Is it possible to dye hair during menstruation

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Fluctuations in the hormonal background of a woman affect the reaction of her body to external stimuli. Sensitivity increases, changes in thermoregulation, blood circulation occur. As a result: a number of familiar actions are temporarily unavailable: tanning, hair removal, nail extensions, hair coloring on critical days become unsafe.

Why you can not dye your hair

Whoever introduces such a ban, which seems completely far-fetched in the eyes of a rational person, there is some truth in it. The processes that take place in the female body when menstruation begins are too complex to predict their outcome. This adds to the unpredictability of the chemical reaction of the dye, and even a specialist cannot predict the result of a meeting of two factors.

Hair coloring master

Why is hair coloring often not allowed during menstruation? Doctors and hairdressers mention the likelihood of the following negative consequences:

  • The pigment lays unevenly. This is especially true for toning blondes. Get a clear green tint or striped pattern by staining with menstruation, as easy as shelling pears.
  • Lack of resistance: the paint may not set at all, and flushing it, you will not see any color changes.
  • Deterioration in hair quality after painting until they fall out.
  • Allergic reaction skin on the chemical composition of the dye.
  • Feeling unwell – migraine, nausea, weakness, dizziness. Hormone surges affect odor sensitivity, so ammonia paints become a real challenge.

Self-dyeing hair

Who can dye your hair

The ban on such a procedure when menstruation begins is not an indispensable rule for all women. Not a single hairdresser or doctor will tell you if you can be dyed if you do not know the individual characteristics of your body. The same applies to physical activity at this time, visits to the solarium, sauna, and a cosmetologist’s office. Experts recommend focusing on the following points:

  • With a tendency to hair loss, the presence of dry brittle ends, refrain from painting. Henna should not be used either..
  • For girls with thin, but smooth strands, the procedure can be performed, but with gentle paint.
  • If you do not feel any deterioration, there are no contraindications to painting.

Specialist hair dyeing

Hair dyeing during menstruation

All possible undesirable consequences of such a risky procedure, as already mentioned, will not necessarily occur in your case: the probability of their receipt is low. However, in the case of long deliberation, whether it is possible to paint directly on you, it is better to refrain from a careless step. In case of acute need, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Try to use only proven paint, otherwise with an unsuccessful outcome, you will not be able to understand what gave such a result.
  • You can dye your hair starting from the third day, or avoiding it on the first – then the probability of an unsatisfactory result will be lower.
  • Use henna and other herbal colorants if possible..
  • If you want to completely change color, wait until your period ends.
  • Feel very sick? Avoid painting – pungent odor and effects on the blood circulation can cause even more pronounced deterioration of well-being.
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