Non-invasive and injection carboxytherapy procedure – description, indications and contraindications

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Many modern women, if they wish to suspend the natural process of skin aging, are ready to carry out any aesthetic procedures, and one of such carboxytherapy – what is it, a knowledgeable cosmetologist will tell. This is a unique opportunity to stay at the same age, while the sessions are not particularly painful, do not require long-term rehabilitation. Carbon therapy in cosmetology is considered an innovation, and a photo of women after a course of procedures pleasantly pleases.

What is carboxytherapy

In fact, these are progressive anti-aging procedures based on the interaction of carbon dioxide with dermal cells. The main goal of this purpose is the productive expansion of blood vessels, an increase in the flow of oxygen to the cells, and the fight against stress reactions of the body. To activate this internal effect, liquid carbon dioxide is injected under the skin, but it is dosed. Painful sensations are minimal, but the desired result is almost instant – after carboxytherapy, the skin acquires a natural glow, becomes smooth and toned.

Indications and contraindications

Non-injection carboxytherapy helps to productively eliminate a number of aesthetic skin problems, while not harming one’s health. If there is an opportunity to take an anti-aging course, do not refuse it, all the more the list of contraindications is minimal. Especially appropriate is the appointment of carboxytherapy in the following clinical cases:

  • increased flabbiness of the skin;
  • skin stretch marks, including postpartum;
  • signs of cellulitis of varying degrees;
  • the presence of age spots on the skin;
  • increased dryness of the skin;
  • the appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • hair loss;
  • the appearance of a vascular pattern;
  • the appearance of dark circles under the eyes;
  • deep scars on the body.

Before giving consent to such an aesthetic procedure, it is additionally required to familiarize yourself with existing medical contraindications, which, if violated, worsen the condition and appearance of the upper layer of the epidermis. So, carbohydrate dioxide is dangerous for dermis and health in the following clinical pictures:

  • angina attacks;
  • heart failure;
  • recent myocardial infarction, stroke;
  • chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, lungs;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • epilepsy;
  • periods of pregnancy, lactation.

Girl with freckles on her face.


With skin sagging, a cosmetic defect can be productively eliminated if non-invasive carboxytherapy is involved, as a modern method of dealing with many aesthetic problems of the dermis. The effect of carbon dioxide depends on the type of skin, the nature of the inflammation. Among the main advantages of conducting carboxytherapy sessions, the following points are required:

  • injection skin rejuvenation is safe for health;
  • lack of toxic effects on the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • the ability to combine several aesthetic techniques at once;
  • pronounced antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect on certain areas of the skin;
  • correspondence of the proposed method to any type of skin.

Basic principles

The final result depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist and the use of high-quality injection drugs. The approach to esthetic problems is purely individual, but the principle of carboxytherapy is as follows: carbon dioxide activates the production of oxyhemoglobin, which is responsible for the regeneration of affected tissues at the cellular level. This technique is a worthy alternative to facial mesotherapy, provides noticeable external transformations after completing the first course in a beauty salon.

Varieties of carboxytherapy

Before agreeing to such a modern way of rejuvenation, you need to contact a dermatologist and a local therapist, to eliminate the risk of medical contraindications and side effects. It is important to avoid negative consequences for health and appearance in the future. If you additionally turn to a competent cosmetologist, you can find out in detail what types of carboxytherapy exist, and what are their main differences, disadvantages and advantages.

Non invasive

This is the first kind of carboxytherapy, the main task of which is exposure to carbon dioxide with further normalization of the local blood circulation of individual sections of the dermis and ensuring the outflow of accumulated fluid. The introduction of a needle is not required, since carbon dioxide is contained in special cosmetic masks that are applied externally. After the first session of carboxytherapy, the following changes for the better – beauty and youth:

  • strengthening the muscular skeleton and skin;
  • elimination of small wrinkles and large folds on the face;
  • improving the texture of the skin;
  • minimal risk of infection and inflammation of the skin due to the absence of injections;
  • the elimination of pronounced signs of skin pigmentation.

Girl do non-invasive carboxytherapy


This form of carboxytherapy is useful for patients with severe signs of skin aging. Injections are injected deep into the skin, providing a rapid interaction of carbon dioxide with respecting tissues of the dermis. The cosmetic effect, unlike non-invasive carboxytherapy, is more rapid, since injections are performed deep into the skin, productively penetrate the systemic circulation. The procedure should only be performed by a qualified specialist, and under sterile conditions, in order to avoid infection.

