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Chinese medicine uses points on the human body for weight loss. Active weight loss can be achieved with acupuncture. According to the teachings of the ancient sages, the human body is like an atlas in the form of a crystal with 365 points lying on 12 meridians and faces. The energy of Qi life flows through the channels. By influencing the energy passage zones, you can achieve better health, weight loss and eliminate ailments.

What are weight loss points?

Among the many areas of the body that are responsible for health and energy storage, separately stand acupuncture points for weight loss. By pressing on them according to the rules or by performing acupuncture, you can achieve a decrease in appetite, weight loss and normalization of the digestive department. There are several points for losing body weight. When pressed, metabolism is activated, blood circulation and digestion are improved, fat is broken down..

Acupuncture for weight loss at home is able to lower the concentration of glucose in the blood, stabilize the functions of internal organs. By clicking on the zone of weight loss, a person receives the hormone of happiness, forgetting about hunger. The impact on the centers of the body with a needle or self-massage helps to reduce weight, the increase of which is caused for the following reasons:

  • excess food intake;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • low physical activity;
  • stress, depression;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • chronic fatigue, burnout.

In addition to losing weight, exposure to acupuncture gives a person benefits:

  • improving the condition of the whole organism;
  • not limited by age;
  • compatible with massage, gymnastics, diet;
  • safely.

In this case, body reflexology has a number of contraindications, in which the exposure is dangerous:

  • first trimester of pregnancy and immediately after childbirth;
  • nervous agitation;
  • tumors;
  • blood diseases;
  • rheumatism;
  • pulmonary, heart failure.

A girl is given a head massage

Acupuncture points on the human body

In order for the massage points on the human body for weight loss to work, you need to properly look for them and act. As a measuring unit of distance in therapy, a cun is adopted, which is equal to the width of the first phalanx of the thumb. To avoid inconvenience in the difference in the width of the fingers between different people, men and women, one inch is considered equal to 2.4 cm.

Specialists identify from 12 to 20 zones that promote weight loss. Among them, Tai Chun is considered to be famous, pressing on which, in addition to reducing weight, cleanses the liver and removes toxins from it. Most points are located on the auricles – they control appetite and are responsible for metabolic processes. The slimming area is in front of the protruding cartilage on the ear. The tragus should be plucked for about three minutes to dull the hunger.

Other special interesting areas:

  1. San-yin-jayu – removes swelling on the legs, gives a person the opportunity to lose weight, get rid of toxins and toxins. Located 3 tsuna above the protruding bone of the lower leg.
  2. Yin-ling-chuan – in combination with the first one removes excess weight. Located in a crease in the bend of the knee. For greater effect, you need to hit the bio-point with the fist of the opposite hand 30 times.
  3. Bai-hui – is able to rid a person of excess weight amid chronic fatigue. Located on top of the head, press for five seconds with your fingertip.
  4. Dai-may – her stimulation controls her appetite, removes overeating from emotional burnout, burns fat from the abdomen and waist. Located between the extreme rib and the pelvic bones at the waist in line with the navel.
  5. Feng shi – relieves fat from the hips, is important for normalizing sleep. You can find it from the outer femoral side at the level of the tips of the middle fingers of the outstretched arm.


Correct exposure and a certain time of stimulation requires acupressure for weight loss, or Su-jok. Each point has its own method of pressing – with a finger, pads or fist. By following the scheme, you can achieve impressive results. For a week, the feeling of hunger decreases, a person eats little. In addition to dropping mass, you can get rid of other diseases.

12 active points for weight loss

The most famous are 12 active points for weight loss, located on different parts of the body. If you follow the method, you can lose weight by tapping them. Each site requires its own exposure time – from five seconds to a couple of minutes. It is better to massage on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening, you need to relax in advance, calm down.

Tai chun

The top of the tide, or the point of Tai Chun, in addition to losing weight, is responsible for the liver channel and getting rid of insomnia. It is located on the back of the foot, in the deepest place between the joints of the first fingers. To stimulate, sit down, take a deep breath, exhale and put pressure on the skin, holding in its original position for five seconds. Repeat 30 times, move to the other leg.

Tai chun on foot

Guan Yuan

The most famous zone is Guan Yuan, the stimulation of which allows you to lose weight. In women, it is located three tsun below the navel, in men – four. For exposure, lie down, relax your stomach, massage the area with uniform average speed movements for half an hour twice a day. Soon, a person feels that he is losing his appetite, for a course of 25 days he loses 3-5 kg. It is better to carry out manipulations in the morning before eating. Instead of using fingers, it is allowed to take a massager or a smooth object with a rounded end.

