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The choice of means for losing weight is constantly growing, while only a few drugs are allowed. According to reviews, if you take Reduxine diet pills, you can effectively fight obesity, while there are many analogues of this medication that greatly exceed its price. A sibutramine-based drug suppresses appetite, but in order to lose extra pounds with it, you need to follow a balanced diet and actively engage in sports.

What is Reduxin

The drug for weight loss Reduxin contains sibutramine – an active substance, which ensures a gradual weight loss. Nevertheless, the remedy can have a serious effect only if combined with other methods of combating obesity. So, taking Reduxin for weight loss, you should reduce the calorie intake, preferring healthy food, drink plenty of clean water and exercise regularly.

These tablets contain a toxic substance, therefore they are dispensed by prescription. It is advisable to use them only with significant problems with weight: the medicine is forbidden to take if there are only a few extra pounds. Indication for initiation of Reduxin treatment is the presence of excess body weight of 30 kg or more.


The form of release of the drug is blue capsules of 10 and 15 mg (difference in the content of the active component). The composition of Reduxine includes such substances:

  1. Sibutramine. The component suppresses the feeling of hunger, due to which a person reduces the amount of food consumed and gradually loses weight. This substance is the only one that is allowed to be used in the manufacture of anti-obesity drugs, therefore, in many slimming drugs, sibutramine is used as a basis. It acts on the center of hunger, thereby providing a phantom feeling of satiety.
  2. Microcrystalline cellulose. This component also stimulates a feeling of satiety. When it enters the stomach, cellulose swells, absorbing harmful substances and water, fills the volume of the organ, preventing the slimming person from eating a lot.

Microcrystalline cellulose

How Reduxin Works

Reduxin obesity tablets have an effect directly on the human nervous system, therefore, the drug is released exclusively as prescribed by the doctor. The action of Reduxin is aimed at suppressing hunger, reducing appetite. Thanks to this, losing weight reduces the number of snacks and the total amount of food consumed is reduced. Due to the effect of thermogenesis, energy consumption is growing and calories are burned faster. In addition, the metabolism is accelerated, the level of glucose, cholesterol and lipids in the blood is normalized.

The described mechanism of action of Reduxine diet pills allows a person to lose weight effectively, while weight loss occurs at a safe speed (about 1 kg per week). However, taking a medication for obesity can cause negative consequences in the form of side effects, so treatment should be under close medical supervision..

Doctors reviews

The opinion of nutritionists and other doctors regarding the appropriateness of taking diet pills was divided. At the same time, most doctors are of the opinion that taking the medication should be a necessary measure: the use of the drug is only possible if the other methods have not helped to get rid of excess body weight. Losing weight with Reduxin can cause serious harm to human health, causing problems with the heart, blood vessels, digestive system, etc..

Reviews of doctors about Reduxine are contradictory, but all experts agree that treatment with this drug should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, a person who decides to lose weight with the help of this medication should have good health (any pathology is a contraindication for the use of Reduxine). Before you start drinking pills, it is recommended to undergo a checkup with a cardiologist.

Reduxin Instruction

The duration of taking diet pills should not exceed two years, since longer use of the drug with sibutramine can lead to negative consequences. It is important to avoid an overdose, as this will increase the severity of side effects and will necessitate gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment. Therapy with diet pills Reduxin, according to the instructions, is carried out, under the supervision of the attending physician.

How to take Reduxin 15 mg

If a month has passed since the beginning of treatment for obesity with tablets, and the body weight has not decreased even by a couple of kilograms, the initial dosage of 10 mg is increased to 15 mg. The dose should be drunk 1 time. Reduxin 15 mg should be taken at least for 3 months or longer, otherwise there will be no tangible effect. With such a daily dosage, the maximum course of treatment is one year. Doctors recommend combining diet pills with exercise and diet.

Reduxine Tablets 15 mg

How to take Reduxin 10 mg

The doctor independently selects the dosage for each patient, but, as a rule, they begin to take Reduxin 10 mg. If a person has problems with blood coagulation or low compatibility of the drug with individual indicators of the body, then the daily dose is reduced to 5 mg. Drink tablets should be a large volume of liquid, since the product has the peculiarity of swelling, like fiber. Drinking capsules preferably with meals.

How to take Reduxine Light

This form of the drug is prescribed to people who are prone to weight gain, but want to save it or intend to lose a couple of extra pounds. Take Reduxine Light twice a day – before or after a meal. You can increase the effectiveness of capsules by performing sports exercises and following an easy diet. If necessary, a monthly course of weight loss using Reduxin is repeated after 2-3 months.


On sale there are different drugs with monohydrate hydrochloride in the composition, while each of them uses a different dosage of the substance. Before giving any diet pills your preference, consult your doctor. The popular analogues of Reduxin are:

  • Lindax (has a similar effect on the brain with Reduxin, but can cause anorexia nervosa and have a higher cost);
  • Goldline (available in the same dosage as Reduxin, has a relatively low price and is suitable for the treatment of people with severe obesity);
  • Meridia (Reduxin’s price is more favorable, in addition, this drug is banned for sale in Russia and European countries);
  • Slimia (sold exclusively in India, has a composition similar to the above tablets);
  • Reduxin-Met (a cheap drug originally intended for the treatment of endocrine pathologies that led to obesity, is also prescribed for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus or dyslipidemia).

Lindax Pills


Reduxine diet pills can be used for people with kidney failure and undergoing dialysis. It is forbidden to use the drug with individual intolerance to its active substances. In addition, people whose obesity is due to the presence of hypothyroidism should refrain from taking capsules. Other contraindications Reduxin:

  • mental illness (including bulimia, anorexia);
  • early age (up to 18 years);
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • generalized ticks;
  • taking MAO inhibitors;
  • the use of medicines that affect the central nervous system;
  • taking sleeping pills based on tryptophan;
  • the use of other drugs to reduce weight;
  • tachycardia;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • heart failure, congenital organ defects;
  • arrhythmia;
  • arterial pathology;
  • stroke, circulatory disorders;
  • serious abnormalities in the liver;
  • hypertension;
  • angle-closure glaucoma;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • age after 65 years;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • addiction (drug / alcohol / drug).

Side effects

The negative effects caused by the start of taking the capsules usually disappear during the month of treatment or their intensity decreases. Frequent side effects of Reduxine are sleep disturbances (insomnia or drowsiness) and dry mouth. In addition, a person may experience dizziness and develop depression. Other possible negative effects of taking the capsules:

  • causeless anxiety;
  • symptoms of tachycardia;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • constipation, diarrhea;
  • itchy skin;
  • paresthesia;
  • loss of appetite;
  • sweating
  • decreased protective properties of the body and, as a result, more frequent respiratory diseases;
  • mental abnormalities;
  • Quincke’s edema.

Itchy skin

Reduxin price

The only option where to buy high-quality Reduxin is in the pharmacy of any major city. Buying any Chinese or Indian substitutes for the drug is not worth it, because these funds do not have a fixed dosage of sibutramine and their use can end in failure. How much is Reduxin? At official points of sale, capsules have a fixed cost, there are no promotions and discounts for such medicines. The price of Reduxin varies depending on the city and the price policy of the entrepreneur: you can buy the drug in Moscow for 1,500-2,000 rubles.

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