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A rare woman will refuse the opportunity to build a little bit, even if she has extra pounds, she’s only a couple of three, therefore, special teas for weight loss have been so demanded recently, which promise to help reduce weight without any special difficulties in a short time. Due to the relatively low price, Super Slim slimming tea of ​​the well-known Russian company Fiter is very popular. In fact, can such herbal teas be considered miraculous in relation to overweight? Let’s try to figure this out with Super Slim tea.

What is Super Slim

This is a whole line of herbal teas designed to activate natural processes in the body that contribute to painless weight loss. The manufacturer claims that Super Slim herbal tea helps to quickly get rid of toxins and food debris collected in the numerous loops of our intestines, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, has light laxative and diuretic properties, so it can become almost a magic wand in the process of losing weight.

However, not everything is as rosy as the superslim from Fitara promises us, because next to the few advantages are some disadvantages of superslim tea. They consist not only in contraindications to the use of this tool for weight loss, but also in the overstatement of such miraculous properties of this drink. Everything lies in the composition of Super Slim, which is not much different from the compositions of other similar phyto-collections.

Packing herbal tea Super Slim


Phytotea Super Slim consists of only four components: Sudanese mallow flowers, Alexandrian leaf, rose hips, lemon balm. I wonder which of the claimed components blocks weight gain and promotes the breakdown of fat on our sides? None, but the beneficial properties stated in the description in relation to our body, super-slim tea still has:

  • Sudanese mallow flowers are rich in vitamins that will help strengthen immunity. Hibiscus also has pronounced diuretic and choleretic properties, therefore it is used by the manufacturer as one of the main components that contribute to weight loss by cleansing the body;
  • the Alexandrian leaf (or senna extract) is a powerful natural laxative, therefore it also occupies an important place in tea;
  • rose hips – a real storehouse of vitamin C, therefore it is so useful for colds and other diseases, but it is also known for its ability to improve the digestive tract;
  • melissa is a good antidepressant and sedative, but has a healing effect on the intestines.

As you can see, superslim tea can really help strengthen immunity to cleanse the body, but it’s unlikely that you can lose much weight on herbal tea alone. In the fight against overweight, an integrated approach is important, where you can not do without adjusting the menu and physical activity, but to improve the effect, you can periodically resort to such phyto-collections. The assortment of Super Slim teas is very rich: there is a regular super slim tea without any flavors on sale, as well as teas with different tastes. You can choose super slim with these natural flavors:

  • raspberry;
  • Strawberry;
  • wild strawberries;
  • lemon;
  • mint;
  • peach;
  • black currant;
  • tropical fruits.

Rose hips in a plate


Like any other medicine, superslim tea also has contraindications. They are few, but there are. It is better for people from the following categories to abandon losing weight with the help of super slim tea so that a positive result on the scales does not turn into harm to the body:

  • with acute and chronic diseases of the digestive tract;
  • pregnant
  • women during lactation;
  • with diarrhea;
  • with individual intolerance to the components.

Super Slim Instruction

The information on the packaging of super-slim tea is laconic, but the main points are spelled out here. According to the instructions, tea is indicated for people who control body weight to take half a glass of the finished drink 2 times a day for 3 months. You need to brew Super Slim tea, as usual – 1 bag per 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes. As for the side effects, only rare allergic reactions are indicated in the instructions.

Girl drinks tea from a cup

Super Slim Price

Superslim slimming tea can be bought at any pharmacy, but it can be expensive if you don’t get on any action or sale. In online stores, you can often order the same tea relatively cheaply, just by arranging delivery by mail. The cost of super slim tea in Moscow and St. Petersburg varies from 60 to 150 rubles. Price depends on flavor and seller’s markup..

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