The best results can be obtained by observing a diet and sports loads. In addition to weight loss, the point is important in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. With hormonal problems and gaining excess weight, the stimulation is different – stand upright, put your legs on the shoulders. Take a deep breath, exhale, tighten your stomach, bend your legs, tilt your head. Squeeze your thumb intensively, after four seconds, loosen the tension, return to the original stance. Repeat 30 times. There is an option to press with the bases of closed hands.

Nei Guan

The inner border, or Nei Guan is responsible for the pericardial canal, is located on the threshold of the shoulder 2 cuns from the fold of the wrist, between the tendons. To stimulate, stand straight, inhale, stretch your arms up. Exhale, stretch your hands to the chest line, press hard, release after two seconds. Repeat 30 times and then on the other side. Stimulation helps to get rid of stress, mental stress, and overeating. In addition, it relieves headaches, eliminates discomfort in the heart, chest, stomach, improves mood.

Yes zhui

The single asymmetric zone is Da Zhui, which lies between the processes of the extreme thoracic and cervical vertebrae. To detect the middle one with the index finger, put it on top of the vertebrae, move your head and find a point between them. Sit down, tilt your head slightly, massage for several minutes. Stimulation relieves hunger, reduces muscle tension.

Yes Zhui on the neck

Lao Gong

The most accessible and easiest to detect is called the Lao Gong zone, located in the middle of the palm (its deepest place). Exposure to massage for five minutes daily in the clockwise direction will help normalize the function of the digestive tract, reduce appetite. By reducing the amount of food consumed, a person loses weight by 1.5-2 kg per month.

Shao Shan

The massage complex for weight loss includes the Shao Shan point, located at the thumb near the nail. You can find it this way: measure from the outside of the finger 1/10 of the tsun (3 mm) from the growth line of the nail plate. It is recommended to press on the site daily for a couple of minutes with a medium intensity force. The touch will be painful, in addition to losing weight, it relieves the common cold and diseases of the ENT organs.

Zi gong

Zi Gong will help to cope with excess weight caused by hormonal changes. It is located outside the channels, has a symmetrical pair, is located 4 inches down from the navel plus 3 inches on both sides. To stimulate, stand straight, place your feet on your shoulders, bend your knees. Put your hands on the waist, squeeze the sections with your thumbs, perform circular hips rotations 30 times clockwise. Observe a small amplitude, repeat against the direction of the arrow. You can do 2-3 sets a day. Such massage is effective in infertility..

Zu San Li

The most bioactive point is Zu San Li. With daily massaging of the site for a third of an hour a day, a person achieves a loss of 400 g per week. It is located under the knee, grab it with the palm of your hand for the impact, feel a small indentation under the cup with a pad of your ring finger, and massage. Massage clockwise in circles 9 times one leg, then the second.

During the process, not the most pleasant tingling sensation is felt on the forehead, in the shoulder blades and legs, but after completion comes lightness. Before going to bed, massage of the points is not recommended, as well as too strong actions – energy is lost. In addition to improving digestion and weight loss caused by constant depression, the effect increases immunity, eliminates osteochondrosis, cramps.

Zu San Li under the knee

Gian jing

In the area of ​​articulation of the shoulders and neck from the back is the Jian Jing zone, which is responsible for controlling appetite. It must be stimulated strictly within a minute, then go to a parallel arm. Daily exposure in a complex scheme with similar points helps a person lose weight by a couple of kilograms per month. Massage should be medium intensity.

Feng chi

With excess body weight, which appeared due to menopause, the Feng Chi point is massaged. The site is located in the middle of the cavity on the back of the head from the hairline per inch. For massage, fold your fingers crosswise, massage in a circle 9 times inward and the same outward. Brush to the front of the neck under the cheeks of the face, stroke with four fingers, release. During the process, draft or radiation is felt when exposed with little force. In addition to losing weight, massage helps to get rid of headaches, dizziness, weakness.

Yu Pe

The effective point Yu Pe is responsible for the endings of nerves in the saturation section of the brain. It is located in the center between the joints of the elbow and the shoulder of the outer surface of the arm. It should be influenced by light circular movements for half a minute, constantly changing hands. If there is a feeling of hunger, stimulation will allow you to forget about it, although it will be a little painful in feelings.

Tian Shu

The last popular zone on the human body for weight loss is the Tian Shu point, which lies in the navel area on two tsuns on each side of it. Stimulation is carried out for a minute with the index finger, pad or smooth massager. To reduce weight 2-5 kg ​​per month, massage daily for three weeks.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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