainted with the situation in the modern market. Manufacturers of commercial and sports equipment offer customers both stationary models and folding structures. There are exercise machines, the back of which at the beginning of the lesson is transformed into a chair. Functional tables for inversion therapy are mechanical and equipped with an electric drive. Many simulators of this type for convenience are equipped with soft rollers, a back.

DFC inversion table

Such a table is a great way to maintain healthy back, spine. You can buy a suitable model in the online store of simulators with delivery by mail in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city in the country. The table for inversion therapy DFC SJ6200 has an adjustment for the growth of the user, an adjustable latch for the ankle and the choice of the inversion mode, which is performed using a special rod. There are only three modes: easy, medium, professional – up to 55 degrees. More about the characteristics of the table:

  • model name: DFC SJ6200;
  • price: 9490 r.;
  • characteristics: folding, for the user’s weight up to 113 kg, dimensions in working condition – 144x72x133 cm, folded – 91x72x172 cm, weight – 19 kg;
  • pluses: relatively compact, lightweight, cheap;
  • cons: no.

DFC SJ6200 simulator


On sale there are various designs of tables for inversion classes, for example, there are models equipped with a motor for fixing the ankles. In any case, such a simulator can be great for training, because completely hanging upside down on it is not required, because the user can gradually change the angle of inclination in accordance with their capabilities. Modern sports and commercial equipment of this type is equipped with a soft back and rollers for increased comfort. A good purchase would be a model from Z-UP for home use:

  • model name: Z-UP 3;
  • price: 99990 r.;
  • characteristics: for using height up to 188 cm, weight – up to 120 kg, motor – DC 24V, power parameters – AC 220V 75W, rotation speed – 0.9 rpm, size in working position – 88x190x201 cm, assembled – 88x64x181 cm, weight – 40 kg;
  • pluses: strong, reliable, there is an electric drive;
  • cons: expensive.

Z-UP 3

Body sculpture

Despite the fact that inversion tables are not so cheap, many large retail outlets offer customers good discounts as part of ongoing promotions, sales. A great way to keep your back in perfect condition is the Body Sculpture BI-2100E table. Classes on it relax the back muscles, strengthen the blood vessels, relieve pain, etc. This table is an advanced analogue of GB-13102. With one smooth motion, you can move from a vertical position to a completely inverted position:

  • model name: Body Sculpture BI-2100E;
  • price: 12090 r.;
  • characteristics: maximum user weight – 135 kg, adjustable for height – 147-198 cm, design – folding, working dimensions – 115x70x158 cm, folded – 70x40x190 cm, weight – 27 kg, setting options – full rotation, 20 ° angle , 40 °, 60 °
  • pluses: functionality, reasonable cost;
  • cons: no.

Body Sculpture BI-2100E

Body solid

Having decided to choose a table for inversion therapy, which is great for home use, take a look at the Body Solid line. The BI-168 has a spring-loaded seat belt that controls system stability and helps roll over confidently and quickly. The nylon backrest has a breathable surface, which enhances user comfort. For ease of storage, the structure folds easily. The turning angle is limited by a safety belt. More about the characteristics of the simulator:

  • model name: Body Solid BI-168;
  • price: 14600 p.;
  • characteristics: maximum user weight – 136 kg, adjustable for height – 140-203 cm, design – folding, back – nylon;
  • pluses: convenient, high-quality;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.

Body Solid BI-168

House fit

A good choice is to buy a table for inversion training under the HouseFit trademark. Alternatively, you can arrange the product simulator 049202-1. Lightweight and sturdy design folds up quickly and easily, taking up a minimum of space:

  • model name: HouseFit 049202-1;
  • price: 9030 r.;
  • characteristics: maximum load – up to 130 kg, for height – 147-198 cm, polyurethane foam pillow, dimensions in working condition – 130x64x146 s, weight – 22.5 kg;
  • pluses: inexpensive, convenient;
  • cons: a little heavy.

HouseFit 049202-1


Optifit inversion training simulators gained considerable demand and distribution. One of the popular modifications is the NQ-3400, the use of which can help in the fight against back pain. This occurs due to stretching of the intervertebral discs, relieving the load from the back. Product Parameters:

  • model name: Optifit Rio NQ-3400;
  • price: 11890 r.;
  • characteristics: folding structure, maximum load – 136 kg, dimensions – 157×67.5×116 cm, for height – from 155 to 201 cm, weight – 25.5 kg;
  • pluses: cost, comfort, convenience;
  • Cons: weight, length suitable for people taller than 155 cm.

Optifit Rio NQ-3400

Take a look at yet another Optifit simulator. This table will cost a little more, but at the same time it is suitable for most people who want to do inversion training, because the lower growth threshold is only 125 cm:

  • model name: Optifit Vista NQ-3900;
  • price: 14390 r.;
  • characteristics: folding, maximum load – up to 136 kg, for growth – 125-201 cm, dimensions – 116×67.5×161 cm, weight – 27 kg, number of positions – 3;
  • pluses: functional, comfortable;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.

Optifit Vista NQ-3900


An excellent assistant for regular classes and training can be the Oxygen Healthy Spine Deluxe. This premium table has a number of additional and unique features. A comfortable lodgement with a contour relief – this is exactly what you need to perform exercises as safely and effectively as possible. The extreme position of the tilt of the body is adjusted using a special handle from 5 to 90 degrees. The product even has a unique option in the form of a back massager with a heating function:

  • model name: Oxygen Healthy Spine Deluxe;
  • price: 23890 r.;
  • characteristics: design – folding, folded size – 71x83x203 cm, working – 193x83x177 cm, weight – 31 kg, load – up to 150 kg, user height – 147-198 cm;
  • pluses: convenient, comfortable, there is a remote control;
  • cons: cost, weight.

Oxygen Healthy Spine Deluxe

To maintain healthy back and spine, take a look at Oxygen. Foldable design has 25 positions in increments of 2:

  • model name: Oxygen Healthy Spine;
  • price: 14290 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 120x60x140 cm, weight – 22.5 kg, maximum user weight – up to 150 kg, design – develops;
  • pluses: good functionality;
  • cons: no.

Oxygen healthy spine

How to choose an inversion table

Buying this type of simulator requires a serious and competent approach. To get started, decide between the mechanical and electrical options. The first has an affordable cost, the second is more convenient and functional. In addition, the mechanical version is great for home use. Make sure the frame is sturdy, reliable. Take into account other recommendations:

  • Design. Folding exercise machines are more practical at home, but awkward ones are often more stable..
  • Weight. With increasing mass, the design becomes more reliable, but less mobile. Look for a middle ground.
  • Number of position adjustments. The more of them, the more detailed you will be able to go to classes and vary the appropriate load.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the adjustment of growth, so that the selected simulator is suitable for you and other family members who are interested in inversion classes.
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