Sea buckthorn oil for hair growth and strengthening – mask recipe, benefits and applications

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No matter how many new cosmetics to maintain female beauty appear in stores, this does not make the demand for natural compounds lower. Sea buckthorn oil for its effectiveness will easily leave behind any “chemistry”, no matter how expensive it is. What unique properties does this product have and how to use it correctly?

What is useful sea buckthorn oil for hair

The active use of this tool in cosmetology of folk medicine is primarily due to its powerful regenerative property. Burns, open wounds, abrasions, other skin lesions – all this will easily nullify a drop of golden-orange liquid. However, the benefit to the hair is not just the ability to heal the scalp. The rich chemical composition, where fatty acids, tocopherols, phospholipids are present with a whole list of trace elements and vitamins, makes this product a salvation for any problem – from dryness to loss.

The main properties of oil from the fruits and seeds of sea buckthorn:

  • soften;
  • facilitate combing;
  • eliminate pathogens;
  • remove skin itching;
  • strengthen;
  • help metabolic processes in the bulbs;
  • stimulate growth.

Sea buckthorn oil and berries


A wide range of positive qualities of this product in the field of cosmetology alone has led to the fact that both traditional and traditional medicine have recognized its use as appropriate. Strengthen the roots, soften the dry ends, prevent them from beginning to split, stop the loss, increase the density, eliminate excess fat – you can achieve any of the goals, if you use the natural remedy correctly and regularly. However, each of the situations has its own reservations..

For hair growth

Experts remind that no cosmetic product will initially affect the body’s capabilities, therefore, a sudden increase in length of 5-6 cm per week will not provoke anything. The principles of working with hair are different: oil will positively affect the vital activity of the bulbs, which will lead to an increase in their activity and awakening of those that are at a dormant stage. Regular use will help to achieve a healthy state of the hair and increase its density..

However, with a focus on accelerating their growth, several nuances must be observed:

  • It is imperative to insulate the head with a towel or, if possible, warm it with a hairdryer.
  • Sea buckthorn hair mask used to accelerate their growth should include locally irritating components: pepper tincture, cinnamon, citrus essential oils, mustard, etc..
  • The exposure time without locally irritating agents should be 6-8 hours, so the hair mask with sea buckthorn oil is done mainly at night.
  • Follow the measure: after a month’s course, take a break for 30-45 days before repeating the scheme. Or use the oil only once a week.

Girl with luxurious hair

From falling out

The ability of this product to affect the metabolic processes occurring inside the bulbs has led to the fact that it began to be used with active hair loss (but not baldness!) In folk medicine. An important condition under which the product will work – the prerequisites for this problem should not be:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • genetic malfunctions;
  • hereditary factors.

With alopecia of the cicatricial type, i.e. proceeding with the destruction of bulbs, the inflammatory and / or atrophic process, sea buckthorn oil is absolutely powerless. For Nerubtsovoy, you need to find out the exact reason to say how it works. Mostly doctors recommend the use of sea buckthorn oil from hair loss, provoked by:

  • stressful conditions;
  • blood circulation disorders;
  • taking certain groups of drugs;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • chemical and thermal effects.

For tips

Compared with other types of base oils, obtained from sea buckthorn seeds, experts are considered non-greasy, therefore, can be used as an indelible means on wet hair. This is mainly done to prevent cross-section, eliminate dryness, facilitate the laying of strands that are knocked out of the hair, protect from the sun and other UV radiation. An important nuance – only a couple of drops are applied. For the ends of the hair, you can also apply according to a more traditional pattern, treating them the entire length before washing your hair in a couple of hours.

For dandruff

The regenerative and calming effect on the epidermis and the presence of carotenoids with vitamin E has made sea buckthorn oil useful in dermatology to eliminate dandruff, seborrhea and skin itching. For this purpose, it is not necessary to apply the product along its entire length: it should only get on the skin and can affect the roots. Sea buckthorn oil for dandruff is used according to 3 schemes:

  • Daily, with evening massage, which is carried out for 3 minutes with your fingertips (you need a couple of drops).
  • When washing your hair by adding shampoo to your serving.
  • An hour before a shower 2-3 times a week, like a mask (a couple of spoons), which is rubbed into the roots.

