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If you have spinal deformity but don’t have enough time for a gym, buy a back simulator and do exercises at home. This device is especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Such prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system will take only a few minutes a day. Their price is not high, and a catalog with photos and an overview of products can be seen on the sites of special stores.

What exercise equipment strengthens a back

The modern sedentary lifestyle has led to problems with the musculoskeletal system in many men, women and children. When there is no time for going to the gym, a simulator for strengthening the back comes to the rescue: it gives a load on the spine and lower back. There are several varieties of such devices, the most common are:

  • block;
  • “Hunchbacks”;
  • roller;
  • back board.

Each of them is intended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. “Hunchbacks” straighten the spine, help to form the correct posture, they can be done independently using the drawing. Block help to build and strengthen muscles, are aimed at a set of strength exercises with the help of traction. Roller trainers improve blood flow by stimulating nutrient delivery.

Roller trainer for back

Exercises on the bench for extension are considered effective, with the help of which the muscle corset is strengthened, the spine is stretched, osteochondrosis, scoliosis of 1 and 2 degrees are treated, posture is improved. Such changes occur due to improved blood supply to the paravertebral tissues and spinal muscles. Such simulators include the Evminov board.

Hyperextension simulator

Anyone visiting the gym saw a simulator for hyperextension. In vernacular, it is called the “Roman chair”, “Roman chair.” Due to the stability of the design, the following model deserved the greatest popularity:

  • name: Sv Sport 2in1;
  • price: 4200 rubles;
  • characteristics: pumping of the press and muscles of the ridge;
  • pluses: small dimensions;
  • cons: low functionality.

The purpose that characterizes the modern simulator for the back is a diverse training, the implementation of different types of exercises. Combined products are gaining popularity. These include:

  • model name: combined press bench;
  • price: 4200 r.;
  • characteristics: strengthening the press, spinal muscles;
  • pluses: compactness, low cost;
  • cons: not found.

The girl does an exercise for the back on the simulator

Some sports equipment are in demand due to the convenience of transformation from one position to another. An example of such a device is:

  • model name: OPTIFIT Catera SX55 hyperextension simulator;
  • price: 7890 p.;
  • characteristics: strengthening the muscles of the lower back, ridge;
  • pluses: compactness;
  • cons: unregulated seat.

Exercise machine for back and legs

An effective device that allows you to train two muscle groups at once is an elliptical trainer for legs and back. Its bright representative is Oxygen EX-35:

  • model name: Oxygen EX-35;
  • price: 43890 r.;
  • characteristics: training of muscles of the ridge, legs, buttocks;
  • pluses: usability, functionality;
  • Cons: lack of instructions, high price.

Many elliptical devices are equipped with an electronic monitor and several training programs, and the DFC PT-002 also has anti-slip pedals. Its main characteristics:

  • model name: DFC PT-002;
  • price: 17990 r.;
  • characteristics: training of the gluteal muscles, dorsal, calf;
  • pluses: non-volatility – sensors work from batteries;
  • cons: large dimensions.

Elliptical exercise bike

Almost all elliptical devices count the pulse, the number of calories burned, and Oxygen Alabama also evaluates the cardiovascular system after training. Its main characteristics:

  • model name: Oxygen Alabama;
  • price: 24890 r.;
  • characteristics: strengthening the muscles of the ridge, legs;
  • pluses: large stride width;
  • cons: not found.

Spine simulator

To prevent stagnation in muscle tissue, pinching nerves, deforming the spinal column and treating such problems, the FlexyBack spine stretcher is designed:

  • model name: FlexyBack (bridge);
  • price: 2700 r.;
  • characteristics: spinal stretching function;
  • pluses: compact size;
  • cons: not revealed.

The simulator for stretching the back in the package

The Betec Air Nobius exercise machine, a relaxing lumbar that stretches the vertebrae, has wider functions. Its short description:

  • model name: Bestec Air Nobius;
  • price: 23920 r.;
  • characteristics: stretching of the spine;
  • pluses: high efficiency, good quality;
  • cons: dear.

Inversion tables have earned a decent reputation. Modern manufacturers make them as functional as possible, and the DFC 601 model has several tilted positions, it is adjusted to the height of a person. Its short description:

  • model name: inversion table DFC 601;
  • price: 16990 r.;
  • characteristic: function – spinal stretching, improved posture;
  • pluses: functionality;
  • cons: not revealed.

How to choose a simulator for the back

It is important to choose the right exercise machine for your back. When choosing, focus on the following criteria:

  1. Directivity. The determining factor when buying a simulator are the doctor’s recommendations. Choose a device that specifically addresses your problem..

  2. Price policy. Focus on your financial capabilities, the cost of the same device from different manufacturers may vary.
  3. Dimensions When living in a small apartment, choose a compact product that can be easily folded.
  4. Quality. Pay attention only to quality products, this eliminates the possibility of damage.
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