Postpartum Abdominal Exercises for Muscle Tightening

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After the birth of a baby, the stomach itself is not always able to acquire its former appearance. To achieve a result, you do not have to go to the gym. To restore the figure (if there was no cesarean section), you should independently do exercises for the press after childbirth in a couple of months.

How to quickly remove the stomach after childbirth

Before you learn how to get rid of excess volume at the waist, you need to immediately learn about the types of fat found in the body. The subcutaneous fat layer that a person senses and sees is not particularly dangerous. Visceral fat surrounding the internal organs is a real enemy, because of which the tummy looks large. When it is too much, it pushes out subcutaneous fat, which visually increases the volume of the body.

To quickly remove the belly after childbirth and lose weight, you should fight both types of fat, focusing on the adjustment of nutrition and specialized physical activity (morning exercises, yoga, skipping rope, bicycle). Exercises for tightening the abdomen should begin after 3-4 weeks. These include twisting, lifting the pelvis and back, squats and the bar. As for nutrition, its adjustment can be made only at the end of lactation. High-calorie foods are excluded from the menu: smoked meats, sweets, pastries and others.

To remove the stomach after childbirth at home

Postpartum recovery can begin one month after the baby is born. The following common exercises will help to quickly remove the stomach after childbirth at home and put the body in order:

  1. Press tension. Such gymnastics for the abdomen is done while standing, sitting while changing the baby or washing dishes. Pull the tummy in and hold for 20 seconds. Increase the time every day.

  2. Pelvic lift. Lie on your back, press it firmly to the floor. Bend your knees and lift your pelvis as high as possible. Hold for 20 seconds first, gradually increasing the voltage time.
  3. Wall squats. Stand with your back to the wall, press your shoulders. Slide gently down until the legs with the floor are at right angles. Go back slowly.
  4. Strap. Lie face down, then rest with your hands, creating a right angle with the floor. Tear off your chest and waist, stretch into a string and lock in 30 seconds. Each time increase the fixing time.

Girl performs an exercise plank


Vacuum after childbirth will help get rid of a hanging abdomen. To minimize the load on the internal organs and muscles of the pelvis, lying training is performed. A vacuum is created by expanding the chest. How to do a vacuum exercise for the abdomen after childbirth:

  • lie on a hard surface, bend your knees;

  • the next step – spread your arms, rest against the floor of the foot;
  • take a few exhalations and breaths, listen to your breath;
  • when inhaling, the ribs should diverge, and when exhaling, they should come back;
  • task: to take a deep breath, but when exhaling, do not allow the ribs to return, but part them wider;
  • in this case, the tummy will be absorbed under the ribs.

Diastasis exercises

Diastasis of the abdomen – a divergence of the rectus muscles relative to the white line. This medical term is encountered by many women after pregnancy. Treatment of diastasis is carried out conservatively or surgically, which depends on its severity. Special exercises for diastasis of the abdominal muscles after childbirth will help restore the divergence of the abdominal wall of the house. Each should be performed daily 10 times:

  1. Get on all fours, arch your back with an arc (cat). Take a slow breath, gently pulling in your tummy. Straighten your back as you exhale..

  2. Bend your legs while lying on your back. During inspiration, lift the buttocks up, resting your feet on the floor. Lower them back as you exhale.
  3. Lying on your back. Raise your head slowly, clutching your chin to your chest. Stretch your arms forward to help your shoulders rise..
  4. Lie on your back, bend your knees. Between them hold a children’s ball. With a breath release it.

Girl performs cat exercise

Sagging Belly Exercises

Effective postpartum recovery depends on the frequency of exercise. Download the press from 3 times a week to 7. Any workout for a hanging tummy, start with a general warm-up without using weights, so as not to form unnecessary reliefs. When performing movements on the flat press, develop proper breathing. Start with one approach, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. A set of exercises for a sagging abdomen after childbirth:

  1. Sitting on the bed, place your hands behind your head. Lower your back and pull your legs to your chest. Slowly straighten your legs, extending along the whole body along the bed.

  2. Lie on the floor face up. Straighten your arms along the body, and lift your legs up. Lift your pelvis up, then lock in 30 seconds.
  3. Stand straight, put your hands on your hips, put your legs together. Squat, torso forward. On the exhale, straighten up by pulling the press, then slowly inhale through the nose, and pull the stomach forward. Then exhale slowly and pull the abs muscles to the spine.
  4. Lie half a turn on your side, bend your legs slightly. Tear your knees and shoulder off the floor, and with your fingers stretch in the direction of the heels. You do not need to bend your legs. Lock yourself for half a minute. Then move your legs to one side and your arms to the opposite.

For the abdomen and sides

Stretching, a postpartum bandage and a hula-hoop help to recover after carrying a child. As for exercises after childbirth for the abdomen and sides, the work of the body with static legs will help strengthen these parts of the body and reduce stretched skin. They will strengthen the lower abdominal section and remove the folds on the sides, the circular turns of the torso, its raising and lowering. No less effective exercises for the abdomen, in which the trunk and legs work together:

  1. Lie on your back, raise your bent legs up, arms crossed behind your head. Tear off your shoulders from the floor so that the weight moves down to your back. Imitating cycling, cross your elbows to your knees.

  2. Sit on a chair. With both hands, grasp the seat, pulling both bent legs to the stomach.

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Fitball Exercises

In a short time you can get rid of fat at the waist with the help of a gym ball – fitball. Spend 15 minutes daily to practice with it. Fitball exercises for the abdomen after childbirth:

  1. Toe strap. Emphasis lying. Put your feet on the ball, leave your hands on the floor.

  2. Slopes. Become straight. Hold the ball at the top in straight hands, slowly lower it to the floor due to flexion in the hip joint.
  3. Twisting. Lie on your fitball with your back, with effort, pull the lower ribs to the pelvis. Stay steady with legs open.
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