Perfume with pheromones for men and women – the principle of action and composition, a review of perfumes with prices and photos

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Smells play an important role in nature, because the sense of smell is an indispensable feeling that helps living things to know and appreciate the world around them. At the end of the last century, the secret of natural sex drive was revealed: the human body produces special volatile substances that help attract the opposite sex. Based on these chemical compounds with a subtle smell, pheromones were created that act on the principle of natural aphrodisiacs – enhance the woman’s sexual attractiveness in the eyes of the male half of humanity and vice versa.

What are pheromones in perfume

Chemicals synthesized by the human body to transmit sexual signals to members of the opposite sex are called pheromones. Although they help enhance sexual desire, they are not produced by the gonads, their secretion occurs on inconspicuous areas of the skin of the human body: in the armpits, in the groin, on the nasolabial folds. Thanks to the natural “perfume”, a person in a special way “smells” for representatives of the opposite sex, which stimulates the production of sex hormones and the appearance of sexual desire in the latter.

Based on this natural discovery, a unique eau de toilette with pheromones was developed, creating an additional supply of substances attractive to the opposite sex on the human body and forcing individuals who are at a short distance from the smelling person to be interested in him intimately. Most pheromone perfumes use synthetic pheromones or odorous substances of animal origin that replace the natural sexual aromas of the human body..

The function of pheromones in perfume

How do perfumes with pheromones

Pheromone-containing perfumes are far from classical perfumes used to emphasize the image. Special love aromas are designed to arouse the natural sexual instinct, so they are sharp and rich, but at the same time unstable and weathered in a matter of minutes. By acquiring such a miraculous means to attract close sexual attention, do not hope that you will be able to become desirable for the entire opposite half of humanity, because pheromones act on individuals in close proximity.

For men

Men’s perfumes with pheromones are made with the addition of the natural sex hormone androsterone, which helps a man become more attractive, expressive, sexier in the eyes of the fair sex. Often, men’s perfumes with pheromones smell like “Triple Cologne”, but the impudent and harsh aroma does not repel, but attracts women. The answer to the riddle lies in the subtle notes of masculinity, excitingly affecting girls. In addition, pheromones for men are recognized as an excellent means to increase self-esteem..

For women

Pheromones in perfumes for women are combined with synthetic or natural musk, because in an alcohol-based basis volatile substances irreversibly decay and lose their original properties. “Magic” feminine fragrances enhance natural sexuality, arouse interest in men, sexual desire, but do not guarantee the generation of high feelings. Using toilet water with the addition of pheromones, you should not count on strong love – a pheromone-containing product will help to cause passion, and love will have to be developed due to its internal qualities.

How to use perfume with pheromones

Apply a pheromone perfume to the body is recommended a couple of drops on open areas of the body. To “clothe” in a similar aroma is necessary on occasion, and not thoughtlessly water yourself from head to toe. Nature affects all males, regardless of their state of health and financial situation, and in a crowded bus or in a crowded place, your stunning aroma may not “peck” at the most appropriate specimen. For this reason, it is better to wear a miniature bottle of “sexual” perfume with you and splatter when you need to attract the attention of a certain subject.

Pheromone Perfume

If you decide to acquire eau de toilette with a pronounced effect of attraction of the opposite sex, choose perfumes with aphrodisiacs of well-known brands – so the risk of acquiring a fake is small, and the quality of their perfumes is usually at their best. Buying a perfume with pheromones in the store is almost impossible, you will have to visit a sex shop or order your favorite option in a specialized online store. Check out a quick overview of popular sexual desire foods..

Secret key midnight

The Korean brand Secret Key, which produces high-quality cosmetics, has created two opposite perfumes with the addition of sexual pheromones – for men and women. The female version is based on white musk with the addition of bright citrus notes, delicate violets and sensual jasmine:

  • name: Secret Key Midnight Pheromone Parfume Secret White;

  • price: 1450 p.;
  • characteristics: volume 27 ml, top notes are mandarin orange, lemon, bergamot, middle notes are violet, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, base note is white musk;
  • pluses: a delicate, sensual smell that attracts the attention of men;
  • cons: unstable, high cost.

