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With a growth of 190 centimeters, Alexander once had a weight of 106 kilograms, but considering himself fat, he decided to radically change himself, which is why today many are interested in how Panayotov lost weight. Like many stars, the artist achieved a slim figure thanks to hard training and diet. The result was really noticeable, because the singer did not appear on stage for a long time. In November 2016, Alexander came to the Golos project with an unrecognizable appearance – he was able not only to lose weight, but also to mature. The artist himself speaks of his good health in the new body.

Panayiot before and after losing weight

Alexander admits that he has always been inclined to be overweight. Not to gain even more weight, being already chubby, he was helped by the lack of food in the refrigerator. Such a regime suited the artist until a certain time, until he realized that it was bad for his health. At this point, Alexander came to the conclusion that it was time to change something. Diets for the singer seem boring, therefore, like many other stars, in order to lose weight, he decided to switch to a balanced diet, as well as go in for sports.

Panayotov Alexander fat

As mentioned above, the weight of Alexander before he lost weight was about 106 kg. With a high growth of the singer, this is a very big burden on the body. The excess weight of the artist was the cause of exceptionally malnutrition with no loads. The singer himself admits that he never had breakfast before losing weight, and even if he had a snack, he did it very rarely. Now he never misses a meal in the morning, which also helped to come to a fit figure.

Panayotov lost weight

Thanks to a change in his diet and the introduction of a sport day regime, Alexander was able to achieve thinness and get rid of 20 extra pounds. At the same time, the singer himself emphasizes that he did not use any dietary supplements or other tablets. In addition, he refutes rumors about losing weight due to addiction to alcohol or drugs. Alexander says that he lost weight with 106 kg and began to weigh 86 kg solely due to sports combined with proper nutrition..

Alexander Panayotov

Diet of Alexander Panayotov

Many people are interested in how Panayotov lost weight, so the singer himself did not hide his technique, because there is nothing new or complicated in it. Switching to proper nutrition, the artist was the first to exclude from his diet:

  • fast food;
  • convenience foods and other vacuum-packed food;
  • pastries, muffins and all flour in general;
  • alcohol;
  • simple carbohydrates found in sweets;
  • fatty meats and fish;
  • everything is too salty, smoked, fried and fat.

Alexander Panayotov before and after losing weight


Alexander’s menu instead of harmful products included lean meats and fish, which are a source of necessary proteins, fresh vegetables with a lot of fiber, fruits, cereals, vegetable oils, nuts. Food should always be freshly prepared. In addition to choosing healthy products, you must adhere to the following principles:

  • eat at least 4-5 times daily to stimulate metabolism, recharge your batteries and avoid hunger;
  • limit the amount of refractory fats;
  • discard salt;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day, preferably pure water;
  • never skip breakfast;
  • try to eat at one time;
  • Do not overeat – from the table you need to get up a little hungry;
  • in case of severe hunger eat a dish of vegetables, fruits or drink sour-milk products.

In addition to changes in nutrition, it is important to enter at least minimal physical activity into your regime. Even with a busy schedule, Alexander Panayotov was able to allocate time for himself to engage in the gym, began to swim in the pool. In the photo after Alexander Panayotov lost weight, it is evident that his muscles tightened. This is thanks to the sport. The singer’s results confirm that physical activity is really effective, because he not only built, but also pumped up.

Singer Alexander Panayotov


Given the above diet rules of Alexander, he lost weight due to frequent meals, which include healthy foods. Of these, the artist compiled his menu so that it was balanced with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. An example of such a diet, which Alexander himself uses, is as follows:

  1. Breakfast consists of oatmeal with berries, coffee or tea without added sugar.
  2. A snack includes a fruit salad or just a couple of fruits.
  3. Lunch is a low-fat chicken broth soup, seafood salad and tea.
  4. An afternoon snack consists of 100 g of yogurt or a handful of nuts..
  5. Dinner is presented with steam cutlets in combination with fresh vegetables.

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