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Looking at the flawless figures of artists, singers and other stars of show business on their monitors, we involuntarily ask ourselves: “How do stars lose weight?” On this side of the screen, you can also effectively get rid of excess weight, the main thing at the same time is to know stellar secrets. Many of the stars do not make secrets from their weight loss, because at the heart of their ideal look are enormous work on themselves, intensive training under the guidance of a trainer and strict dietary restrictions developed by nutritionists for the individual characteristics of the body.

How thin the stars

Celebrities on television screens are often transformed beyond recognition, stars lose weight by tens of kilograms. Sometimes the hand of a plastic surgeon or stylist is felt on video and photographs of stars, but more often – painstaking work on oneself. Actresses, singers find their way to perfect beauty without hiding it from their fans. Many women want to know how the stars have lost weight in order to follow suit. At the heart of any slim figure is diet food, as well as physical activity.

Alla Pugacheva

About how Pugacheva lost weight, it was interesting to learn to every resident of our country. The triumphant weight loss of the star by 15-20 kg worried hundreds of thousands of women who would also like to rid their body of excess weight. Around the folk singer there were many rumors. She was credited with cucumber diets, weight loss with activated charcoal, buckwheat, and even 25-frame coding. In fact, the Diva began to lose weight much more prosaic: a diet developed by a nutritionist taking into account the characteristics of the body, liposuction of certain parts of the body and cosmetic adjustments.

Alla Pugacheva

Laysan Utyasheva

Another celebrity who remains thin due to work on herself is the gymnastics star Lyaysan Utyasheva. Even a small weight gain is unforgivable for this beauty, forced to lose weight with each movement of the arrow to the right. At the heart of his success, Laysan puts a positive attitude. Weight loss stars and not only succeed if you love your body and strive to improve it. Such motivation and lack of complexes are necessary for a good result..

After the right motivation to lose weight, gradually eliminate harmful foods from the diet: fried and fatty. Steam, eat vegetables and fruits raw. About 50% of the daily diet should be made up of proteins: chicken, fish, seafood. Cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir are indispensable residents of a daily balanced menu. Refuse alcohol, sweets, desserts, drink plenty of clean water. Diet Lyaysan Utyasheva implies mandatory sports. The gymnast has developed a special training system for the beauty and harmony of your body.

Laysan Utyasheva

Irina Dubtsova

Russian celebrity Irina Dubtsova revealed her secrets of thinness. The main factor on which success depends is daily control over your weight. You need to lose weight daily. The nutrition program for the star was made by a whole team of nutritionists, meals are scheduled by the hour, up to a gram. Strict restrictions apply to sweets, flour. In the diet they are completely absent. To lose weight, the star drinks a lot of water without gas, green tea. The singer follows the following principles of nutrition:

  • refusal of fast food, products with preservatives, other unnatural additives;
  • periodic exclusion of sugar for a week;
  • the portion should be the size of a fist – be it a cabbage dish or boiled meat;
  • dinner should not be later than 6 pm (exception – kefir);
  • water per day you need to drink at least 2 liters.

Penelope Cruz

The popular star Penelope Cruz has her own weight loss technique. According to the method of beauty, a low-calorie diet contains 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 20% protein. In addition to nutrition, physical activity is mandatory: fitness, running, swimming. In the process of losing weight, you can drink water without gas, natural juices. If you need to lose weight, do not forget about dairy products: add cottage cheese, kefir to the diet. The approximate menu looks like this:

  1. Breakfast: fruit salad (any fruit, berries).
  2. Lunch: boiled chicken, beef or turkey – 150 g, vegetable salad with olive oil.
  3. Steamed or baked vegetables, apple.

Penelope Cruz


After pregnancy, stellar personalities experience the same serious weight problems as ordinary people. This problem touched Beyoncé – the famous star, actress, singer. Only 4 months were required for the extra 27 kg to “run away” from a beautiful body. The star achieved the result with her nutritionist Mark Borges. One of his secrets to lose weight effectively is the 22-day vegetarian diet. All fish, meat, seafood, honey, eggs and other animal products are removed from the diet. Approximate diet menu:

  • in the morning – oatmeal with raisins, a cup of water with lemon;
  • snack – apples;
  • in the afternoon – lentil soup;
  • snack – juice;
  • in the evening – boiled vegetables.

Photos of stars before and after losing weight

Dana Borisova before and after losing weight

Irina Dubtsova before and after losing weight

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