Is it possible to eat pancakes on a diet – recipes for making low-calorie oatmeal or bran

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These ruddy suns are a traditional Russian dish that accompanies Orthodox and pagan holidays: you only need to remember Shrovetide. They are loved by people of all ages, the number of their recipes is in the hundreds, but is it possible to eat pancakes on a diet and are their low-calorie variations safe with bran, cereal and different types of flour? What components of pancakes can harm the figure, and how to protect yourself from rice to get better?

The benefits and harms of pancakes

The main danger in this dish during the diet (and weight loss in general) is its calorie content, mainly due to the presence of flour in the recipe. Traditionally, it is wheat, recognized as “useless” for the body, as it is deprived of all the beneficial properties inherent in grain due to too thorough cleaning. Only fast carbohydrates remain, provoking sharp rises in sugar, and they already hit the figure. Wheat flour from this position is especially dangerous when dieting in diabetics..

Where else are the benefits and harms of pancakes? In the composition of:

  • Sugar is a banned product on all diets that also adds calories to them..
  • The butter on which the pancakes are fried adds calories and unhealthy fats, especially if it is sunflower.
  • Yeast – present in some pancake recipes, in all diets are also prohibited, because provoke intestinal fermentation.
  • Milk is definitely a healthy product due to the high proportion of calcium, but lactose, which is sugar, does not benefit the body.
  • Eggs – the body needs a moderate amount as a source of protein.

Pancakes with diet

Given the calorie content of this baking (yeast pancakes in milk – about 217 kcal per 100 g), during weight loss it is not welcome. If you are considering the possibility of eating pancakes with a diet that involves severely cutting calories, it is better to abandon this idea. With a low-carb diet (sports drying, BEECH, etc.), this dish is also prohibited, but it is used in the Ducane diet, only according to a special recipe. However, if you are interested in whether it is possible to eat pancakes for weight loss according to the rules of a healthy diet, then they are allowed with some reservations:

  • eat in the morning;
  • take light fillings;
  • review the composition;
  • do not get involved in obesity.

Pancake and strawberries on a plate

Diet pancakes

If you look again at products that are particularly harmful to the figure and exclude them from the recipe, you will get pancakes for a diet, or, more precisely, less dangerous for weight loss. First of all, such a dish completely loses sugar, which has only the function of creating a sweet taste – the consistency of the dough does not lose anything. If you are a sweet tooth, add a spoonful of honey, but better come up with a fruit or berry filling – it won’t be worse.

Diet pancakes imply a few more modifications of the basic recipe:

  • They are yeast-free – enter soda / baking powder for splendor.
  • They are cooked on a non-stick coating so as not to use fats. If pancakes stick to the pan, brush a drop of olive oil with a napkin.
  • Skim milk taken, and preferably lactose-free, or water.
  • For pancakes, coarse flour is used, preferably not wheat. If there is no finished product, you should buy a coffee grinder and grind all the cereals or cereals (brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal will work well).

Ducane Pancakes

The diet on which this dish replaces losing weight and does not allow you to grieve without delicious additions to tea or breakfast is Pierre Ducane’s weight loss system. At the stage of the attack, which is the starting one and implies a rapid decrease in volumes, flour is prohibited, but special pancakes are allowed according to Dukan. They can be prepared with or without bran, with starch, on water, on kefir. The taste is different from the classic, but this is a good alternative, from which you will not get fat during the diet.

Ducane bran pancakes

A simple option, which is used as a substitute for bread and is combined with vegetable fillings – fresh pancakes from bran according to Ducane. If you want sweets, add a sweetener, but doctors advise on a diet to stay away from such products as much as possible. The composition of these pancakes is devoid of harmful components:

  • oat and wheat bran (3 tbsp. l. in total);
  • lactose-free milk – half a glass;
  • small egg.

The cooking process is standard, it does not make sense to describe it step by step. It is important to add only that until the correct pancake consistency, the dough is diluted with boiled water, and if the egg is large, you can remove the yolk – so you will reduce the calorie content of pancakes. The working mixture before frying (use a special crepe maker so as not to take oil) must be left for half an hour so that the bran swells in the liquid.

Stack of bran pancakes

Ducane pancakes on kefir

You can completely refuse milk during this diet, giving preference to kefir. Look carefully at the list of components so that it is as short as possible. It is easy to make low-calorie pancakes on kefir according to Ducan:

  1. 2 tablespoons of starch and any bran, pour a glass of fresh kefir of minimum fat content and forget for an hour.
  2. When the pancake dough changes its consistency (bran swells), introduce a couple of small eggs, a little salt. You can add sweetener if you want a sweet taste.
  3. Add water to get a thinner consistency and bake pancakes in the standard way.

Ducane pancakes without bran

The density of such baked goods is slightly higher than that of the classic, so it looks like American pancakes. The basis of pancakes according to Dukan without bran is starch (rice or corn) and low-fat cottage cheese, which are taken over a tablespoon. They are mixed with milk (it is desirable to keep the percentage of fat content at 1.5%) and boiling water, which should total about 150 ml. For pancake elasticity, egg white is introduced into the dough. You can add splendor to slaked vinegar with soda.

Oatmeal pancakes

Among all types of flour that are used in the diet, in order to increase the degree of benefit of baking and reduce – harm, oatmeal has earned a special love of housewives. It can be made from hercules, and some do not even grind them, although oat pancakes will then be denser and less tender. Keep in mind that baking will appear bitterness, due to its basis. If you continue to ponder whether it is possible to eat pancakes on a diet, here are 3 options that are definitely allowed. The frying process is not described, because he is standard.

Flourless Oatmeal Pancakes

This type of baking is characterized by reduced GI, therefore it is well suited for diabetics. If we consider the composition, then these pancakes made of oatmeal without flour are almost identical to traditional yeast-free, but they are unsweetened and a little denser. Cinnamon and vanilla essence give the taste and aroma, which can not be added – these are optional elements. The dough must be kept before frying so that the oatmeal that is ground (through a blender) swells, otherwise there will be lumps.

The composition is as follows:

  • a glass of large oatmeal;
  • a glass of milk in half with water;
  • egg;
  • some soda and salt.

Ready-made oat pancakes on a plate

Oatmeal pancakes diet

Even on the strictest diet, you can treat yourself to these simple pancakes cooked on water during breakfast. You can take a carbonated mineral water – so they will find an openwork structure. The pan is allowed to grease a drop of vegetable oil before frying. The following products are used on dietary oatmeal pancakes:

  • 2 egg whites;
  • 0.6 l of water;
  • 0.2 kg of oatmeal flour (it is better to grind it yourself);
  • salt.

Low calorie pancakes

If you don’t like pure oatmeal on the basis of baking, try making a mixture with buckwheat or rye flour, or take wheat, but whole grain – in it, in comparison with the highest grade, each calorie is justified. Of the eggs, only proteins that need to be beaten very well will be used, milk – lactose-free. If you really want sweets, put a spoonful of honey in the dough – these low-calorie pancakes do not interfere with any diet.

An approximate ratio of key components:

  • oatmeal in half with any other. – 200 g;
  • egg whites – 3 pcs.;
  • lactose-free milk – a glass;
  • honey – 10 g.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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