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If losing weight does not come out on your own, sanatoriums for weight loss in Russia come to the rescue, in which body shaping is performed without damage to health. This direction of the media has already been called an unusual word – slim tourism. About such companies and tours that are conducted by them, it is not yet widely known, so potential customers have a thousand and one questions. What programs do they offer and who needs such a technique?

What does the treatment of obesity in a sanatorium mean?

For several reasons, an independent “home” correction of the figure may not be available to a person, especially if he is overweight and physical activity is unacceptable. In such a situation, nutritionists offer their customers sanatoriums with a cleansing and weight loss program that are similar in principle to camps. Customer several weeks:

  • is under the supervision of specialists;
  • passes an individually selected set of procedures;
  • has its own diet.

In the case of treatment of obesity for 2-3 weeks to get a grandiose result is unrealistic, so the result of the stay in the sanatorium is a positive trend in the form of a loss of 5-7 kg and the restructuring of eating habits. Not only a nutritionist, but also a psychotherapist works with clients, which is important for weight loss, which is stopped by emotional hunger and a craving for “harmful” products. Even recreational activities that offer health resorts for weight loss in Russia, help to adjust the figure.

Weight Loss Programs in Sanatoriums

All complexes aimed at weight loss are of a therapeutic nature – a person who goes to a sanatorium in Russia will not face a rigid diet of 500 kcal or with heavy physical exertion when he has a sick heart and joints. Each weight loss program in the sanatorium is developed for a specific client, and its passage is monitored by a doctor assigned to this person. During the stay here, the client can:

  • adjust the work of your nervous system;
  • align blood pressure;
  • forget about insomnia;
  • start the fight against obesity;
  • get rid of digestive problems;
  • cleanse and improve the intestinal microflora.

Most sanatoriums for weight loss in Russia offer the achievement of several tasks at once, but an emphasis on 1 goal is also possible. Depending on this, an individual program is formed. For patients who want only to lose weight and go overweight, it implies:

  • therapeutic fasting;
  • fitness;
  • diet;
  • detoxification
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • preparation of a nutrition plan for the period after the sanatorium.

Group Fitness Girls

Sanatoriums for weight loss in the suburbs

In Russia, most of these organizations are located near Moscow, which is considered the most convenient option. All the weight loss sanatoriums discussed below offer their own transport – these are buses departing from some metro stations. The range of services that help lose weight and cleanse the body is approximately the same, although some organizations can find unique offers. Mostly customers are offered:

  • diagnosis of the problem of excess weight;
  • nutrition control;
  • cosmetology procedures (massage, body wraps);
  • gymnastics / fitness;
  • pool.

Bes Chagda

Although this state organization is located near Moscow (the western part, Sosny settlement, travel along Rublevo-Uspensky highway), it was originally built for people living in Yakutia. The main direction of this sanatorium is improving the health of patients with neurological diseases, problems of the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels. However, it is also included in the list of its services. The program of general healing of the body, aimed at rejuvenation, beauty, body shaping and getting a charge of vigor. The duration of treatment is 12-21 days.

The program of this sanatorium includes:

  • visit to a physiotherapist, nutritionist;
  • medical gymnastics;
  • cardiogram;
  • a number of wellness treatments – pool, sauna, massage, baths;
  • 5 meals a day.

The cost of the tour depends on the presence / absence of treatment, living alone or with neighbors (or with children). For a day stay in a single room of the sanatorium will be:

  • with treatment – 4500 r .;
  • without treatment – 3500 p.;
  • with a neighbor – 1900 r.

The main entrance to the sanatorium Bas Chagda

Kashira fontanelles

In the south of the Moscow region, connoisseurs of the beautiful nature of Russia and good relaxation can get to an inexpensive sanatorium with the ideal figure weight loss program. From the capital it is located only 120 km, travel on the Kashirskoye highway. To reduce weight, specialists first diagnose the patient, and later begin to influence the cause of the appearance of body fat. Classical slimming program for health resorts in Russia:

  • assessment and correction of eating behavior;
  • physical activity (selected individually);
  • a diet with a competent reduction in calorie content;
  • spa therapy;
  • massage;
  • body flex;
  • water treatments.

