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Many novice athletes underestimate this exercise, undeservedly excluding it from the training program. The fact is that running on the spot is even very productive. Learn about the pros and cons, as well as the features of this exercise..

How to replace a treadmill at home

Not everyone can boast of a personal gym, so among folk craftsmen the idea arose of creating shells with their own hands. The idea is not bad, but it does not suit people at all with limited means. In this case, the problem of how to run at home without a treadmill can be solved in another way. Some lovers of an active lifestyle with a lack of free time prefer to exercise, dynamically moving from window to window of their own apartment or performing exercises that do not require any movement at all.

What is useful running on the spot

In terms of its properties and effects on the body, such physical education has much in common with ordinary jogging. The benefits of running in place are due to the soft load on the leg muscles. In addition, in the process of training, landing is carried out on toes, which helps to absorb shock in the spine and joints. Running can be performed at any time convenient for the athlete. No natural phenomena can interfere with the training. The benefits of home jogging are the following effects:

  • intensification of the process of slag removal;
  • adaptive effects on the heart and vascular system;
  • improving the depreciation properties of the musculoskeletal system;
  • indirect positive effect on the kidneys;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • improved posture;
  • increase body stamina.

Girl runs in place raising her knees high

What gives a run on the spot

According to the reviews of athletes, the exercise should be started only after the accumulation of some training experience. The essence of the problem is to control the correct landing (on socks). Ignoring this point can provoke a traumatic situation. In addition, running at home on the spot for weight loss is also very effective. I must say that good results can be achieved only if the training is carried out regularly.

How many calories burns running on the spot

Classes help to effectively warm up the body, which requires accessory energy consumption. At the same time, fat deposits are involved in the process. Answering how many calories are burned when running on the spot, experts call different numbers. So, with the most intense training, an athlete can burn up to 100 kcal in 10-15 minutes. Dumbbells and special weights help improve workout quality..

During running using assistive devices, the body may well spend about 300 calories in one hour of training. At the same time, changing the pace and direction of movement, you can significantly increase the number of pounds dropped. Plus, during classes, the body is actively saturated with oxygen, which positively affects the process of losing weight..

Cons running in place

As a rule, regular jogging in the park in the fresh air gives a much more significant physical exertion. Running at home takes place on a completely flat surface. Many are bored by the uniformity and monotony of the actions performed. However, some particularly active personalities involve a balcony and all rooms in the apartment in the process..

Meanwhile, discussing the dangers of running on the spot, experts emphasize the correct technique for its implementation. Experienced athletes, as a rule, know that it is necessary to land only on the forefoot. Separate attention requires a load on the calf muscles. This area is considered problematic in terms of correction, for this reason, for its development, you will need to conduct more than one intensive training.

Legs of a girl in sneakers

Onsite Running Technique

Learning to perform the exercise is not at all difficult. For this, the athlete should stand facing the wall and tilt the body slightly forward. Then you need to put your palms on a vertical surface and begin to raise their legs alternately, bending them at the knees. Remember that it is not recommended to fully extend the joint connecting the femur and tibia. Foot control implies a clear landing on the toes. In addition, the running technique in place of a home for weight loss may involve the following varied forms of exercise:

  1. With jumps – the load falls on the arch of the foot.
  2. Shuttle racing is a good option for indoor training..
  3. Without jumps – involves a quick change in the legs of a running person. Landing from heel to toe.

High knee jogging

Exercise helps burn excess calories efficiently. Running in place with knees raised high increases the contractility of the heart no worse than ordinary jogging. During training, you should adhere to the usual running pace. Raise your legs to parallel with the floor. You can only breathe through the nose. Running is recommended to be carried out with short-term decelerations or accelerations of movement. Activities if you wish can be supplemented by jumping with high knees.

Shin overrun

Exercise improves the dynamic range of motion. During training, it is necessary to maintain a neutral position of the hips, the shoulders should be relaxed, and the body body – even. Running backwards with the lower leg helps to warm up the muscles of the back of the thigh and knee joint. Sprains and injuries can be avoided through proper fixation of the chest and tension of the abdomen (press).

Girl runs in the park

Muscle work while running

Homework helps to strengthen the calf muscles. This disadvantage can be compensated by adding other types of loads to the training mode. So, when combining the main exercise with the treadmill, you can throw a couple of extra pounds in 1-2 weeks. At the same time, do not forget about proper healthy nutrition. You can lose weight only with an integrated approach to the problem. In addition, answering which muscles work when running in place, experts call quadriceps. The stamina and stability of the body depends on the latter.

Running time in place

Home workouts are best done in the morning. However, the running time on the spot is limited only by the capabilities of the athlete. It is important to note that one hour before training should not be eaten. During classes, drinking water is allowed. Observing these conditions is extremely important. If they are ignored, running can lead to poor health of the athlete due to the development of gastrointestinal diseases. The first lesson is best done no longer than 5-7 minutes. If there are no negative manifestations, you can gradually proceed to half-hour training.

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