Peas for weight loss – is it possible to eat it on a diet, how it is useful

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Plant products, according to nutritionists, are required to be on the daily menu if a person follows his figure. This is especially true for the bean group. However, what is the use of peas for weight loss and when it can be harmful to health, few people understand. How many calories are in this product, how to correctly introduce it into the diet, and is there a difference between fresh and canned peas when losing weight?

Is it possible to eat peas when losing weight

The main parameters that determine the ban on a particular product during the diet, or the permission to use it, are calorie content, BJU and glycemic index. Everything is ambiguous here, primarily in the issue of calorie content:

  • dry peas – 298 kcal;
  • fresh / frozen – 72 kcal.

At the same time, the glycemic index also fluctuates as the state of the product changes:

  • for fresh peas, the GI is 50 units;
  • for dried – 25 units.

These 2 nuances create contradictions in the reviews of nutritionists, therefore they recommend eating peas for weight loss with less activity than other vegetables. In defense of this representative of legumes, BJUs play – there is a lot of protein (5.4 g), which can partially make up for the deficiency of this element when refusing meat and fish, and fats are almost completely absent. Carbohydrates are 14.5 g. In addition, it should be clarified that this is a nutritious product that can be quickly saturated, and the body will not experience a lack of strength during physical exertion if weight loss is carried out with peas.Fresh peas and pea soup

Diet peas

The methods of losing weight using this bean are distinguished by the relative balance of the diet – the body does not suffer from a deficiency of vitamins, and the person does not lose muscle mass, as when trying to lose weight on cabbage, cucumbers, etc. It is close to meat in terms of amino acid composition, which is appreciated by vegetarians. However, peas have a serious minus, especially relevant for dry grains – this is a burden on the digestive tract, so losing weight with it is forbidden for diseases:

  • liver
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • blood vessels (mainly thrombophlebitis).

To maximize the absorption of peas on a diet, doctors advise eating with greens (parsley and dill will reliably avoid flatulence), and if you use dry grains, you will need to cook them until they are completely softened when they are easily pierced with a fork. It is not worth combining green peas with other legumes when losing weight: firstly, the dish will cease to be low-calorie, and secondly, this will negatively affect the process of digesting food.

Pea diet for weight loss

You can meet this product in such well-known systems as the Kremlin one, and in more “popular” ones, which suggest an optional modification of a healthy diet with an unreasonable reduction in calorie content. A simple pea diet, which can be seen in open sources, involves the classic rejection of junk food and the replacement of lunch or dinner with any pea dish. Not fried, without fat, but otherwise there are no restrictions – soup, casserole, meatballs, porridge or salad. For weight loss, it is important to eat peas daily..

An approximate menu for such a diet:

  • Oatmeal, which was cooked on the water, as a breakfast. Allowed to add a handful of nuts.
  • Pea puree, soup or salad (sprouted peas are suitable here), in which you can use other vegetables, excluding potatoes – for lunch.
  • Kefir (glass) or protein omelet (2 eggs without yolks) for dinner.

In between, you can have a snack with fruits, moreover, even bananas are not prohibited, but for a day – only 1 pc. Duration of weight loss – a week. According to reviews, the system works well, but the evening meal is not nutritious at all, so it provokes a breakdown. From the same reviews, you can find out that the quality of the body for such a short period is almost unchanged, and weight loss is from 1 to 4 kg During pregnancy, this option for weight loss is prohibited..

Is it possible to eat canned peas on a diet

The chemical composition of the products, which underwent special processing for long-term storage, vary greatly from fresh ones, especially if the process was a factory one. From this position, the degree of their benefit is reduced. No exception and canned peas, which receive a large dose of salt, known for its ability to retain fluid and slow down the rate of weight loss. However, canned peas during weight loss are not completely prohibited – they are only limited, after all, minus salt, it remains the same (if there is no “chemistry” in the composition). Calorie canned peas – 55 kcal.

Fresh peas

Is it possible to lose weight on pea porridge

To figure out if you will become fat from eating such a simple Russian dish as pea porridge is possible only after studying a specific recipe. In the most classic version, where only water and peas are present, there are even short-term diets, according to which 200 grams of this dish should be eaten for each of the 4 meals. Pea porridge during weight loss requires a long cooking, so that the peas become very soft, otherwise they are poorly digested. Soaking the central product is also long, but this is the only drawback of this diet.

The benefits of pea porridge for the body, especially for losing weight, are invaluable:

  • it is nutritious, but not too high in calories;
  • it is well tolerated even in the presence of mental stress during weight loss;
  • pacifies hunger for a long time, since it is a complex carbohydrate;
  • Helps build muscle
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • removes fluid, because it has a diuretic property.

Pea puree for weight loss

A good dish for those who want to adjust the figure, nutritionists call a simple pea puree, which goes well with vegetable salads, noting the need to come up with something meat for a long saturation. Pea puree for weight loss is almost the same porridge, only at the final stage boiled grains need to be crushed: you can use a blender or a special metal hole pusher for mashed potatoes. You can freeze this dish if you wish..

For proper pea puree, which will help you lose weight, you need:

  • do without salt, but you can put black pepper;
  • pour dry peas with water before cooking for at least 3 hours;
  • choose a cast iron pan or just with very thick walls;
  • do not add oil;
  • use dill (seeds can be used).

Pea mash

Is it possible to eat pea soup while losing weight

A very useful dish for everyone who is scared to get better is a simple (!) Soup based on fresh or chopped peas, which is cooked with carrots and onions, but without the usual potatoes. Leave recipes with smoked meats and other meat supplements for the period “after losing weight”, because they have an overwhelming calorie content. You can even spend an unloading day on the dietary version of the soup, but it’s better to just enter it into the diet as a lunch option.

Pea soup during weight loss will work for the good of the figure, if you master the correct cooking:

  • It is advisable to refuse frying (standardly carrots and onions), but if there is an urgent need, cook it with olive oil.
  • If you want to thicken the soup, but not to prevent weight loss, use … pea flour. You can buy ready-made or chop dry peas with a coffee grinder.
  • Without animal protein, life is not sweet for you? You can use the broth instead of water, but when you lose weight it is cooked on a piece of chicken / turkey fillet.
  • For satiety, you can put a tablespoon of brown rice in pea soup.
  • Try to chop the pea soup complementary vegetables very finely.

Pea soup

The rollers collected in this section will help you understand what the proper heat treatment of peas should be, how long to cook it under the lid and without. Experts will tell you what the benefits of green peas are and to whom it is not recommended, how to lose weight when this product is included in the diet and which diet dishes based on peas give the most obvious result..

The benefits and harms of peas

Pea Puree Puree

Weight Loss Soup

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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