The price of the permit is determined by the duration of the program, the duration of the trip (more expensive in summer), and the class of the sanatorium room. A single night in a single room with a bath or shower will cost:

  • In the period from January to May – 4000 p. for 2 weeks, 3700 p. for 18 days, 3400 p. for 3 weeks or more.
  • In summer (until mid-August) – 5000 p. for 2 weeks, 4500 p. for 18 days, 4000 r. for 3 weeks or more.

Prioksky gave

If you need detoxification associated with losing weight, it is worth considering a short treatment program from the Moscow Region sanatorium, which is located in the Lukhovitsky district (along the Ryazan highway). The duration of therapy is only a week, the price is very affordable – no higher than 3000 r. per night, determined after talking with a specialist who will make up your treatment complex.

This resort offers its customers a simple but effective cleansing program, due to which weight loss occurs:

  • therapy using herbal teas;
  • bowel cleansing procedures;
  • the use of dietary supplements for weight loss and weight loss;
  • sauna;
  • aromatherapy;
  • massage;
  • water aerobics, exercise therapy and fitness.

Top view of the health resort Prioksky Dali

Treatment and rehabilitation center Emerald

The sanatorium of the Naro-Fominsk district (along the Kiev highway), located near the Istya River, offers budget-friendly weight loss programs for Russia – from 2500 rubles. per night in a single room. For this money, the patient receives:

  • daily therapeutic exercises;
  • the ability to play table tennis;
  • daily pool access;
  • TV and internet.

If the client of the sanatorium cannot lose weight due to diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes, metabolic problems, etc., i.e. basic conditions are not enough for him to achieve his goal, he is offered a treatment program. This already includes medical services – diagnosis and therapy. Such a ticket will cost 45000/67000 p. for 14 and 21 days. Additionally, the sanatorium allows you to use the services of a fitness room, spa, billiard room, etc., but for a fee.

Health and Wellness Center Youth

A good program for weight correction and detoxification of the body offers a sanatorium located in the Druzhba boarding house located in the Shchelkovo direction. Here you can find an express technique (3 days) and a full 10-day course. The emphasis is on cleansing, so doctors who monitor his condition work with the client, conducting all the examinations before starting the program. Weight loss is carried out by cleaning the digestive tract, liver and lymph, the main technique is juice therapy. Cost – 40,000 r.

Revital Park

In Balashikha (along Shchelkovo highway) there is a clinic that offers patients a wide selection of medical services, Wellness procedures, quality relaxation. The only drawback is the price – for a day even in the simplest room will have to pay more than 7000 r. The program, focused on rejuvenation and cleansing, lasting 19 days, will cost the client 105,000 p., Body shaping using a special apparatus – 19,000 p. a subscription for 10 visits, and training to create a beautiful body – 30,000 p. for 12 visits.

The weight loss program in the sanatorium near Moscow Revital Park involves:

  • diet food;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • group psychotherapy;
  • herbal medicine;
  • general massage;
  • therapeutic baths and showers;
  • hydrocolonotherapy;
  • facial massage;
  • admission to the Wellness Club.

Sanatorium Revital Park in Balashikha

SPA hotel in Bekasovo

Customer reviews of this resort, located near Naro-Fominsk, make you interested in the range of services that it offers. The place is multifunctional, as banquets, festive events are ordered here, family travel here for vacation. It is better not to consider this SPA hotel as a sanatorium for weight loss in Russia, because it makes sense only for people with a minimum of excess weight. Among the services focused on body rejuvenation and body quality, are:

  • pool;
  • gym;
  • physiotherapy;
  • Nordic walking
  • therapeutic baths;
  • speleotherapy;
  • massage;
  • phytotherapy.

No one is following the food – there is the possibility of a free 3-time set of any dishes according to the Buffet system, so this option is not suitable for people who want a clear menu to follow. The cost of living is not the highest for hotels of this type in Russia – from 3200 r / day for a single room. Vouchers are issued for a week, 10 and 14 days. However, you can not get here with children.

Green Town

At a distance of 38 km from the capital of Russia, which you need to overcome on the Yaroslavl highway, there is a recreation area, the management of which offers a pleasant pastime to combine with improving the health of each client. You can choose a program aimed at cleansing the body, you can restore the nervous system, you can even work on weather dependence (one of the unique services for sanatoriums in Russia).

