Lipo 6 – Nutrex Fat Burner Series: Composition and Application

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Not every person is able to lose weight with the help of diets and physical activity. Sometimes this is due to the characteristics of the body, sometimes the lack of willpower is to blame. Fat burners come to the rescue in this situation. One of the most famous of these tools is Lipo 6. It is worthwhile to talk more about what it is.

Lipo Fat Burner 6

The drug is available in the form of white capsules. The main principle of action of the fat burner Lipo 6 is that it stimulates increased calorie expenditure. It is produced by the American company Nutrex. The main advantages of Lipo six:

  1. Nutrex contains both dry and liquid components, which provides a long-term effect of fat burning. Lipo 6 has thermogenic properties (slightly increases body temperature). This also contributes to the active combustion of subcutaneous fat..
  2. Lipo 6 contains appetite suppressing ingredients.
  3. If you take the product during drying, it will stimulate the central nervous system and give energy.

Types of Lipo 6

There are several drug options in the Nutrex line. Types of Lipo 6:

  1. Steam free. Lipo 6, which does not contain components that excite the nervous system.
  2. RX. Lipo 6 is suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle..
  3. CLA. The composition of this drug Lipo 6 is completely different from the classic. Affects body fat metabolism.
  4. Carnitine. Lipo 6 tones, increases stamina. Contains carnitine.
  5. Black Ultra Concentrate. Lipo 6, containing an increased dosage of certain components. Ultra supplement can be taken by men and women who engage in sports on a professional level.
  6. Black Hers Ultra Concentrate. An analogue of the above drug Lipo 6 for women who are not professional athletes. Hers contains a reduced dosage of stimulants.
  7. Lipo6-X. The classic drug that first appeared on the market. Suppresses appetite, stimulates the production of hormones that reduce fat mass..
  8. Hers. An analogue of a classic drug that does not contain guggulsterones. It contains vitamins, less caffeine.
  9. Black Out of production. Contained geranium extract, vitamins, calcium.
  10. Unlimited As part of Unlimited, doubled doses of all components. It has the effect of increasing potency, improves mental activity.

Fat Burner Series Lipo 6

Instructions for use Lipo 6

So that the drug does not cause harm, you must definitely take it correctly. In the instructions for use of Lipo 6 you will find information about what is included in the composition, what is the schedule for taking the drug. Be sure to check out the list of contraindications and possible side effects. Only by carefully studying the instructions and following it, you can lose weight without causing harm to the body.

Lipo composition 6

The components due to which the drug gives one or another result should be listed. Depending on which version of the product you buy, Lipo 6 in various concentrations may include:

  1. Synephrine. Increases heat production, reduces appetite, makes a person more resilient. It provokes the production of adrenaline, which removes fatty acids from cells..
  2. Yohimbine. This is an aphrodisiac of plant origin. Stimulates fat burning by blocking the effects of certain recipes. Gives a state of mild arousal. Helps increase potency in men.
  3. DMAE. Improves brain function. Helps fight the stress associated with losing weight..
  4. Caffeine. Stimulates the nervous system and speeds up the metabolism.
  5. Thyroid stimulants. Contribute to natural fat burning.
  6. Bioperin. An antioxidant that normalizes insulin levels..

Lipo 6 application

What determines the effect of the drug? As a result of applying Lipo 6, people become more active, and movement is the best way to lose weight. The drug should be taken daily. How to drink Lipo 6:

  1. Take the first capsule in the morning.
  2. After lunch, they drink two more..
  3. On the days for which the training is scheduled, it is recommended to take lunch capsules just before the session.
  4. Weighing over 55 kilograms in the morning, drink 2 tablets. Dose for lunch – 2 pieces.
  5. The course of admission is two weeks. Then a break is made for 7 days. After use, you can resume.

Taking the drug, you should play sports and adhere to a low-carb diet, otherwise everything will be in vain. The energy that the capsules will give you needs to be spent somewhere. If you do not spend it on training, fat will not go anywhere. Who should drink Lipo 6:

  1. Too Overweight People.
  2. Girls and women preparing to compete in a fitness bikini or just wanting to put their figure in order by the summer.
  3. Professional athletes who want to increase training productivity.

Lipo Capsules

Side effects of Lipo 6

The body can react unusually to any drug. Side effects of Lipo 6 include:

  • dizziness and jumps in pressure in the first days of admission;
  • overexcitation;
  • apathy;
  • digestion problems;
  • shiver;
  • a feeling of constriction in the chest;
  • headache;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • nausea.

Contraindications Lipo 6

There are categories of people who are forbidden to drink the drug. Lipo 6 is not so much contraindications. It can not be used:

  1. During pregnancy.
  2. People with hypertension and arrhythmia.
  3. Children under 18.
  4. With diabetes.
  5. Those with kidney problems.
  6. When breastfeeding.
  7. Lipo 6 and alcohol are incompatible. If you are taking the drug, absolutely refuse alcohol.

The pregnant girl lies on a sofa

How to take Lipo 6

The body of each person is individual. This must be considered when choosing the version of the drug that you plan to use. Before taking Lipo 6, it is advisable to consult a doctor regarding the absence of contraindications. Some variations of the drug are more suitable for women, others for men. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of your physical activity and the final goal of admission.

Lipo 6 for women

Not all products in the line are equally good for the fairer sex. Lipo 6 options for women:

  1. Hers. The drug provides stable weight loss and burns fat directed in problem areas of women. Capsules tone up, improve mood. They accelerate metabolic processes and reduce appetite. In addition, the drug contributes to the breakdown of adipose tissue and increase stamina..
  2. Black Hers. The drug is aimed at burning fat tissue and does not allow it to accumulate.
  3. Black Hers Ultra Concentrate. The drug stimulates the thyroid gland and nervous system, destroys subcutaneous fat in problem areas. It is a concentrate of active substances.

Women taking the drug are not allowed to drink alcohol, because the heart will be subject to increased stress. Capsules cannot be combined with other fat-burning complexes. The dosage should be gradually increased from two tablets (morning and afternoon) to four. Drink them with a small amount of water. After seven days of admission, be sure to take a week break.

Lipo 6 for men

Representatives of the stronger sex are suitable for all products of the line, including those listed in the section above. Lipo 6 for men is very effective and is considered one of the best fat burners. It acts quickly and continuously. According to numerous positive reviews of men, after taking the first capsule, appetite suppression begins. Using the drug, you need to fill the diet with low-calorie foods and play sports. So in a month will be able to lose up to 6 kg.

Capsules Lipo 6 Black

Doctors reviews about Lipo 6

For each person who cares about their health, it is important to take into account the opinions of experts regarding a particular drug before choosing it. Reviews of doctors about Lipo 6 are mixed. The drug really helps to lose weight, but the frequency of side effects, especially in the first days of use, is alarming. Most specialists recommend discontinuing use if discomfort and well-being do not go away for more than a week..

Price for Lipo 6

You can buy the drug in the online store, order in the catalog of sports nutrition suppliers. The cost of each product line is different. The price of Lipo 6 depends on the number of capsules in the package. The cost of 60 tablets is from 500 to 1200 rubles. The price of 90 capsules varies from 680 to 1400 rubles. For 120 tablets, you can pay from 830 to 2500 rubles. A volume of 240 capsules will cost up to 4,500 rubles. The most expensive products will be Black Hers Ultra Concentrate, Nutrex Research Labs, Lipo-6 RX, Rapid Weight Loss, Maximum Strength and Nutrex Research Labs Lipo6 Black Extreme Potency.

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