Pros and cons of polishing hair – how to carry out the procedure and machines for grinding at home

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Smooth shiny hair is the dream of every woman. This is not easy to achieve, over time, the tips begin to split and get confused, the hairstyle quickly loses its appearance and looks groomed. Hair polishing is a special process that makes them smooth with an iron and a machine with a special nozzle, which is especially effective for long strands. The process is carried out both at the hairdresser and at home with special equipment.

What is hair polishing

Grinding hair is done with a machine with a special nozzle, which carefully cuts off split ends, which results in the effect of smooth groomed curls. The procedure is suitable for haircuts of any length, but in most cases the owners do it elongated – to the shoulders and below. It used to be that the most effective tool for split ends is to cut with hot scissors, but when polishing hair the same result is achieved, but it lasts much longer.

Benefits of the procedure

After the procedure, the strands become smooth and shiny, because in the process of processing the strands are updated, you can forget about split ends. In addition, the ends cease to be tangled, comb easily, styling lasts much longer. The result lasts about 3-4 months, with additional care – even longer. Owners of long strands should not worry – after the procedure, the length remains the same, it is cut from 3 to 10 mm, and the cut is perfectly smooth, which is obtained only with the help of a machine with a special nozzle.

Polishing is recommended for everyone who does not like the condition of the hair, especially:

  • after staining, highlighting or perming, if they are often laminated;
  • with abuse of a hairdryer, curling iron and ironing;
  • with increased dryness, brittle strands and a section of the ends, when the hairstyle does not lie for long, and the ends are confused;
  • when exposed to extreme temperatures – cold or heat;
  • when growing long, they do not have to be constantly cut to get rid of the secant ends.

Girl's hair before and after polishing


Hair polishing has limitations. Many ignore this, resulting in not the best result. So, when grinding is better not to do?

  1. The procedure does not suit the owners of curly curls, the same can be said of those who recently did chemical waving. The result will be the effect of sloppy strands, besides there is a chance of damage to the hair.
  2. If the hair falls out, it is damaged, there is a fungus, in which case grinding will weaken them.
  3. Those who should not do thin polishing have a risk of volume loss.

Another disadvantage is the high price. Even in a modest salon, it reaches 1000 rubles for medium-length strands, which is to say about fashionable untwisted hairdressing salons. If you wish, you can carry out the procedure at home, but then you have to purchase special equipment, which is not cheap. Do not forget about leaving – without it, the effect of the procedure lasts less.

How to polish hair

Grinding can take from 40 minutes to two hours, depending on the length and density of the strands. The process includes:

  • wash your hair with shampoo, your hair should be dry and clean;
  • applying thermal protection;
  • if necessary – straightening curls with styling or ironing;
  • separation of strands (one is processed, the rest are twisted into flagella and fixed);
  • the polishing process itself;
  • the final stage – the head is washed again, the use of any oil mask is recommended;
  • hair is dried and styled.

The process itself needs special mention. The specialist uses a hair clipper and a special nozzle HG Polishen. Separate the strands, for each machine passes three to four times, starting from the back of the head. The master himself chooses the direction of polishing – from edge to root or vice versa. During the procedure, all tips are removed, both damaged and healthy, so it is better for owners of haircuts with even cuts to contact a trusted experienced master.


The main tool for grinding is the polisher attachment, the choice of the machine is not so important. On the other hand, the use of a cheap aggregate will adversely affect the quality of curls. For the procedure, you will also need an iron for straightening, because even if they do not curl, the strands should be perfectly smooth, it depends on how well the polishing is done.

Master makes hair polishing machine


Before the procedure, the curls must be straightened. There are several types of styling or ironing:

  • with metal plates – an inexpensive but most traumatic hair health option;
  • with ceramic plates – has a more gentle effect on curls, there are models with an ionizer that reduce the damage from exposure to heat;
  • with tourmaline plates – the most modern option. The negative effects of heat are leveled by tourmaline crystals.


The choice of machine depends on the mode of use. Dear professional models with alloy steel blades are suitable for those who are going to work with customers constantly. For home conditions, a machine for polishing hair of an average price category is suitable. There are many manufacturers of professional equipment for hairdressers: Bosch, Hairway, Jaguar, Panasonic, Wella, Ermila and others, they can be purchased at any hairdressing equipment store.

Hair polishing nozzle

A specialized grinding head is the main tool for polishing. To date, the best hair polisher is produced by the German company HG Polishen. The nozzle is a plastic tip that is worn on the machine, they differ in the width of the knife block. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the bristles, the efficiency of the process depends on this. The principle of operation of the nozzle – each strand is separated from the rest, is lifted and bent so that it is more convenient for the knives to cut off the tips.

Hair polishing at home

Grinding hair in the salon is not an expensive service, so many people buy tools and do it on their own at home. If you consider that the cost of one procedure in the salon costs more than a thousand rubles, this is a serious savings, even taking into account the cost of tools. Do not forget about hair cosmetics – a means for heat treatment, a mask based on oil (burdock or castor), balm or lotion to strengthen the tips.

Hair polishing with a machine – stages of the procedure:

  • wash your hair, then dry your hair thoroughly;
  • apply thermal protection;
  • straighten the strands with a hairdryer and a round brush or ironing;
  • separate the strand (3-4 cm in length) and insert it into the nozzle;
  • fix the remaining strands with a clip;
  • start at a distance of about 17 cm from the roots;
  • the direction of movement depends on the type of haircut: if one length, the machine is pulled up, different – down;
  • do not rush, slowly sweep the machine along the strand, you can repeat 3-4 times;
  • wash your hair and apply a mask.

Girl washes hair in the shower

Price for hair polishing (Moscow and Moscow Region)

Salon Name

Price, rub.

Beauty Salon “Dio”


Salon B / Lab

1200-2000 (plus 1000 for straightening curls, 700 rubles for very thick hair)

Khair Lab Salon


Kavaykat Salon


Salon “Nature of Beauty”


Salon “City of Beauty”


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