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Shiny and smooth hair, a thin straight nose, beautifully defined eyebrows and a sensitive mouth are the ideal of a modern woman. The most popular singer of the 60s Merlin Monroe asked fashion on her magnificent lips, since then many have been trying in every possible way to get closer to the ideal in the photo. It’s good that there are a lot of ways how to increase lips.

How to make lips puffy

If you make a long hairstyle from a square, and from long short nails – long, simple and understandable, then with a clear contour of the mouth and lip augmentation, things are somewhat different. Something to stick or build up does not work, you have to resort to tricks or more radical methods. There are several options:

  • using massage, charging or skillful make-up;
  • He will ask for help in a beauty salon, where the master will make you volume permanent makeup;
  • go a little further and risk pumping up your mouth for a long time with rhinoplasty.

At home

You can slightly increase the volume and make the contour of the mouth more expressive on your own using the following options:

  • Massage. It helps to get rid of unnecessary peeling, increases blood flow, due to which the mouth will be more expressive during eye contact.
  • Homemade masks are real aromatherapy. Their undoubted advantage is that they not only help to increase lips at home, but also nourish the skin around the mouth, protect the upper thin layer from exposure to cold or direct sunlight.
  • Makeup is the most affordable option. Properly applied cosmetics can completely change the contour of the face, expand your eyes, lengthen your nose and even enlarge your lips..


Beauty Salons

For those who are tired of waging a continuous struggle with a pencil, lipstick and brushes, in beauty salons there is a unique offer – tattooing. The procedure is carried out at the level of the epidermis, and is considered absolutely safe and non-traumatic. The master introduces a pigment under the skin with a thin needle, smoothes the contour, enlarges the shape or fills the mucous with color. Such beauty will last on average up to 18 weeks, and lip augmentation in the Moscow beauty salon costs from 6 to 12 thousand rubles.


New lips can not only “fill”, but also “blind”. For this, there is even a special profession – a plastic surgeon. With the help of surgical intervention, they correct the shape of the mouth, tighten the sagging nasolabial folds and give an increased volume with implants. If desired, using this method you can permanently change the appearance of only the lower, upper lip or make a full volume. There is a plastic lip augmentation of about 20-30 thousand rubles.

At home

Many believe that it is almost impossible to achieve a truly worthy result and get enlarged lips at home, but practice inexorably proves the opposite. Yes, the result will not be as pronounced as after surgery or permanent makeup, it will not last long and will require additional procedures, but an increase without surgery is still possible. Take note of the following options..


There are many devices on sale that help to increase lips for a while, but they all work in one of two variations:

  • Pumper pump. If you tried to glue a glass or a bottle to your mouth as a child, then you know how this device works. Pumps are available in the form of plastic cups or boxes. The final result will directly depend on the diameter of the diaper. The effect of the device is temporary.
  • Vacuum. The kit includes an ointment with essential oil of macadamia seeds and a pump with a special nozzle. The principle of operation is simple: the gel must be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the epidermis, then lean against the mouth of an arcuate nozzle and gently pull the pump up.



Giving classes only a few minutes a day, you can tighten the chin, increase the contours of the mouth, and make the muscles of the face elastic. Gymnastics consists of the following set of exercises:

  • Fish. Open your mouth and stretch your lips, then squeeze them tightly. Try to relax all other facial muscles. Repeat exercise 10 times.
  • Chewing gum. Close your mouth and move your lips left and right, and then draw the number 8 in the air. Repeat this complex 5 times.
  • Opera Artist. Take a deep breath, puff out your cheeks and through the half-closed lips, chant vowels. It is advisable to do such a chant 5-6 times.


If the effect is needed immediately, there is not enough time for exercises, and there is simply no special vacuum device, then lip cream, which increases the volume, will come to the rescue. You can buy this miracle cure in a pharmacy or in cosmetics stores. Typically, the tool contains:

  • Panthenol and vitamins to protect delicate skin from frostbite and wind.
  • A complex of essential oils – chamomile, sea buckthorn, calendula, coconut. They help increase skin elasticity, soften, smooth it, heal cracks.
  • Lanolin, collagen, polypeptide – increase the volume, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, promote cell regeneration.