Weight loss lasts 14/21 days, per day the client pays from 6600 p. Weight loss is carried out on the endoecological rehabilitation program, which implies:

  • analyzes, examinations;
  • psychotherapy
  • lymphostimulation;
  • phytobarrel;
  • wraps;
  • inhalation;
  • hydromassage;
  • body flex;
  • herbal preparations;
  • normalization of intestinal microflora;
  • antiparasitic techniques;
  • diet food.

Sanatorium near Moscow Green Town

Naturamed Valuevo

Weight loss in tandem with better health and well-being is offered by the Academy of Slimness program, which was developed in the NaturaMed sanatorium near Moscow. It even attracts with its location, because this is the former Russian estate of Musin-Pushkin (travel on the Kiev highway). The technique is designed for 14 days, allows you to cleanse the body, fight swelling, reduce the severity of cellulite. The price starts from 48,000 p., Rises in the summer. Sanatorium specialists promise a lasting result, because during the treatment, eating habits are adjusted here.

Weight loss begins with examinations, carried out through such procedures:

  • lymphatic drainage;
  • peeling;
  • visit to the sauna;
  • pool;
  • 5 meals a day;
  • wraps;
  • massage (anti-cellulite);
  • bowel cleansing;
  • tyubazh;
  • sorbents;
  • gymnastics.

Detox sanatoriums in Russia

Slim travel is well organized not only close to Moscow – in no less picturesque places with a good climate (thanks to the green zone or the coast) you can also find motels with a weight loss program. In Russia, it is mainly Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Pyatigorsk, and from the closer zones – the Gulf of Finland coast near St. Petersburg. Details of information, work schedules, etc. features can be found on the official websites of each organization..

Leningrad region

Not far from St. Petersburg you can find good pensions and not only that offer treatments with coastal views, clean air and the help of medical specialists. The best customer reviews are:

  • The Northern Riviera The day of living under the Beauty and Health program is from 2600 rubles, the range of services is standard: from bowel cleansing to bathtubs, cryotherapy and diet. Duration – 7 days.
  • “Red Lake”. An individual menu, hirudotherapy, SPA, massage and herbal medicine lasting 7/14 days will cost you 69,000/102,000 p.

Sanatorium in the Leningrad Region North Riviera


A nutritionist can refer a patient who is overweight to the Crimea, recently joined to Russia. The air of the Black Sea coast, beautiful views, the opportunity to visit the beach – staying here even for the purpose of treatment becomes a vacation. You can improve your figure in such institutions:

  • Budget camp for weight loss in Russia – “Be fit” with a view of the sea. It has a focus on physical activity, including trekking, walking, fitness, dancing and even boxing. Be sure to adjust the power. The duration of the programs is 8-29 days, the price is from 34000 r.
  • The Kurpaty Center also offers clients to lose weight, but after examinations, with the help of physiotherapy, balneological procedures, massage, diet, light loads. Course – 1-3 weeks, price per day – from 3200 r.

Caucasian mineral waters

The Stavropol Territory as a resort area was still popular in Tsarist Russia. The number of boarding houses, SPA hotels and spa complexes makes the selection process endless. According to the profile of weight loss, deserve attention:

  • Pyatigorsk Narzan offers weight loss services at a high price (from 4700 rubles per day), but their quality is worth it. A characteristic feature is balneological procedures. The treatment is designed for 14-21 days.
  • The trade union “Rodnik” is much cheaper – from 2900 p. per day, but its level is slightly lower. The program is standard (but there is an emphasis on the treatment of overweight from problems with the endocrine system), designed for 2 weeks.

Anapa and Krasnodar Territory

Considering institutions aimed at improving the health of clients, and seaside sanatoriums for weight loss in Russia, you need to pay attention to organizations of the Krasnodar Territory. Where can most people want to go to lose weight? Cheap vouchers offer:

  • “DILUCH”, on the basis of which there is a spa. The program of endoecological rehabilitation is practiced, metabolic problems are eliminated. A day in this sanatorium costs from 1800 p., Treatment for 2-3 weeks.
  • “Rodnik” characterizes several detox programs (including short ones for 3 days), therapy for patients with diabetes. Vouchers are designed for 14 days or less, the price for a day – from 2400 r.
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