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Currently, there are many salon services that help women create the perfect look. Permanent makeup of eyebrows also refers to them – the procedure for introducing a pigment of a certain color under the skin. This service is a salvation for women who have flaws that make a face expressionless or unattractive. All the features of tattooing, methods of application, pluses and minuses should be known to all the girls who are pondering whether it is worth doing.

What is permanent eyebrow makeup

This is the name of the procedure for correcting the shape and color of the superciliary arches, in which a special pigment is introduced under the skin. Permanent make-up is a wonderful alternative to periodical dyeing or daily drawing of eyebrows. To apply it, the master uses a special device and pigments to achieve the perfect result. The procedure should be performed by a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience, the availability of all permits and a good portfolio.

What is different from tattoo

The procedures have three main differences: the depth of puncture, the composition and durability of the pigment, the type of tool that is used. This makeup lasts a long time, but gradually disappears. Tattooing is preserved for life, moreover, it does not stain the face, but the body. One procedure is derived from another. It is worth noting that most modern people, both clients and craftsmen, use both of these concepts as interchangeably. The word “tattoo” is even operated much more often..


How much is holding

The expected duration of the effect is one of the most important points of interest to women and girls. This parameter depends on many factors. Permanent eyebrow tattoo should last up to five years, but not less than three. What will the specific term depend on:

  • level of professionalism of the master;
  • client age (the younger the person, the longer the result is saved);
  • depth of introduction;
  • features of the immune work of the client (the body can “push out the pigment”, perceiving it as a foreign object);
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays (the more a person is in the sun, the faster the eyebrow dye will lose saturation);
  • the level of oily skin (dry pigment lasts longer and better);
  • shade chosen by the client;
  • cosmetics that the client uses for facial skin care (peels and scrubs remove the upper layers of the epidermis, washing off the paint).

Such eyebrows need to be periodically adjusted, as a rule, the first visit to the master will need to be done a year and a half after the procedure. The fact that specialist intervention is necessary is indicated by the blurry lines that appear, a decrease in the brightness of the shade. If a woman is less than 35 years old, then even two or three years can pass before the correction. At older clients, everything is individually.

Advantages and disadvantages

The effect of the procedure is persistent, so before you make an eyebrow tattoo, you should evaluate all the possible advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages:

  1. Tattooing helps to significantly reduce the time for drawing lines. No need to use a pencil, eye shadow and other cosmetics for them. They will always look well-groomed. If you, for example, go on vacation, you do not have to think about how to dye your hair so that the paint does not wash off while swimming.
  2. Such makeup helps mask defects on the skin, for example, traces of scars and burns, on which hairs no longer grow.
  3. If you have expressionless facial features, you can correct the situation with the help of tattooing. Bright eyebrows – half a spectacular look.
  4. There are currently many tattooing techniques. Depending on your wishes, the master can make the lines pronounced or vice versa, as close to natural.
  5. The result of the procedure is durable. If you are unhappy with something, then most of the shortcomings can be corrected on the correction..

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup has its drawbacks and pitfalls, which girls definitely need to know about. Disadvantages of tattooing:

  1. There is no place for savings in this procedure. Customers who fall into the hands of bad craftsmen, chasing a low price, usually remain dissatisfied with the result..
  2. Hair tattoo, loved by many for the naturalness of the result, is not suitable for girls with oily skin. After a few months, their thin strokes will float and look messy. However, only highly skilled craftsmen warn of this in advance..
  3. The application procedure is painful. It is performed under local anesthesia, but the drug only partially reduces discomfort, does not completely eliminate it..
  4. If you absolutely didn’t like the tattoo, it will not work out quickly. All pigmentation techniques are expensive and are carried out in several sessions, between which large periods of time are required..
  5. Tattooing affects your own hairs. During application, the needle penetrates the skin and damages the bulbs..
  6. If you walk with such makeup for a long time, after making several corrections, then there may be traces, grooves from the needle. The skin in the area of ​​regular exposure is rough.


There are many ways to apply permanent makeup, and it is likely that new ones will be developed over time. Some techniques are time-tested, others only recently became known. Choosing a method of application, it is recommended to listen to the master, who must analyze the condition of the skin, face shape and baseline data and offer the best option. Check out today’s most popular tattooing techniques..


Eyebrows applied using this technique will be bright and noticeable. The result will last a long time, but many believe that it looks unnatural. There are three types of tattooing that fall under the shading category:

  1. Shorting. The very first tattooing technique. Now it’s practically not used, because such eyebrow makeup looks completely unnatural and pretentious.
  2. Shadow pigmentation. The plot is shaded only in those places where there are bald spots, not enough hairs.
  3. Soft shading. The pigment is introduced between the hairs, the lines look natural, just not so rare.

Contour shading

Hair tattoo

The equipment demanded today because of the acceptable price-quality ratio of the result. The master introduces pigment strokes that mimic natural hairs. There are two types of hair tattooing:

  1. Oriental. Drawing hairs of different sizes in several directions. Eyebrows made using this technique look very natural. Even several shades can be used..
  2. European. Hair is drawn in one size and direction.

Hair technology is suitable for almost everyone. Especially often, this technique is chosen by girls who are satisfied with the shape of their own eyebrow arches, but do not like the density. The hair method helps to correct the bend. The needle does not penetrate deep into the skin, so the wounds heal quickly. Correction is done in about a month. The fatter the client’s skin, the less the result will stay..

