Sculptural facial massage – home technique, indications and contraindications

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Close to ideal, the result of youthful skin of the face after 40 years is determined by systematic care: the use of high-quality, well-chosen products and cosmetic procedures. The organic component in skin care is sculpted facial massage – an effective therapy for eliminating the symptoms of skin aging. It restores the movement of lymph along all microcirculatory pathways, enhances the effect of the use of cosmetics.

What is a sculpted facial massage

Sculpting facial massage is a unique technique that corrects the relief of the face, reduces the tension of facial muscles, and normalizes the overall skin tone. A professional beautician “sculpts” the clear contours of the neck, chin, cheeks, massaging the necessary muscles. The technique of deep impact on individual layers of the skin, restores elasticity, tightens muscle tissue – there is a powerful recovery process.


The cosmetologist works on all parts of the muscles, even those that are not involved in facial expressions, forcing them to work and strain, and makes the skin tone. Often, after the first procedures, the client experiences discomfort, which passes over time. Massage combines several different techniques:

  • Effects on the skin, facial muscles, body fat.
  • Kneading the skin in the direction of the massage lines.
  • Intensive use.

After a full course, the tone of the muscles of the face and neck returns to normal. Muscle stimulation occurs due to a rush of blood, the skin is saturated with oxygen, it becomes toned, fresh. Complex, deeply acting sculptural (other names: plasticizing, modeling, buccal) massage is a serious alternative to the surgical method of rejuvenation.

Massage Results


Recommended for women after 30 years. At an earlier age, correction is used in the complex treatment of acne for oily and porous skin. The therapy gives a delightful effect: strengthens the muscles of the face, corrects the contour, smoothes deep wrinkles, improves skin color, enhances blood circulation, eliminates swelling, tightens the oval, restores radiance and a healthy glow, reduces enlarged pores, smoothes scars and scars, and has a good effect on nerve endings.


To carry out this modeling technique, there are a number of contraindications. The main ones are:

  • skin diseases;
  • wounds and inflammations on the face;
  • herpes in acute form;
  • disorders of the circulatory system;
  • thyroid disease;
  • infectious diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • oncological diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modeling lymphatic drainage facial massage to combat age-related changes has its pros and cons. Before making a final decision on the course, you should consult your personal doctor. The pluses include such factors:

  • without plastic surgery, you can transform the appearance;
  • the price of the course is lower than with the intervention of surgeons;
  • the result is noticeable after the first procedures;
  • average time per session is about 40 minutes.

Of the negative aspects distinguish:

  • pain immediately after the procedure for the first time or two;
  • there is a risk of visiting an unskilled specialist.

Plastic massage movements

The plastic massage technique was developed by a female cosmetologist, Frenchwoman Joël Siocco. A distinctive feature: the clarity of movements, the alternation of special manipulations, the base of the palms and the palmar surface of the fingers. Due to this, there is a sculptural restoration of the contours, the contour of the face. Part of the movements occurs at the expense of 4 or 8, the directions of the massage lines are taken into account. The skin tissue is pressed against the adjacent bones without being displaced..

The fingers of the massage therapist carry out deep, energetic, smooth, rhythmic movements with longitudinal pressure and pressure, periodically combined with light vibration. There should be transverse pressure, pressure without vibration with palms parallel to each other (perpendicular to wrinkles). Plastic massage is carried out in four basic ways: stroking, superficial and deep kneading, with striking, vibration.

Massage lines

How is massage done

Before starting the procedure, the master applies sterile talcum powder on the face and neck of the patient to enhance the adhesion of the fingers of the masseur to the skin. Lubricants are not used. Here are the steps:

  1. The beginning of the process consists in lightly stroking along the main massage lines with the completion of tissue fixation at the end of each action. Movement on the account 4 with repetitions 3 times.
  2. The masseur holds a superficial kneading with the palm surface of the first and second fingers. The movements describe spiral-shaped circles inscribed in each other. The master produces up to 8 circles three times, along each massage line, each time ends with tissue fixation. All movements for the transition are dashed in nature, with light fingertips being carried out by the fingertips to the point where the next action begins.
  3. Deep kneading is carried out by the surface of the palm and all fingers along the kneading lines, ending on the chin area.
  4. Basting (or staccato) occurs with the tips of the nail phalanges involved all together. The movements have the outlines of the inscribed circles in each other along the same massage lines. In the direction from the chin region upwards, along the lateral front surface to the neck, chest and in the opposite direction to the midline of the chin, then with straight fingers make the striking upward, while lowering on the chest area.
  5. Vibration is carried out by the entire surface of the fingers. The direction and beginning of vibrational movements, the middle of the thoracic region to the sides, the central part of the clavicles to the earlobe, the movements in the temporal areas end.

