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A slender, fit figure is the cherished dream of every girl. According to reviews, losing weight with Gillian Michaels in 30 days helps to achieve impressive results provided that the basic requirements of the program are strictly observed: proper balanced nutrition and a special training regimen. Find out how, having gone through 3 levels of this universal technique, you can get an ideal body in just a month.

Who is Gillian Michaels

This amazing woman is a successful fitness trainer. The experience of Jillian Michaels is valuable in that she personally went through all the stages of losing weight and developed her own weight loss system. Her youthful passion for fitness turned into work over time. The trainer is constantly improving, brings something new to the program. 30 days of losing weight with Gillian Michaels is guaranteed to help you lose weight. At the same time, using training records you can save time and money, which is also important.

Gillian Michaels Programs

The trainer claims that almost everyone can get a perfect body in 30 days. The only thing you need to determine is which Gillian Michaels program meets all your individual characteristics. Among the video courses for losing weight of this trainer, you can find classes on yoga, Pilates, aerobics, gymnastics and other sports, which only confirms the high professional level of Gillian.

It is important to note that at the moment, Michaels has developed several comprehensive weight loss programs for 30, 60 and 90 days, as well as many special courses aimed at correcting certain problem areas of the body – thighs, abdomen, buttocks. The following video courses for weight loss are most popular with proponents of the Gillian approach:

  • “Flat stomach in 6 weeks”;
  • “Slim figure in 30 days”;
  • “Killer of the hips and buttocks”;
  • “No to problem areas”.Jillian michaels

Slim figure in 30 days

Jill perfectly understands how the body functions, so she insistently encourages her followers to work hard. It is difficult to get a slim figure in 30 days, but everything is real, provided that the person is sufficiently motivated to lose weight. Going all the way from start to finish, Gillian, like no other, is able to convey the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. The practice of the trainer shows that the right motivation largely determines the success of the weight loss program..

Lose Weight in 30 Days with Gillian Michaels

The indicated course includes a very successful combination of strength and cardio training. At the same time, losing weight with Gillian Michaels for 30 days is based on the use of fitness as the main tool for weight loss. For beginners, the coach advises preparing the body for future loads long before the main stage of the program. Gillian Michaels believes that weight loss in 30 days should occur in 3 stages with a duration of 10 days each.

1st level

Followers of Gillian Michaels argue that the initial phase of the program is the most difficult. The first stage assumes that the body will prepare for subsequent physical exertion and weight loss. According to the terms of the Gillian Michaels program, Level 1 includes daily classes for half an hour a day, and it does not matter what time of day or night they are performed. The training consists of three approaches of 8 minutes each, which involve the implementation of a complex consisting of the following exercises:

  • lunges with weight;
  • push ups;
  • squats
  • jumps;
  • abdominal exercises.

2nd level

Each subsequent stage of the weight loss program differs from the previous one only in the intensity of training. In accordance with the findings of Gillian Michaels, Level 2 is designed to destroy excess body fat and prepare it for a set of muscle mass. It is worth saying that in the second stage, pain after exercise is amplified. However, by the end of this phase, the discomfort goes away, and the muscles begin to require more serious loads. At the second stage, the previously indicated complex is supplemented by the exercise “bar”.

3rd level

The last phase of the program requires maximum stamina. According to Gillian Michaels, Level 3 helps to completely get rid of the “former body” and lifestyle. At the last stage of losing weight, it becomes easier to do, which is explained by the approaching finale of the program. Along with this, training is so exhausting that some even give up, desperate to complete the course. The complex of the third level includes the following exercises:

  • push-ups in the bar;
  • squats
  • side bar;
  • running with dumbbells;
  • wide leg jumping.Jillian Michaels is training

Gillian Michaels Diet Day Menu

When compiling a complete diet, it is important to consider the metabolic rate. For people with a slow metabolism, Gillian recommends complex carbohydrates for weight loss. Persons with a rapid metabolic reaction should focus on protein foods. It should be borne in mind that the need for calories and the speed of metabolic processes change during the course. For this reason, it makes no sense to make a menu for the entire period of weight loss. The author of the methodology advises to come up with options for dishes for 3-5 days. Meanwhile, the short menu for the days of the Gillian Michaels diet is reflected in the table below:

Program day



Snack (afternoon snack)



2 eggs in any form, whole grain bread toast, green tea

Chicken Salad with Avocado and Mango


Homemade whole grain pizza with feta cheese, tomato and red onion


Oatmeal with fruits and nuts, sugar free tea

Chickpea porridge

Banana Apple Smoothie

Chicken saute


Light fat-free cottage cheese, a glass of berries

Grilled veal with corn as a side dish

Mozzarella cheese, pear

Baked chicken breast in lemon honey sauce


Boiled chicken sausage with baked potato

Pita with mozzarella, red onion, tomato, spinach

Green apple, hard boiled egg

Burrito with chicken and red beans

A.Fruit salad

Novice athletes often quit training due to a lack of visible results. Unlike such techniques, the program developed by Gillian has established itself as an effective system for losing weight. An important point is that the trainer places particular emphasis on stabilizing weight after completing an intensive monthly training course. An additional bonus is the fact that Gillian Michaels during the lessons shares his observations and discoveries in the field of fitness and healthy eating. Check out this unique course..

30 days with Gillian Michaels Level 1

30 days with Gillian Michaels Level 2

Gillian Michaels 30 days Level 3

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