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Did you know that thanks to the composition of red wine you can not only brighten up a boring evening, but also get rid of extra pounds? The main thing is that the drink be a quality product made in accordance with all the rules. Will it be beneficial or harmful if you drink red wine for weight loss during a diet? Learn about the secret properties of this noble drink and lose weight properly.

What is red wine?

Although many doctors and nutritionists claim that alcohol is very unhealthy, red wine is not the case. The use of it in moderate doses, on the contrary, will have a positive effect. This is an absolutely natural product that is made from grapes and contains all the beneficial substances that are in these fruits. When a drink enters the human body, vitamins come with it. The healing properties of the wine must perfectly affect the well-being.


Red wine for weight loss is useful in that it contains resveratrol – a substance that helps to speed up metabolism, improve digestion and burn fat. A high-quality drink is very useful for the cardiovascular system, it lowers blood cholesterol, has an antioxidant, diuretic effect on the body. Stimulation of the immune system occurs. From ancient times, wine was considered holy, prolonging life, therefore all emperors, kings, philosophers, heroes of myths – absolutely everyone drank it and ate fruit in order to rejuvenate.

Red wine for weight loss has another advantage: it perfectly satisfies hunger, the appetite becomes not so strong. If you drink a glass of wine before a meal, then you will no longer want to eat, as before, which means you will take a smaller portion. This is the first step towards losing weight. If you change the diet to a healthier one, then the process of getting rid of extra pounds will not seem so difficult.

Red wine in a glass


Like any other product, this one is dangerous in large quantities. Excessive consumption of a drink can harm the body. Do not forget that this is alcohol, albeit not the strongest. Overuse can lead to alcoholism, the development of diseases of the liver and kidneys. In addition, wine is contraindicated for people allergic to any components of the drink. It is undesirable to use even minimal amounts:

  • lactating women;
  • suffering from stomach ulcers.

What kind of wine can I drink with a diet

If you are determined to lose weight with this burgundy drink, then you need to find a really high-quality product. Red wine for weight loss should be dry, dark in color. Today in the store you can find a huge selection of brands in a completely different price range. Not necessarily expensive – it means quality. Many Russian producers offer very good wines at affordable prices..

With a diet, you can drink both red and white dry wine. Never take semi-sweet / sweet. In dry wine, the percentage of sugar is very small, but this is necessary during weight loss. Resveratrol is more abundant in red wine than in white, so a burgundy drink will work more efficiently, but if you are not at all a fan of tart taste, you can also choose a dry white variety.

Girl with a glass of wine

How much wine can you drink per day

The optimal amount of red wine for weight loss per day would be 340 ml – this is about two glasses. Drinking it best with meals, or after. At this time, the active substances will quickly take up the food that you eat during lunch or dinner, preventing it from settling in your body. Please note that it is forbidden to drive while intoxicated, therefore this option of losing weight is suitable for those who do not plan to drive, or use public transport.

Red wine at night

Another way to start processes in the body in order to lose weight is to drink dry red wine while losing weight overnight. Active substances will work, while you sleep, the body will begin to get rid of body fat. Be sure to monitor your diet, otherwise no wine can cope with such a task. Refuse high-calorie, fatty foods, sweet, flour, complex carbohydrates, fast food. Try not to eat 3 hours before bedtime, and start the morning with a wholesome breakfast – this is a vegetable salad and a piece of cheese, for example. The menu should be light, without heavy sauces.

A glass of red wine

Wine diet

There is a special diet, and it can not be called light, because the diet is very poor – dry red wine for weight loss and cheese. Its essence is as follows:

  1. On the day you need to drink a bottle of good dry red wine and eat 300 g of hard cheese (not a cheese product). You can’t eat anything else.
  2. So you need to hold out from 3 to 5 days, but not more than a week.
  3. The results and reviews of the diet are stunning: from 3 to 7 kilograms.
  4. At the exit from the diet, you can not immediately return to your usual diet: start eating a little, gradually increasing portions.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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