Combined method

Hair technique is combined with shading. The combined method helps to obtain a three-dimensional pattern, which can be distinguished from natural eyebrows only from a very close distance. It is worth noting that the result very much depends on the professionalism of the master. Combined tattooing is suitable for girls who have thin, inexpressive eyebrows. For best results, the wizard will use several shades. Shading will make the eyes expressive, and the hair technique will give them the missing volume..


One of the most important points is the choice of salon and master. Do not rush here, study all the documents, check out the photos of the work of the specialist who interested you. Feel free to ask him any questions regarding the procedure, it is better to clarify everything in advance. Important stages of preparation:

  1. Sign up for the period when you definitely do not have menstruation. Mid cycle ideal.
  2. For a day, give up drinking alcohol, coffee, energy, medications to thin the blood.
  3. If you are prone to allergies, start taking antihistamines the day before tattooing..

Eyes highlighted

How to choose a color and shape

This stage is very important because the result will be long-term and difficult to fix. Tips for choosing a shade:

  1. Light-skinned brunettes and brown-haired are suitable for chocolate colors and dark gray, if the hair has a cold tint.
  2. Red-haired girls need to pay attention to chestnut and terracotta scales.
  3. If a woman has dark hair and dark skin, then the eyebrow lines should be made a tone darker.
  4. Light shades of gray and suitable pigment.

Form affects how facial expressions look. When choosing it, you need to take into account the features of appearance and use such tips:

  1. Chubby fit eyebrows with slightly upturned ends. The bend can be lengthened slightly.
  2. If the girl has a square face shape, then the lines should have a soft rounding. It is not recommended to make them excessively thin.
  3. For an oval face, lines with a smooth bend and a moderately long end are suitable. With a high location, the shape can be straight.
  4. If the face is elongated, it is better to make the brow lines flat, with a small bend. They visually expand it.
  5. On a triangular face, eyebrows with a smooth bend of medium length will look best.

How to do permanent makeup

Whatever tattoo technique the master selects, the main stages of the procedure are approximately the same:

  1. The client, together with the master, correctly selects the shape and color of the eyebrows, is determined with the application technique.
  2. The specialist must draw a contour of the “new” eyebrows, the hairs that extend beyond it, remove with tweezers.
  3. The master does anesthesia, which will work in about 10-15 minutes.
  4. A disinfectant is applied to the skin..
  5. The master begins the process of applying pigment in the desired technique. It takes up to three hours.
  6. After the procedure, the eyebrows are treated with a healing cream. Customer receives care recommendations.

The procedure is safe and fast.


Permanent makeup is a serious procedure and not everyone is allowed to do it for health reasons. Contraindications for eyebrow tattooing:

  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • AIDS, hepatitis;
  • severe somatic, mental, nervous diseases;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • psoriasis;
  • diseases causing low blood coagulability: leukemia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukemia;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • predisposition to the occurrence of keloid scars.

There are relative contraindications in which it is better to postpone the procedure for a while or conduct it with increased caution:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • allergy;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • menstruation;
  • high pressure;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin, acne;
  • alcohol, drug intoxication.

Care Rules

Immediately after the procedure, swelling will appear on the eyebrows, then they will be covered with a crust. The hue at first will be too bright, but will gradually become what you chose. How to care for eyebrows in the first 10 days so that the dye can be fixed:

  1. Carefully remove the donut with a napkin without peeling.
  2. Treat eyebrows with an antiseptic solution (Chlorhexidine, Miramistin), and then with a healing ointment (oxalin, Bepanten, Rescuer).
  3. Perform the above procedures every two hours in the first three days, and then if necessary.
  4. Recommendations for eyebrow care after they are fully restored:
  5. Wash yourself with mild products that do not dry the skin. Ordinary soap cannot be used.
  6. In the sun, apply a special protective agent on the eyebrows..
  7. Do not rub the area of ​​the tattoo after washing with a towel too intensely.
  8. Use high-quality decorative cosmetics.
  9. For the first time, refuse to visit the pool, baths, saunas.

Bepanten ointment in the package


There are many reasons why a client may not like the final result. Sometimes eyebrows are not so satisfied after permanent makeup that they have to be removed. At home, trying to get rid of them is highly discouraged. This is done in the cabin in several ways:

  1. Laser removal. An expensive but effective method. The directed laser beam polishes the surface of the eyebrow, as a result of which the pigment is destroyed. 5-8 sessions are required. Each time the color will be less and less noticeable. The procedure is not pleasant, accompanied by a burning sensation and tingling sensation. The advantages are that laser exposure stimulates the growth of hairs and improves their structure.
  2. Remover etching. Under the skin, a drug is injected that burns pigment from the deep layers of the dermis. Etching must be done by an experienced beautician. It is very important to apply a remover without going beyond the eyebrows. Before the procedure, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, polished. A remover is inserted with a thin needle. The removal method is painful, but in most cases one session is enough.
  3. Removal by staining. The same as applying permanent makeup. A beige pigment is introduced under the skin, which neutralizes the dark. Depending on what result needs to be achieved, from one to several sessions.


How much eyebrow tattooing costs depends on a huge number of parameters: the fame of the studio, the reputation of the master, the chosen application technique and much more. Sample prices are presented in the table below:

Type of procedure

The approximate cost of eyebrow tattoo in rubles

Soft shading


Hair tattoo


Combined Technology


Feather 3 D


Before and after photos

Before and after photos

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