Dandruff Itch

How to use

The use of this tool is possible both in pure form or through combination with other natural products (eggs, decoctions of herbs, honey), including base oils. A mixture with Dimexide is also popular, which acts as a reliable conductor for all valuable trace elements and additionally relieves inflammation. Keep in mind that even a low degree of fat content requires the use of medications mainly before washing your hair..

A few general tips:

  • If the skin produces a large amount of sebum, you need to add acid to the mixture: lemon juice, etc. Components.
  • It is advisable to warm the oil before use in a water bath, but only up to 40 degrees. If you need a few drops, you can pour them into a spoon and hold it over the candle.
  • For owners of fair hair, sea buckthorn can give a warm shade, so it is advisable to reduce the exposure time of mixtures based on it.


The simplest example of such a cosmetic product is a mixture of castor and sea buckthorn oils, which should be applied to the length in a warm form. They hold it for about an hour, which contributes to the restoration of brittle hair, their overall densification, shine, elasticity. However, this is not the only recipe for a useful home mask: you can use any natural ingredients and even some pharmacy products..

The most effective sea buckthorn oil hair masks:

  • If you have dried your hair by frequent use of thermal devices or dyeing, make a decoction of burdock root (1 tbsp. Herbs fill in half a glass of boiling water), and after cooling, add sea buckthorn oil. It will take about 15 ml. This mask is held for half an hour, repeating the procedure weekly.
  • To normalize the oily scalp, sea buckthorn oil (1 tbsp. L.) Is whipped with yolk and a couple of spoons of chamomile broth. The mixture must be rubbed into the roots, keep for about an hour.
  • For dandruff, experts recommend mixing olive oil with sea buckthorn oil (1: 3), and, heating this thick liquid, apply it to the scalp 20 minutes before washing.
  • In order to activate the hair follicles, you can prepare a mask of cognac with sea buckthorn oil (1: 5). The mixture is used warm, applied to the roots. The exposure time is 25 minutes. Repeat every other day.

Girl holds a bottle with a tool in her hand

Mask with Dimexide

For any recipe, a solution of dimexide sulfoxide must be prepared in advance, diluted with water 1: 8. The easiest way to use: Dimexide and sea buckthorn oil, combined as 1: 4, are applied warm to the skin in zones and aged for 20 minutes. You will need to wash your hair without shampoo, but rinse the roots very well under running water. Repeat the procedure after 3-4 days. Course – no longer than 7 weeks.

Precautionary measures:

  • Since the composition is applied to the scalp, it is prohibited for people with impaired cardiovascular system, especially those who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, etc..
  • The use of Dimexide is also unacceptable for problems with the kidneys, the presence of glaucoma.
  • Pregnant women also should not make such a mask.
  • The mixture for each procedure needs to be prepared anew – do not store.

Natura Siberica Oil

This product needs a separate study, because it is a whole complex of various healthy oils. The manufacturer promises that the hair after it will shine, stop breaking and getting confused, cut off, and become easy to style. Sea buckthorn oil for hair Natura Siberica supposedly even plays the role of thermal protection. The composition is not completely natural, but in addition to sea buckthorn, there are:

  • Argan
  • Nanai Schisandra;
  • Siberian flax;
  • cedar.

This impressive list is complemented by tocopherol and retinol. The manufacturer proposes to use the product only as an indelible means, i.e. apply a few drops pounded between the palms / fingers on the tips and upwards in length, which is especially useful to prevent the curls and curls from getting fluffy. However, to enhance the effect, you can also make classic masks with it, distributing the product along the length and waiting an hour before washing your hair.

Product from Natura Siberica


The exact cost of this natural remedy depends on the volume, manufacturer, place of purchase:

  • If you purchase a product for external use in a pharmacy, the price for 50 ml is 50-70 r.
  • The tool used inside can also be bought for hair care, but for 130-500 r.
  • The price from the brand Natura Siberica is significantly higher – 100 ml for 340-450 r.
  • You can order a large volume from the catalog of organic cosmetics for 600-700 r.
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