Purple tea Chang Shu: how to take for weight loss

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Herbal drinks are very beneficial for the body and have a huge number of positive properties. There are Tibetan tea Chang Shu among them. Judging by the reviews, this drink is a source of beauty, youth and health, which, in addition to everything, helps to lose weight. Read what action it has, how to brew and use.

Properties of Chang Shu Purple Tea

A healing drink is prepared from a mountain plant growing in Nepal and Tibet. Tea leaves are picked twice a year by hand, and leaves are not used. The color of the drink is purple, with a slight shade of blue. It is difficult to even list all the good properties of Chang Shu tea; their list is so great. There are no negative reviews of doctors regarding him. What is the use of purple tea:

  • slows down the aging process;
  • affects the condition of the skin, makes it supple, tones;
  • Chang Shu calms and relaxes;
  • wrinkles are smoothed, has a rejuvenating effect;
  • contributes to the normalization of the functioning of the digestive system;
  • purple tea is good for hair, it strengthens them, prevents the appearance of gray hair;
  • strengthens blood vessels, makes them more elastic;
  • improves eyesight;
  • strengthens nails;
  • beneficial effect on the heart;
  • reduces the risk of gynecological problems;
  • It has a fat-burning effect, accelerates the metabolism;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • has a positive effect on the reproductive system;
  • for the prevention of stroke, heart attack.

Most women take purple tea in order to lose weight, while enjoying other beneficial effects. It contains components that contribute to the proper absorption of substances entering the body from food. The best result can be achieved by balancing your diet and playing sports. The components of the drink remove excess fluid, make the skin supple, so after the extra pounds are gone, it will not sag.

Purple tea Chang Shu in a teapot

Tea composition Chang Shu

In the Tibetan drink a huge number of biologically active substances and amino acids. The composition of purple tea Chang Shu includes:

  1. Bioflavonoid. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, removes the accumulation of cholesterol.
  2. Dopamine. A component that helps brain cells transmit signals. Improves mood, strengthens memory. Contributes to speedy saturation.
  3. Vitamins Strengthen immunity.
  4. Synephrine. Burns fat, both internal and subcutaneous.
  5. Catechins. Slimming Antioxidants Beneficial effect on blood vessels, regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Break down fat deposits.
  6. Chromium compounds. Suppresses appetite, strengthens muscles, nervous system. Help fight depression.
  7. Methylxanthine. It has a fat burning effect.
  8. Thiamine. Amino acid that reveals the body’s reserves. Indispensable for people experiencing stress. Tones up.
  9. Luteins. Good for eyesight.
  10. Tannins. Positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, inhibit gastritis, ulcers.
  11. Caffeine. Tones up the body, makes it more resilient, burns fat.

Dry purple tea Chang Shu in a plate

How to Make Chang Shu Purple Tea

Make a drink in portions. It is recommended to brew Chang Shu tea according to the following instructions:

  1. Put 4-7 plant flowers in a cup.
  2. Pour 200-250 ml of hot water. It is strictly forbidden to use boiling water, it will kill useful properties.
  3. Infuse purple tea for 10 minutes. He will get a blue tint.
  4. Chang Shu is very fragrant. In purple tea is allowed to add honey, lemon.
  5. Take the whole cup at a time.

How to drink purple slimming tea

Take a drink must be courses. Slimming tea Chang Shu needs to drink three cups a day in the first week. This is followed by a seven-day break, then consumption is resumed. Medicinal blue tea for weight loss is not recommended for more than three months. Do not make the drink too strong; observe the dosage. In addition, you should not combine it with other slimming teas. The cumulative effect may adversely affect health..

Contraindications of purple tea Chang Shu

There are no products that are equally approved by all people. Contraindications Chang Shu tea:

  • allergy;
  • pregnancy;
  • individual intolerance to components;
  • childhood;
  • lactation;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure).

Pregnant girl

The price of purple tea Chang Shu

A healing product can be ordered on the Internet or bought in an ordinary pharmacy. There are packages of different volumes on sale. Based on the weight, the price of purple tea ranges from 650-1,200 rubles per pack. Be careful when choosing a supplier. Unscrupulous sellers may take money from you for a fake, the use of which will not only not benefit the body, but can also be dangerous.

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