Knitted manicure – photo. How to draw a sweater on nails with gel polish step by step at home

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The original technique in the world of nail design appeared recently, but has already managed to gain popularity among many fashionistas. Ornaments resembling weaving on knitted clothes can be of various shapes. It all depends on your imagination. Volumetric drawings are best done on short nails – so the manicure looks neater.

How to make a knitted manicure

Nail art, in which a drawing very similar to a knitted sweater is applied to the nail plate is the trend of the current season. This nail design has a very attractive appearance on short plates, which will especially appeal to those women who are unable to walk with long nails. Before you make a knitted manicure yourself, get the necessary tools: tools for treating nails, gel polishes of the desired shades, nail files, brushes and the main apparatus – a lamp for drying gels.

Imitation winter manicure

Knitted manicure with gel polish

The technique of such a design requires polymerization using an ultraviolet or LED lamp of each layer and a new part of the pattern. In order to make a shellac knitted manicure, the style fits perfectly, and you only need to have at least basic knowledge of manicure. If you are a beginner, then be patient, prepare the tools and proceed:

  1. Do the initial treatment of the nail plate: first remove the old coating (if it was), then process the cuticle, give the desired shape to the joint edge, and then apply the primer to the prepared surface.
  2. Cover the nail plate base. Pastel shades are great. Apply two layers of shellac, while each of them dry well. After the last layer has dried, remove the sticky layer..
  3. Select a pattern. One of the simplest options is to draw a sweater on your nails: even a beginner can figure out how to make two intertwining lines. You can also experiment and try to reproduce the pattern from your winter woolen clothes or choose from the proposed photos on the Internet.
  4. Using a thin brush, apply gel polish on the nail plate (it is better to use gel paint) on the nail plate. The lines should be the same color as the base – then the manicure will look more like a real sweater. Apply another coat, dry again.
  5. Remove the sticky layer from the surface, cover the finished beautiful ornament with a matte fastener.

Knitted manicure on nails

Knitted manicure with gel polish with acrylic powder

Masters of nail service do not miss the opportunity to create new designs to please clients. For example, the new trend of this winter is the decoration of nails with zigzags, pigtails, dots, which in combination create the appearance that each nail is wrapped in a warm knitted sweater, like its hostess. The topcoat of the nail plate can be not only glossy, but also matte or with a velvet effect. To achieve this, velvet sand or acrylic powder will help. To make a beautiful “velvet” manicure, you need:

  1. Prepare nail plates: remove cuticles, degrease surface, cover with base.
  2. Apply shellac in two layers. Remember that each of them needs to be dried before it dries completely..
  3. Draw a thin brush with the desired pattern on one or more nails. After drying, repeat the manipulations with the ornament again 2-3 times.
  4. Sprinkle the last layer of the picture, on which there is a sticky coating, with transparent acrylic. It is worth noting that the gel-polish is also strengthened with acrylic powder, because it, when combined with the gels, becomes very strong, which allows you to “wear” nails longer.
  5. After the entire coating is completely dry, brush off the remaining powder with a soft brush.

Knitted manicure at home with regular varnish

If you do not know the technique of nail extension, but love to draw, you can make your nails beautiful and stylish with ordinary varnishes. The process of creating an amazing ornament will take more time, and this work is more painstaking, but the result is worth it. Knitted manicure with ordinary varnish should be done step by step:

  1. Tidy your nails, cuticles cut.
  2. Apply base to the base color, give it time to dry completely.
  3. Cover the plate with the desired color. Thick varnishes that do not have mother of pearl are suitable for a warm manicure. The number of layers you need to do as provided by the idea of ​​your design.
  4. Dry the main color well before drawing, otherwise the lines will blur.
  5. Apply the desired ornament (you can use the example shown in the photo). The patterns will not be as voluminous as with gel extensions, but the nails will look more neat and well-groomed. It is better to apply several layers, but in this case, be prepared for the fact that they will dry longer.
  6. Dry all layers well, then cover them with a fixative.

Drawing sweater on short nails

How to draw pigtails

The question of how to make a three-dimensional drawing on nails is of concern to many novice nail service masters. There is nothing complicated in creating a convex ornament, therefore, if you cannot do it the first time, then it is only a matter of time. In order for the client to get what he wants, it is necessary to perform simple actions: after processing and drying the main layer of gel polish, you need to draw a selected pattern with a thin brush, then dry it and make on top a few more layers. Each new layer should clearly repeat the lines of the previous.

Knitted Manicure Ideas

Among the proposed patterns, each girl will be able to find a suitable option. Knitting on the nails looks not only beautiful, but also very gentle, in the winter. Decide whether you want to take existing photos as a sample, and just look at your favorite knitted item in your wardrobe. Try repeating the pattern element from your fingernail sweater. Original rhombuses, braids, bumps, spikelets, spikelets, chains or vertical lines will be a great idea for nail design in winter.

Design sweater on nails

Creating a beautiful volumetric pattern involves the use of special equipment (for example, UV lamps) and gel polish in pastel shades. The design of a sweater is zigzags, stripes with interwoven strokes, rhombuses, bumps. All kinds of patterns for a sweater can be found in examples of finished work or take your favorite clothes and try to reproduce the knitting with a thin brush.

Nail Design with Sweater Pattern

Winter knitted manicure

This design has been at the peak of popularity for more than one season. It looks very gentle and warm, because knitting on the nails in the form of voluminous ornaments of pastel flowers covered with velvet sand cannot but warm you in the winter cold. You can consider ideas for creating a manicure in the presented photos or repeat the lines on your knitted sweater, dress or cardigan.

New Year’s knitted manicure

If you want to choose a nail design for the New Year, but you cannot decide among all kinds of options, then make “knitted” nails with the ombre effect that are fashionable this year. To get a chic New Year’s manicure, in addition to basic tools and a special lamp for drying, you will need 3 more colors of gel varnishes, pastel powder and a sponge. Perform the following actions:

  1. Prepare the nail plates, cover them with the base layer of the base, dry, cover with one layer of the main color, send it under the lamp again.
  2. Apply varnish of a different color (lighter) to the sponge, press to each nail to get a beautiful transition. Dry, wipe with alcohol.
  3. Draw a pigtail (make parallel strips, and intertwining strokes between them), and cover the last non-dried layer with powder or sand. Dry in an ultraviolet lamp, then brush off the remaining powder with a soft brush.
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