The whole procedure ends with a light stroking. After each session, the skin of the face and neck is treated with a cotton swab moistened with a special lotion or herbal decoction. Next, a mask of medicinal plants is applied to the face for 20 minutes. After the mask, the skin is cooled with a cool compress.

According to the testimony or desire of the patient, plastic massage sessions are combined or alternated with cosmetic, which is performed using no longer talcum powder, but special lubricants. The duration of one session of plastic massage is not more than 20 minutes. On average, the course is designed for 18 sessions. The session is carried out with a frequency of 1 to 4 times per week. The older the patient, the more often sessions are needed..


To assess the effectiveness of this technique, experts suggest taking a photo before and after each procedure, and then after completing the full course. Sculptural and deep-tissue facial massage helps to transform, improve the condition of the skin with each session, it comes to life:

  • blood circulation is normalized;
  • muscle tissue of the face is strengthened;
  • deep fine wrinkles are eliminated;
  • skin is tightened;
  • expression lines are being worked out;
  • facial spasms are relieved;
  • asymmetry is aligned;
  • inactive muscles of the face are activated;
  • lymphatic drainage improves to the deeper layers of the skin;
  • the neuroreceptor system is stimulated;
  • metabolic products from the subcutaneous layers are removed;
  • increased hydration of the skin;
  • pores are reduced;
  • the condition of the skin is cleaned and improved;
  • a blush appears;
  • facial oval is adjusted.

Beautiful face of a girl

Sculpted facial massage at home

The main disadvantage of self-massage is the difficulty of performing special techniques. It is not easy to achieve complete relaxation and the right tone. But, having studied the video technique, you can do it yourself. At home, sculpting massage requires knowledge of anatomy, takes time (it takes about an hour). At home, the session is divided into stages:

1. The preparatory part:

  • Make a steam bath to cleanse the face for 7 minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly, dry hands to the elbow.
  • To remove hair.
  • Apply cream.

2. Warm up phase:

  • Lightly stroking both hands to relax the skin of the face, neck, décolleté.

3. Sculptural massage of the neck and forearm:

  • Fingertips with pressure pads go up gradually, starting from the back of the neck to the back of the head. Movements should be intensifying, but not sharp.
  • Keeping the rhythm, start rolling with your fingertips.
  • Further intensively work out the muscles of the neck and forearm to the maximum possible depth..

4. Plastic neckline:

  • With the head thrown back, do the movement “water mill” – from the chin area, with your hands conditionally rake the water from the neckline onto yourself.
  • The movements of the sculptural massage in this area are undulating, gentle, the skin is thin.

5. Drainage of the lymph nodes:

  • It is necessary to carefully study the layout of the lymph nodes.
  • Pads of the fingers, hands, back of the palm to perform pressure movements at the site of the accumulation of lymph nodes in the chest, shoulders, collarbone, nape, temples.

6. Correction of the oval:

  • Work cheek area with rotational movements.
  • Perform light tingling on the contour of the face.
  • Target muscle attachment points.
  • End the sculptural massage session with light stroking movements, reducing the pressure force.

Movements are made strictly along certain lines, they need to be learned. All doubts, questions on performing massage at home, can be found in training videos from professionals, learn the main techniques and techniques.

How often do

During the year, there are two full courses, calculated on average for 12 sessions. In order to prevent skin rejuvenation technique used about two times per month. For women from 35 years old, massage sessions are carried out intermittently for three days. After 45 years, it is recommended to increase the number of procedures with a reduction in breaks by one day. You can do a rejuvenation course in six months. It is important to maintain the result, visit the beautician at least twice a month.

Woman at a beautician session


Before registering in the salon for a sculpted face lifting massage, it is necessary to find out customer reviews, if necessary, evaluate the work of an individual master before and after. Too low cost of the service (up to 1500 rubles) means that the master has no experience or no qualification documents. A private master working at home can offer a low price – in this case, you need to ask to show diplomas about Joel technique training.

Price for a face sculpting service in Moscow
Salon Name The cost of the procedure, rubles
EpilCity 2500
Beauty and Health Center “Likasta Beauty” 2000
LLC Carey Ltd 1700

In the salons of Moscow, the cost of one session varies between 3000-5000 rubles.

Photos before and after sculptural massage

Muscle tone recovery

Woman's face before and after massage

Nasolabial fold reduction

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