The advantages of “needles” in carboxytherapy are as follows:

  • fat removal;
  • effective face lifting;
  • correction of scars;
  • steady and long-lasting anti-aging effect;
  • stretch marks removal.

How is the session going

If carboxytherapy injections are to be used, the patient must understand that the procedure is carried out in several stages. First of all, the cosmetologist studies the individual characteristics of the skin, collects anamnesis data and clarifies the wishes of the client. At the same time, it gives valuable recommendations on the topic of which rejuvenation method is the most effective in a particular case. After high-quality preparation, here are the recommended steps:

  1. The doctor selects a dose of carbon dioxide, controls the pressure indicator.
  2. Additionally uses local anesthesia.
  3. Introduces a thin but durable needle into problem areas, releases medicine.
  4. The number of sessions is selected individually, varies within 4-12 sessions.

Carboxytherapy for the face

As for the face, it is advisable to choose light procedures with a minimum list of contraindications. If you use a special mask, you have to wait a long time for the result, and you will not be able to achieve the final effect quickly. It is necessary to apply a rejuvenating composition to the surface of the dermis, to process every millimeter. After such high-quality processing, positive dynamics is monitored after the completion of the first session.

Girl with clean skin

Carboxytherapy at home

Carboxygenotherapy can be used at home, but with the participation of a certified cosmetologist who is well acquainted with the proposed technique of rejuvenation. It is important not to remotely touch on the indicated topic, but also to clearly know how to make injections, to what depth the needle is inserted. It all depends on the direction in which the specialist will fruitfully work. So:

  1. For rejuvenation and lifting, in order to stimulate the production of collagen, the needle should be inserted to a depth of 1-2 mm. Peeling will also be useful.
  2. Carboxytherapy for obesity and cellulite is injected to a depth of 4-8 mm to stimulate the outflow of stagnant fluid..
  3. To remove scars and ugly stretch marks, the needle should be driven to a depth of 6 mm, and spend up to 12 sessions.
  4. In case of hair loss, the penetration depth of the carboxytherapy injection should not exceed 2 mm.
  5. When dark circles appear under the eyes, it is better not to buy injections, but to use a special mask based on carboxytherapy.

Results after carboxytherapy

Changes in appearance begin to be observed after 1-2 sessions, but the patient must undergo a cosmetic course to the end. On average, it is 3-5 procedures, but the rejuvenation process can be delayed for a month – up to 15 sessions. The cosmetologist suggests performing this procedure twice a year, considering that the best frequency of sessions is autumn, spring. Even liposuction with excess mass is not required, since a light dietary effect is also provided. The area of ​​problem areas on the skin is already reduced by 2-3 sessions.

Possible complications

Carboxytherapy is not the safest procedure, as it can cause unpleasant health problems. Therefore, before agreeing to undergo such progressive sessions, the cosmetologist suggests not only familiarizing yourself with the benefits of carboxytherapy, but also carefully examining the hidden pitfalls. Potential complications are presented below, and their existence is important not to forget in the pursuit of eternal beauty and youth. It:

  • allergic reactions in certain areas of the skin;
  • heaviness in the limbs;
  • heat attacks.

Such anomalies during the course of carboxytherapy are temporary in nature, however, when they appear on an ongoing basis, it is necessary to adjust the dosage, additionally focus the attention of the cosmetologist on such an unpleasant moment. If the patient is faced with complications, it is advisable to refuse further use of this anti-aging agent, look for a safer alternative.

The manifestation of an allergy on the face


The cost of carboxytherapy is not available to everyone, so before going to the cosmetology office, you really need to evaluate your financial capabilities. Prices are different, but finding injections on free sale is very problematic. Cheaper and faster to order ampoules via the Internet, in addition, a quality guarantee is attached. Prices in Moscow and not only are detailed below with the name of pharmacies.

Name of pharmacy

Price, rubles

Professional Center for Healthy Back and Joints

From 4,000

Family Center

From 3 600

Center for Modern Cosmetology Remake

From 2,500

Photos before and after carboxytherapy

Photo of a woman before and after carboxytherapy

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