Male and female perfumes with pheromones

Men’s fragrance with pheromones Secret Key Midnight – hard, powerful, passionate. Perfume based on the strongest plant aphrodisiacs will help attract the attention of any girl:

  • name: Secret Key Midnight Pheromone Parfume Secret Black;

  • price: 1590 r.;
  • characteristics: volume 27 ml, top notes are juniper, lemon, bergamot, middle notes are anise, ginger, cardamom, base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk;
  • pluses: pronounced sexual aroma;
  • cons: small bottle, high price.

Sexy life

Fragrantly popular all over the world are fragrances containing pheromones of the French brand Sexy Life. This manufacturer produces oil perfumes in a convenient format – in small bottles with a ball dispenser. Sexy Life implements a whole line of male and female sexual perfumes:

  • name: Sexy Life No. 18 Bright Crystal;

  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: woody-floral aroma, volume 10 ml, oil-based, top notes are pomegranate, middle notes are peony, magnolia, lotus, base notes are musk, amber, mahogany;
  • pluses: convenient economical bottle, without alcohol, resistant;
  • Cons: fragile fragrance.

The choice of men’s fragrances with pheromones from this manufacturer is wide – there are fresh, calm smells, and there is also a strong perfume for strong, brutal men. A light but expressive masculine smell with pheromones is available under their name “Aquamarine”:

  • name: Sexy Life No. 14 Aquamarine;

  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: volume 10 ml, bottle with a ball dispenser, oil-based, top notes are grapefruit, middle notes are nerole, Poseidonia, rosemary flowers, base note is white cedar;
  • pluses: fresh aroma with sea notes, convenient travel bottle;
  • cons: not very persistent.

Men's perfume with pheromones Sexy Life

Desire pheromone

A pronounced effect on attracting sexual attention of the opposite sex is possessed by loving perfumes with a high concentration of Desire Pheromone pheromones made in Poland. They have convenient perfume-pen, which will fit both in a miniature handbag and in the pocket of a men’s jacket:

  • name: Vamp Desire Pheromone;

  • price: 170 p.;
  • characteristics: female, volume 8 ml, floral aroma, top notes are mandarin orange, middle notes are peony, base notes are pralines;
  • pluses: inexpensive, convenient to use, pleasant sweetish aroma;
  • cons: no.

On sale there is also a perfume with pheromones in the usual format – in a bottle with a spray. If you are not sure about the effectiveness of the pheromone-containing sexual product and don’t know if the fragrance is right for you, take the chance to order a mini version for a test:

  • name: Desire Pheromone No. 1 Dior Jadore Mini Blister;

  • price: 250 r.;
  • characteristics: feminine, spicy aroma, volume 5 ml, top notes – hyacinth, middle notes – violet, base notes – cedar;
  • pluses: well attract attention of the opposite sex;
  • cons: relatively expensive.

Women's perfume with pheromones desire

How to choose a perfume with pheromones

Perfumes with the content of sexually odorous substances are not a shortage in our time, many sex shops and online stores successfully sell such demanded goods. You can often find pheromones for women in pharmacies, but before you buy this specific tool to enhance your sexuality, pay attention to important points regarding the choice of pheromone-containing perfumes:

  • First of all, choose the most suitable fragrance that will not irritate you when using it..

  • Before buying, carefully study the composition of the perfume you like, take an interest in the concentration of pheromones and whether the selected instance does not contain alcohol, since ethyl destructively affects odorous love substances and eliminates their effect.

  • When choosing “magical” sexual perfumes, give preference to products based on artificial pheromones and plant aphrodisiacs, because natural odorous substances of human and animal origin can cause sexual dependence and the appearance of psychological disorders.

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