Oil-based Arab perfumes – how to choose by composition, aroma, plume and cost

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In the modern perfumery market, products from eastern countries are gaining great popularity. You can buy Arab oil-based perfumes, such as Rehab, Manar and others, in many stores in Moscow and other cities of Russia, on Internet portals. This perfume is persistent and rich spicy aroma that attracts many women and men..

What is arabic perfume

Since the Muslim culture does not tolerate the use of alcohol when creating perfumes, oils are used to produce aromas. An alternative ingredient is wax, on the basis of which dry products are produced. The sound of aroma on the body depends on many factors. For example, if you apply such a perfume to parts of the body in which the pulse is felt, the smell will open brighter. It is recommended to combine oriental perfume with the wearing of natural fabrics – so the aroma will be more pleasant.

Elite oriental perfume compositions have a number of features. They do not need to be applied only to the body. Some people prefer to use it to add a smell to linen. To do this, open packaging of solid products is left in the cabinet. For application, a special stick is used, which must be dipped in liquid, then greased the skin. Among the main advantages of such perfumes are the following:

  • stick on the skin for a long time due to the oily base;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • are considered more economical, since a few drops are enough to create a gentle loop;
  • can be stored for a long period of time;
  • do not remove the individual smell of a person, but create a new fragrance in combination with it.

Such a perfume also has disadvantages. Because of the oily ingredients, the aroma is more discreet than alcohol-based products. Some consumers have noted the tendency of such products to heavy flavors. Oily skin is constantly felt. Plus, since the bottle has to be opened each time before use, aromatic properties are lost over time, the smell will disappear.

Oriental perfume

Best arabic perfume

The most popular oriental fragrances are produced in the United Arab Emirates. Manufacturers are trying to preserve ancient traditional technologies, recipes. When creating such products, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, musk, bergamot oil, green rose, grapefruit are used. The following brands of perfumes are in greatest demand: Amuazh, Sultan, Al Rehab, Arba Vardat, Nura, Barak, Pyramids.

Arab perfume Al Rehab

This manufacturer has long established itself in the market of perfumery products. Al Rehab is located in Saudi Arabia. In its assortment there are several types of aromas. Perfume Blank has a refreshing smell of cardamom, grapefruit, rosemary. The basis of Secret Lady includes fruity and floral notes with a hint of vanilla. Laveli – a bright product with the aroma of citrus, spring flowers, wood. Musk Oud fragrance is suitable for both men and women. This perfume is incredibly sensual, presentable. He gives:

  • Musk
  • oud (from the resin of the tree of aquilaria);
  • incense;
  • geraniums;
  • citruses.

Fragrance Nur

Perfume is produced based on natural ingredients. The aroma contains notes of berries, ylang-ylang, musk, bergamot, summer fruits and freshness of herbal plants. The product is very feminine, sensual. Suitable for lovers of an active rhythm of life. The aroma is held on the body for about three days. With daily use, a small bottle is enough for a year and a half.

Oriental fragrance Dalal

Dalal is considered a unisex product. The smell is gentle, sweet, noble. The composition includes fresh flowers, orange, caramel, sandalwood. It belongs to the woody group of aromas. This perfume product is considered one of the most popular among Arab perfumes. Since the product is very concentrated, you can apply only a couple of drops to create a warm trail of this wonderful smell. If, after application, drip water onto the skin, the aroma will be more open.

Dalal Perfume

Arba Vardat

This solid feminine fragrance blows shades of jasmine, rose, bergamot, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood. Suitable for daily use. The smell is discreet, soft. Consumers of these spirits note their special persistence, saturation. The composition includes natural oils with aphrodisiac properties. The product will be a great option for sensual, emotional women..

Male smell Manar

This fragrance is a great variety of solid oily perfumes. It has a woody base and notes of spices, musk. The composition smells of natural honey products, spices, caramel. This set of ingredients mixes into an exotic, pleasant scent. A small amount of this product on the skin creates an extraordinary pleasant trail.

Oil Perfume Ruh Altib

These expensive perfumes have multifaceted qualities. They include the simplicity of meadow grasses, astringency of wood and extracts of exotic flowers. The base notes are spices and green melon, the top notes are amber, chamomile and jasmine flowers. This aroma is recommended to be applied immediately after taking a bath so that the aroma supplements the natural body odor. The train is elegant and rich.

Choko musk fragrance

This aroma is very sweet, warm and intense. It clearly shows notes of chocolate, musk, rose, cinnamon. Emphasizes the smell of shades of oriental spices and spices. Suitable for any time of the year. These perfumes will be appreciated by lovers of vanilla desserts and chocolate cakes. The aroma is very concentrated, so you can apply 1-2 drops.

Which Arab perfumes are the most persistent and train

All Arab perfumes are highly resistant. The use of natural essential oils makes them not only suitable for long-term wear, but also very economical. Among the most persistent, such brands as Ajwa, Maila, Kamar, Maaruf, Banafjaj Knight are noted. Oil perfumes have a very mild aroma, they can not boast of a distinctive spirit characteristic of perfumes based on alcohol. The bright aroma is distinguished by Nura, Dalal, Sultan, Manar and many other oil perfumes from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.

Perfume Camar

How to choose

Arab perfumes are presented in a wide assortment. In order not to make a mistake in choosing and not to buy artificial perfumes, it is important to take into account a number of nuances. It is recommended that you purchase these items in a reliable store with a good reputation. So you can buy an original high-quality perfume product. When choosing a perfume, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • It is important to study the composition of the perfume. If the base notes are composed of natural amber and musk oils, the product will be more persistent. Sensual products are created on the basis of violet, saffron, and green oils. Fruit notes give the products a heady smell. Citruses and bergamot make them more tender and fresh..
  • If possible, it is necessary to apply 1-2 drops to the part of the body where the pulse is felt. A true perfume aroma will only be revealed in a few minutes, when a sharp surface smell disappears.
  • When choosing, you can build on the design of the package and bottle. Soft, fresh products are poured into bottles of pastel colors with a minimal amount of decor. Dark catchy bottles indicate a rich concentrated, heavy aroma. Oriental perfumes with bright spicy notes can be bought by choosing catchy bottles with rhinestones and flower designs. This approach is useful when purchasing perfume online..
  • When purchasing products through the online store of Arab perfumes, it is important to pay attention to the cost, composition and reviews. Comments of other consumers can not only be useful in choosing, but also teach how to use the product and properly store it.


Perfumes from the UAE are available in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. You can buy oriental perfumes in retail stores or order online, where they are sold very cheaply. When ordering the goods online, they receive the goods by mail or pick them up on their own by meeting with the courier. Perfumery compositions are sold in minutes. You must fill out an order form, indicate your details, pay for the goods.

You can buy oriental perfumes in Moscow stores at the prices indicated in the table:

Name of perfume Lower price mark, p. Upper price mark, p.
Nura, 12 ml 1550 2200
Dalal, 6 ml 170 300
Sultan, 12 ml 1090 2400
Arba Vardat, 30 ml 2429 3204
Manar, 45 ml 2200 2550
Choko Musk, 6 ml 170 300
Camar, 15 ml 1900 2370
Lady’s Secret, 6 ml 170 300
Laveli, 6 ml 170 300
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