Prunes for weight loss – useful properties and harm, recipes with kefir, hay and dried apricots

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Dietitians call dried fruits not the best foods for the diet of those who need a beautiful figure, because they have a rather high calorie content. However, some of them are used in diets: prunes for weight loss are as popular as kefir, as it is recognized as useful for the intestines. Does it affect body fat and how to use it to lose weight?

What is prune

When it comes to those dried fruits that are allowed to eat in a small amount even on the toughest diet, which implies a serious reduction in daily calorie intake, experts mention it – the dried plum fruit of any dark variety. It is known as a natural laxative that cleanses the intestines well. From a nutritional point of view, prunes are a rare dried fruit that can please those who lose weight:

  • Glycemic index: total 29 units (according to other sources – 25). The remaining representatives of this group have higher values ​​- only dried apricots can be called as useful, since it has 30 units.
  • Energy value, in which sugar accounts for only 38 g (per serving per 100 grams), and the calorie content of prunes is also low – 241 kcal.

What does prune contain?

From the standpoint of the BJU kit, this dried fruit is attractive with a relatively small amount of carbohydrates – 63.88 g per 100 gram serving, of which slightly more than half are sugars – fructose, glucose, sucrose. With regard to health (not only in the matter of weight loss), it is much more important to understand what is contained in micronutrient prunes. Here, the presence of potassium is noted first, and more so than in bananas. Attention deserves and:

  • several types of organic acids;
  • all B vitamins;
  • cellulose;
  • pectin;
  • iron, boron, magnesium, phosphorus;
  • antioxidants;
  • phenolic complexes.

Prunes in a plate and ripe plums

The benefits of prunes

The value of this dried fruit is not only in its active effect on constipation – even in relation to its shape it is two-faced: you can hear both about the use of prunes for weight loss and about introducing it to the menu for people who want to gain weight. The reason for this is the property of this product to increase appetite, stimulate the production of gastric juice. The last property is actively used by cooks, serving fatty meat with it: the absorption of a heavy product is improved.

The benefits of prunes lie in:

  • a large amount of potassium, which beneficially affects the work of the heart;
  • improving the condition of the patient with anemia due to the iron content;
  • reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol and, as a result, the prevention of thrombosis;
  • antibacterial property (an additional reason to eat a little of this dried fruit for infectious diseases);
  • choleretic effects on the body;
  • stabilization of mood swings (therefore, prunes on a diet are necessary to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown);
  • bone aid.

For the intestines

The main property of this product, doctors call the ability to weaken the intestines, so it is introduced into the diet of people who are fighting constipation. This moment is determined by the presence of phenolic complexes and sorbitol, and fiber also stimulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Such action of prunes on the intestine led to its appearance in mono-diets and fasting days for weight loss, when you want to lose a couple of pounds very quickly. Weight loss is achieved by cleansing the intestines, but such a diet on prunes for weight loss does not affect fat deposits.

Dried prunes

Prune Slimming

Against the background of factory sweets (confectionery products are meant), even high-calorie dried fruits can be considered useful during weight loss due to their naturalness and less negative effect on glucose surges. However, it cannot be denied that large amounts of dried prunes can cause weight gain during a diet because the body will receive an excess of calories and sugar, albeit natural. Doctors insist on compliance with the measure – 4-5 pcs are considered the daily norm of prunes for weight loss, which is equivalent to 35-40 grams or 96 kcal.

Everyone who cares about their own kilograms is recommended to choose from the following methods of using prunes for weight loss:

  • Mix with a morning portion of porridge (it is very “friendly” with hercules, millet and rice).
  • Drink with kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt (buy options without additives) during a late dinner.
  • Make cottage cheese casserole or cottage cheese pancakes (with egg white and whole grain flour), replacing sugar with prunes.
  • Cook compote (do not add sweeteners, but you can enter other fruits).
  • Prepare a mixture of dried fruits (try to lay raisins to a minimum if you use), almonds / cashews / pistachios for snacks – even a small portion will perfectly satisfy your hunger.
  • Drinking infusion from steamed prunes while losing weight is also useful – it has a minimal calorie content, but it well suppresses appetite. Similarly, you can specially prepare a decoction on this dried fruit.

