Orthodox slimming prayers – texts of the most effective from overeating and gluttony

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Sometimes we are not able to control our desires. For help one can always turn to the Lord in prayer, repenting of weaknesses. Whatever the matter, sincere faith in the Almighty gives strength to us, mere mortals. Prayer for weight loss, which among Orthodox Christians is considered a powerful effective tool, will help get rid of such a sin as gluttony..

Strong Slimming Prayer

Before you begin cleansing the spirit and losing weight with prayers, you need to tune in. The meaning of words addressed to the great martyrs helps this. Not a single conspiracy or prayer will work if you do not listen to them, pronounce insincerely, and even more skeptically. The power of a word should begin with a desire to change one’s intentions regarding food. Then there will be a prayer for weight loss from the heart, will help you tune in a new way without overeating. The two most powerful prayers are pronounced with the help of the moon and water..

Into the water

Among believers, water has always been considered a powerful miracle cure. Therefore, she was consecrated, and various prayers and prayers were read to her. Water has its own energy field, which can be charged in a certain way, both positively and negatively. It saves the information that we invest in it, absorbs our thoughts, emotions. Hence the effectiveness of those prayers that are based on water. People also associate their hopes of curbing hunger and losing weight with water. Here are the most effective methods:

  • Prayer for water for weight loss. Read only on running water. It can be pronounced whenever you wash your hands, wash your face or take a shower, but not a bath: “Fat, fat comes out of my body”.

  • Prayer for losing weight on holy water. Buy 3 candles and water in the church. In the evening, after sunset, light candles, take a glass of water in your hands, read these words three times: “Rough water, flow here and there, you don’t run, help me. Take my weight and run away with it. Water, water, not my misfortune, take the trouble, I will not find grief. Amen, amen, amen “.

Girl with a glass of water in hand

To the waning moon

The moon has a powerful effect in the fight against various ailments. Read prayers is recommended while descending. It is believed that all the processes in question will also decline at this time. One of the most powerful prayers is pronounced with a glass of water in the hand, which doubles its strength. Late in the evening, draw water from the tap, exit to the balcony or stand in front of the wide-open window so that the moon is visible. Look at it as if soaked in light, keep the glass at chest level. If the sky is cloudy, peer into the water, say a prayer 9 times, then drink to the bottom:

Waning Crescent –

Me for weight loss,

Beautiful horns to the moon –

I have a slim body.

My word.

Thy Moon affair.

Who to pray to lose weight

Scripture teaches people to deal with gluttony in two ways: by resisting their passion and Christian prayers for weight loss, which will give strength in this to control oneself. Mother of God, Savior, your saint will certainly help. There are several more martyrs whose help in solving the problem of losing weight is considered very strong. It is best to pray in a church or in front of an icon of a saint.

Irinarkh Rostovsky

During his life, Irinarkh of Rostov voluntarily condemned himself to grievous torment, but found the strength to pray and help the suffering all the time. After death, many miracles happened near the grave of the martyr: the sick were healed there, so you can devote appeals to him about the fight against fullness, gluttony:

“Oh, the Great Servant of God and the glorious miracle-creator, reverend to our Father Irinarshe! Look at us sinners, in our sorrow and in our circumstances, zealously crying out to you, and on the chaos along the Bose, all our hope rests upon us. We ask you with tenderness for many: by your intercession to the Lord God, ask us for peace, prosperity, brotherly love, fruitful lands, air comfort, rains are good and temporary, and from above our blessing for all endeavors.

Deliver all of us with your holy prayers from all troubles: gladness, hail, flood, fire, sword, worm, corrupting winds, deadly sores and unnecessary deaths. And in all our sorrows wake us a comforter and helper, preserving us from the fall of sin and likening the heirs to the beings of the Kingdom of Heaven. May we glorify, together with you, all the good of the Giver, the Trienedago of God, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen!”

Fresco by Irinarch of Rostov

Gabriel Zyryanov

Saint Gabriel Zyryanov was a complete but good-natured man who made fun of his own weight. Over the course of his life, the old man fell to many diseases that he managed to defeat with prayers, so people began to turn to Gabriel as a mentor, an assistant in the fight against their ailments, including obesity. Prayer text:

“O our reverend and God-blessing, our pious old man Gabriel praised the glory and righteous fathers! In the days of your earthly life in the Savior and the Theotokos abodes, there are many who have set the right path on the right path, give a helping hand to the fallen, give mercy and compassion to the former and new Holy Martyrs Church educated! You are now, blissful older, in a heavenly dwelling abode, more than multiplying your love for us, your sinful and unworthy children of yours, tempted by malice, despondency and unrighteousness.

For the sake of it, we fall to your celibar relics and humbly pray to thee: do not keep silent for us to the Lord and do not despise us, by faith and love, those who honor thee and understand your holy memory, be us quick assistant in all sorrows, troubles and adversities, observe us from all visible and invisible enemy, get rid of the clouds of passions from us and enlighten our eyes of mediocrity, seek us mental and bodily health, do not forget us at the hour of our death, we will humbly demand the most of your intercession.

Ask us from the Lord our God in peace and repentance to finish our stomach, get rid of matyrism and eternal torment and be compared to the kingdom of heaven with you and your children, spiritual in their suffering, who have received incorruptible crowns, and with all saints who have been pleasing to the Lord and our God from time immemorial Jesus Christ is appropriate for Him, all honor and worship, with His Fatherless Father and with the Most Holy and Good, and His Life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Girl is praying

Matron of Moscow

The Holy Old Lady lived a righteous life, helping all those suffering, setting a vivid example that prayer is the best way to deal with any adversity. Here is a strong prayer from overeating and gluttony: “Blessed Staritsa, Matrona of Moscow. Forgive me the sin of gluttony, help me cope with the temptation of the flesh. Give me fast satiety, reduce the damned obesity. As I drank a sip of water, I just won’t want a lot of food. Let it be so. Amen”.

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