Is it possible to eat seeds on a diet – benefits and harms, composition and calorie content of pumpkin or sunflower seeds

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In an effort to lose weight, you should not limit yourself to all your favorite foods. There is a group of goodies that in moderation will not harm the figure. The answer to the question whether it is possible to eat seeds on a diet is positive, because only 20-30 grams of kernels will enrich the body with high-quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates. However, you will have to count calories to provide the energy deficit you need to lose weight..

Useful properties of seeds

In our area, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, less often flax, sesame, caraway seeds, are especially popular. The use of seeds:

  • They quickly dull the feeling of hunger, because they are distinguished by high energy value – about 500 kcal. This property helps to fight excess weight more effectively. Also, with the help of nucleoli, you can purely psychologically solve the problem of overeating – it is better to slowly click this delicacy than to constantly chew other food.
  • The digestive system is brought back to normal. Pumpkin seeds have an antiparasitic property, are responsible for cleansing the intestines.
  • These high-calorie nucleoli are useful for pathologies of the biliary tract, liver, atherosclerosis.
  • Useful substances (proteins, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, polyunsaturated fats) make hair and nails beautiful, healthy, strong, regulate the activity of the nervous system, are needed for muscle growth.
  • They struggle with a bad mood and are an anti-stress product. Many quitters find rejoicing in sunflower kernels.
  • Are seeds bad for a figure? Yes, if their share in the diet is too large. If you eat only 20 g of kernels, given the daily calorie content of your menu, then nothing bad will happen.

The chemical composition of sunflower seeds

Is it possible to gnaw seeds during a diet, you decide for yourself, looking at the ratio of BZHU, energy value, saturation with vitamins, macro- and microelements. A handful of the product can replace breakfast or a snack in the morning. For dinner, it is better to choose other food. The chemical composition of sunflower seeds (per 100 g):

  • Proteins – 21 g, fats – 53 g, carbohydrates – 11 g.
  • Vitamins: E (208% of the daily norm), B1 (123%), PP (79%), B6 ​​(67%), B9 (57%), B2, B4 and B5 – a small amount.
  • Macronutrients: magnesium (79% of the daily norm), phosphorus (66%), calcium (37%), potassium (26%), sodium (12%).
  • Trace elements: manganese (98% of the daily norm), selenium (96%), zinc (42%), iron (34%).

Sunflower seeds

The chemical composition of pumpkin seeds

This delicious product is also a storehouse of healthy substances. Pumpkin kernels have a beneficial effect on metabolism, general well-being, and digestion processes. You should not eat them in glasses, but you can feast on a little. The chemical composition of pumpkin seeds (per 100 g):

  • Proteins – 30 g, fats – 49 g, carbohydrates – 11 g.
  • Vitamins: PP (25% of the daily norm), B1 (18%), B5 (15%), B9 (15%), E (15%), B2, B4, B6, C, K – less than 10%.
  • Macronutrients: phosphorus (154% of the daily norm), magnesium (148%), potassium (32%), calcium (5%).
  • Trace elements: manganese (227% of the daily norm), copper (134%), zinc (65%), iron (49%). There are no iodine and silicon so important for the body in pumpkin seeds.

Is it possible to eat seeds when losing weight

During weight loss, the body as never before needs nutrients that help systems function normally. In order not to gain excess body weight, monitor the energy value of the diet – the number of calories should be 10% less than the body’s energy consumption. If you want to eat seeds during a diet, consider their contribution to the daily calorie content of food. It is better to use kernels before lunch, so that the energy received does not turn into fat mass.

Sunflower seeds for weight loss

If you are overweight, protein foods, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates should predominate in your diet. Is it possible to eat seeds on a diet, will they bring benefits? Eat raw sunflower kernels and leave the fried product until better. You will not recover from a seed if its amount does not exceed 20-30 g per day. The kernels are digested for about two hours, so you can forget about the feeling of hunger at this time.

Sunflower seeds for weight loss are a supporting product. The goodness is also popular in the field of bodybuilding. The nuclei are rich in the amino acid arginine, which stimulates the supply of muscle to the blood. The product contains a lot of betaine, which is responsible for the health of the joints and liver. If you are intensely involved in sports, be sure to include sunflower kernels in your diet to achieve healthy weight loss..

Sunflower seeds in the palms

Calorie content of sunflower seeds

According to this indicator, the product is equated to a bar of chocolate, 750 g of boiled rice or pasta. Is it possible to get better from sunflower seeds? Judge for yourself, looking at the energy value of the product. The calorie content of raw sunflower seeds is 520 kcal. A handful of fried product is “heavier” than pork kebab – up to 700 kcal / 100 g. A slim figure is out of the question here.

Slimming Pumpkin Seeds

Limiting yourself in your favorite harmful treats, you can lose weight, but you risk being in a bad mood for the entire period of the diet. Pumpkin seeds when losing weight can improve the situation. They contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which is broken down into serotonin and niacin. These two substances are responsible for a good emotional state and quality sleep. Reviews of knowledgeable people claim that a leisurely click of pumpkin seeds helps to forget for a while about the desire to eat forbidden foods and maintains a stable feeling of satiety.

Are pumpkin seeds high in calories?

Use the product with the skin – it contains all the useful components. Even a small number of cores will provide a daily rate of phosphorus, manganese, and copper. Is it possible to get fat from seeds? Changes in shape for the worse will become noticeable if you regularly eat more than 50-100 g of nucleoli per day. Calorie pumpkin seeds:

  • raw – 357 kcal / 100 g;
  • dried – 541 kcal / 100 g;
  • fried – 600 kcal / 100 g.

Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin

Diet on the seeds

It is best to arrange fasting days on this product, so you can lose weight without risk to the gastrointestinal tract. Specialists still advertised the so-called pome diet. This is a mono-diet during which the kernel is allowed to eat without restriction. The duration of the course is a maximum of a week, ideally no more than three days. Weight loss is 5-7 kg. A more gentle diet allows the use of cereal cereals for breakfast. The rules of losing weight:

  • Drink plenty of water? minimum 2 l.
  • For lunch, eat sunflower kernels, for dinner – pumpkin. Prefer a raw or oven-dried product.
  • When leaving the pome diet, add one vegetable to the diet every day. On the seventh day, introduce berries and fruits. From the 10th day it is allowed to eat meat.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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