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What drugs a person tries to use for weight loss: diuretic herbs, laxative teas, suppressing appetite and even hormonal pills. Against this background, the appearance of a diet on activated carbon is not surprising, but few people understand clearly how to lose weight through taking this drug and whether the body will suffer from such a technique. What is the effect of using this pill and is there any point in trying to correct the figure in this way?

How does activated carbon for weight loss

It is possible to assume the result of taking any drug only by studying its properties and how it will work. For activated carbon tablets, this is also true. By its nature, it is an enterosorbent – i.e. a drug that helps to bind together the elements of pathogenic microflora, so that after removing them from the body. The word “medicinal” is especially emphasized here: activated charcoal or charcoal, given its natural origin, is a medicine, therefore it cannot be used thoughtlessly.

A couple of main points that gave rise to a diet on these pills:

  • They started to practice weight loss with activated carbon due to the main function of this drug – to remove toxins and liquid..
  • Indirectly activated charcoal affects cholesterol, metabolism and liver function.

How to lose weight with activated carbon

This technique was actively practiced a couple of decades ago, after which it was temporarily forgotten, but again began to gain popularity. Even the presence of more powerful diets and special drugs did not stop women from recalling the connection between activated carbon and weight loss, but doctors immediately seek to remind them that this drug does not affect body fat in any way. If you plan to drink activated carbon, but maintain a familiar diet, you will not get an effect other than dehydration. A competent diet must be attached to this drug..

Before starting weight loss, you need to choose the right pill:

  • classic black activated carbon – a powerful sorbent with silicon dioxide in the composition and recommended for intoxication;
  • white coal gives a milder effect and does not provoke leaching of vitamins, therefore it is safer during long diets.

Activated carbon

How much to drink activated charcoal to lose weight

Weight loss options with this tool vary from source to source: somewhere you can find a recommendation to take 10 tablets daily (not a single dose) to lose the interfering kilograms, but somewhere it’s clarified that 4-6 pieces are enough. As well as the duration of the course, open sources (not medical portals) cannot converge. From a safety standpoint, it is more reasonable to calculate an individual dosage of coal for any diet, for which you need to rely on a clean body weight. The formula is simple – a tablet for every 10 kg. However, here the question is – is it a daily dose or a single.

Coal diet principles

If you decide on such a weight loss scheme, you will have to, firstly, give yourself a few free days – activated charcoal does not provoke bowel movements, but can cause digestion failure, give unpleasant sensations when taken in large dosages. Secondly, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of rules that doctors put forward to all diets involving the use of activated carbon:

  • It is required to drink a lot of clean water, as enterosorbents remove fluid and can cause dehydration, especially when taking large dosages. 1.8-2 liters of water – the minimum norm.
  • The activated carbon diet is always a detox method, i.e. to cleanse, so the diet should be enriched with plant foods.
  • Alcohol during such weight loss is “locked up”.
  • Given the lack of fat-burning qualities of activated carbon, a diet with its use involves the removal of simple carbohydrates from the menu.
  • The course of taking activated carbon cannot exceed 10 days.

Activated carbon diet

You can formulate your personal methodology based on the principles of a classic healthy diet with the removal of harmful products (sources of sugar, flour products) and salt. Activated carbon will be consumed before each meal (the maximum dosage is divided several times). So you get the most secure system, and for quick weight loss there are hard short-term options.

Activated carbon tablets in the palm of your hand

Diet for 10 days

The most severe weight loss – fasting for 1.5 weeks, during which a person drinks only water and charcoal tablets. Dosage is calculated by weight, the amount obtained is divided into 4 parts. The result may be a loss of 5 kg, but such a diet on charcoal is not only a harmful method for health, but also extremely dangerous. Intestinal motility, metabolic processes are disturbed, the gall bladder and insulin production suffer.

Five day diet

This technique is characterized by an increase in the dosage of activated carbon and a relatively balanced menu. The principle of nutrition is standard: before lunch and dinner you need to drink a pill, and after an hour you can eat. The amount of coal (dosage divided by 2 times) on the 1st day – 4 pcs., And on the last – 8 pcs. The menu looks like this:

  • Steam oatmeal or boil corn porridge and drink a cup of pineapple juice for breakfast.
  • Make a vegetable broth with a piece of chicken for lunch.
  • Prepare a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with a boiled egg for dinner.
  • For a snack, you can take any fruit.

Activated Carbon and Kefir Diet

This technique gained fame thanks to Natalia Gromushkina, who allegedly lost weight with her help, but it is unclear how true the rumor is. However, as a fasting day, you can try this diet on activated carbon. The scheme is designed for 3 days, in each of which you need to drink low-fat kefir (1 liter) or yogurt and 5-7 tablets of coal diluted in a glass of warm water. With severe hunger, you can add to the menu 500 g of cottage cheese of minimal fat content.

Activated Carbon and Apple Diet

An alternative way to cleanse the body, which also cannot last longer than 3 days, is to allocate 6 green apples and the same amount of coal tablets per day. If you can’t eat fresh fruits, try baking them. The food is simple: half an hour before you eat 1 apple, you need to drink a tablet of activated charcoal. The method is tough, therefore, if sticking to it is difficult, stay on this diet only for a day.

Green apples

How to drink activated carbon to lose weight

If a clean diet is not suitable for you, but you intend to achieve weight loss with this drug, you can try to take activated charcoal as a food supplement. There are 2 possible schemes:

  • The daily allowance, when you drink a large number of tablets per day, greatly restricting yourself in food, you get a fasting day. Maximum – 10 pcs..
  • Weekly with a smooth increase in dosage from 3 to 7 pcs. The number of coal pellets for this technique is even “at its peak” less than on a fasting day. It is also advisable to correct the diet – use recipes for low-calorie and low-fat dishes, but this is not a full-fledged diet.

On an empty stomach

The morning reception is suitable for those who are not accustomed to having a hearty breakfast immediately after waking up and are ready to live some time without food. This technique can be used for a week, while the diet is not adjusted in any way, the weight loss scheme does not affect the performance. Doctors say that this is the safest way to lose weight with activated charcoal. After waking up, you need to take 2 tablets and drink a glass of clean water, and have breakfast in an hour.

For the night

The evening reception is partly easier than the morning, because you do not need to wait for the opportunity to eat after the tablets. You count 2-3 hours from dinner, drink activated charcoal (5 pcs.), With an obligatory glass of clean water and do not forget to chew the tablets, and then go to bed. The course of losing weight in duration will be shorter – 5 days, because dosage is increased here.

Girl drinks a pill

Contraindications and side effects

The medicinal nature of this drug suggests a number of precautions when trying to start taking it. First of all, this concerns the study of the list of persons for whom the use of activated carbon is prohibited or undesirable (or it is allowed only on medical advice when the potential benefit exceeds the harm):

  • patients with pancreatitis, colitis, dysbiosis and ulcers;
  • pregnant (prohibited for a long course);
  • persons with internal bleeding;
  • suffering from vitamin deficiency;
  • hypotension;
  • those with metabolic disorders.

A combination of activated charcoal with any medication requires special mention (especially for those intended for the cardiovascular system), because it significantly weakens the result of their intake. It cannot be combined with any kind of antidotes at all. Prolonged use of activated carbon, which diets suggest, leads to:

  • constipation
  • calcium deficiency;
  • sharp zeroing of sugar level;
  • drop in blood pressure;
  • staining stool in black;
  • vomiting
  • blood clots by increasing blood viscosity.

Doctors reviews

Reviews of losing weight

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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