For the most impatient, the cosmetics industry offers to try another option – “burning”. Lip balm with red pepper extract can literally increase blood flow in a matter of seconds. However, there is a significant minus – in the first minutes of application there is a slight discomfort. Using the tool, it is worth remembering contraindications and it is necessary to make a test smear on the arm. Increasing balm categorically does not fit:

  • people with hypersensitive skin;
  • if there are injuries on the lips: open wounds, ulcers, scratches, herpes;
  • allergy sufferers.


Hyaluronic acid

You can pump up lips with the help of contouring and special beauty injections. As a rule, drugs based on collagen, hyaluronic acid or own fat are used as a biopolymer. The last operation is called lipofilling and is considered the most popular, because losing weight a little in the hips, you can become the owner of a sexy mouth, as in the photo of Angelina Jolie.

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. First, all makeup is removed, and the surface of the epidermis is disinfected.
  2. The doctor then applies local anesthesia to reduce the pain effect..
  3. Using a thin needle syringe, the cosmetologist will pump the product under the skin in several places. Getting to the destination, the hyaluron begins to absorb moisture around itself, due to which the volume is pumped.
  4. There will be about 8 punctures in total, after which a pleasant massage awaits you, the purpose of which is to prevent the formation of granulomas.

After the increase itself, the cosmetologist will give several recommendations, the main of which include a ban on visiting the sauna, tanning bed, and makeup. The mouth film will not be covered, but bruises may appear, which quickly fade on their own. Remember that in a good clinic you must sign an agreement with you, give a cap or a cap where the name of the drug is written, discuss the dose administered and explain the possible risks.


The most pleasant, painless and useful products include cosmetic spa treatments. Try to prepare budget masks for lip augmentation at home, for example, from:

  • A piece of ginger. Peel the root of the outer protective layer and thoroughly chew. Apply the resulting mass, massage gently, leave for 3-5 minutes. After the procedure, do not forget to moisturize the skin with balm.
  • Olive oil, honey and cinnamon. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions, apply the mixture and rub with your fingertips. Then rinse the mass with warm water.
  • Lemon zest. Mash the zest, walk the resulting mass over the skin, as soon as you feel a slight tingling, rinse the mixture.

Folk remedies

There are several other options available to give your mouth the desired shape without injection and plastic surgery. Although they will not give a long-term effect, they will at least allow us to approach the ideal for a while. Lip augmentation with folk remedies is:

  • Scrub massage. Mix the crushed grains of wheat and honey, apply the mixture to the mouth and massage with your fingers. Strongly wrinkle the skin is not worth it.
  • The procedure is warm cold. Freeze water with chamomile, calendula or other herbs. Wrap an ice cube in a towel and run it along the contour of the mouth for 2 minutes. Then moisten the edge of the napkin in warm water and complete the procedure..
  • Menthol compresses. Apply menthol essential oil to a cotton pad, apply to lips and hold for 5-10 minutes.

Lemon zest


If you masterfully handle the brush, know how to apply the corrector and base under makeup evenly, you know the secrets of choosing the right shadows, then mastering tips on how to enlarge your lips with makeup will not be a serious problem for you. You will need the following: base, foundation, jar with balm, powder, pencil, lipstick and shine. Next is a technical matter:

  1. Apply the base on the entire face, and to cover minor skin imperfections – a light foundation.
  2. Using the corrector, circle and blend the outer borders. To increase the volume, draw a concealer under the nose with a dark shade.
  3. Cover your face with powder, leaving the area around your mouth intact.
  4. With a pencil, draw contour lines, apply a balm or lipstick base.
  5. Use your fingertips to softly blend overly visible borders..
  6. Wait 2-3 minutes, cover the lips with lipstick, slightly going beyond the contour to give the effect of an enlarged mouth. Apply shine.


Volume-increasing lip balms or lip glosses should always contain irritating or burning ingredients: cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, red pepper, menthol or capsaicin. Under the influence of these substances, blood rushes to the skin, and lips noticeably increase. The effect of such funds lasts about an hour, after which the application of gloss must be repeated.


As for lipstick, you should pay attention to products with the loud name “3D – effect”. They are based on two basic principles: deep skin nutrition and increased blood circulation. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and excipients such as honey, aloe vera, allantoin, and oils help to achieve this goal in cosmetics. It is imperative that lipstick that increases the volume of lips is satin, matte brands are absolutely not suitable for these purposes.

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