Kefir with prunes

A glass of such a drink is an effective way to normalize the intestines, due to which visual weight loss is achieved: a person loses kilograms due to the cleansing of the body. In the future, there is an effect on body fat, but for this you need to mix prunes with kefir every day, and the result will be visible in a month. It is advisable to do this closer to the night, and not prepare yourself such a mixture in the morning if you plan to go somewhere. Please note that for a laxative effect, the sour-milk drink should be as fresh as possible (made today or yesterday).

With kefir (fermented baked milk, sourdough, etc.) prunes for weight loss can be interfered like this:

  • 200 ml of fermented milk drink + 30 g of chopped dried fruit to insist an hour.
  • 150 ml of kefir + 50 g steamed (!) Chopped dried fruit.

Kefir with prunes in a cup

Prunes for the night

A small portion of this dried fruit (steamed), eaten before bedtime, can also help you lose weight. However, this method will be correctly practiced only in acute hunger that occurs after dinner, because all fruits, especially dried ones, are recommended in the evening only as an exception and as a substitute for harmful products. At night, prunes are consumed in an amount of 3-4 pcs., Can be mixed with a couple of three nuts. A larger volume allows only a mono-diet for a day where in the evening up to 100 g of this product is allowed.

Oatmeal with Prunes

Porridge with fruit for breakfast is an excellent recipe for a sweet start to the day, but without the risk of getting better. Prunes when losing weight goes well with all nuts, although it is mainly combined with walnuts and almonds – the latter is recognized as the best of its group in relation to weight loss. Oatmeal with prunes gives a long-lasting satiety effect, since there is no jump in sugar. How many pieces to put – you decide, but it is advisable not to cross the line of 40 grams, and if nuts are used, then 30 grams. You can complement the dish with dried apricots.

Cottage cheese with prunes

This option of breakfast, afternoon snack or even dinner, if you need to eat after a workout, attracts with low calorie content, but good nutritional value. It is not necessary to mix only low-fat cottage cheese with slimming prunes – similarly, you can use a 2% or 5% product. However, nutritionists recall that the presence of lactose in dairy products makes them not the safest for weight loss, therefore, in order not to get fat, physical exercise is necessary before their use.

Cottage cheese with raisins and prunes in a plate

Diet with prunes for weight loss

The number of ways to use this product for weight loss, even within the framework of a healthy diet, cannot be counted – salads, mixtures with any cereals, meat dishes. However, the most effective option is a prune diet, which can be a couple of “hungry” days for unloading, or it can look almost a classic healthy menu for a week. No matter how you decide to use prunes for weight loss, keep in mind that you will have to forget about smoked foods and everything rich in fast carbohydrates.

Effective weight loss options with this dried fruit:

  • 3 days mix 200 g serving with kefir (1 l) and walnuts (100 g). The number in brackets is indicated for a day, it will be correctly divided by 5 times.
  • For a week, instead of dinner, eat 50 g of this dried fruit with a spoon of honey. In the morning and in the afternoon there is boiled buckwheat, alternating with brown rice (portions – 50 g of dry cereal, cook without flavoring) and fresh vegetables. The required fluid volume is 1.5 liters. Possible weight loss of 4 kg.


After finding out how prunes are useful for weight loss and why a person loses weight from this product, it is worthwhile to evaluate the possible negative consequences associated with it. The laxative and choleretic properties of this dried fruit require caution in individuals with liver problems and bile ducts and diarrhea. Contraindications of prunes are stomach diseases. Do not replenish their diet and:

  • When breastfeeding, as can cause intestinal upset in the baby.
  • Persons with diabetes mellitus (only after talking with a doctor);
  • Hypotonic.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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