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There are two main conditions for the production of exclusive aromas – this is the inspiration of the perfumer and natural ingredients. To avoid confusion, you should know: selective perfumes – that these are niche aromas, perfumes that are released in a limited edition. Rare plants, resin of trees, aromatic oils are used to create them..

What does selective or niche perfume mean?

What is niche perfumery, and what is selective perfumery? Niche cosmetics is a term that is used to define rare types of perfume. Selective is a perfume fragrance that refers to “niche cosmetics”. Selective perfumes have occupied a specific niche or cell, hence the conclusion: selective perfumes – that this is part of a niche.

What is different from the rest

To easily distinguish a selective perfume from another, you need to know what groups it is divided into:

• Massmarket – perfumes of a low price category. Such aromas quickly erode, not having time to open. Sold in markets, supermarkets, hardware stores.

• Luxury perfumes – perfumery water, perfumes of famous fashion houses, brands. They are distinguished by an extensive amount of advertising with the participation of popular personalities. A wide range of flavors lasts up to 24 hours, the price category varies. These are perfumes of wide production using synthetic products..

• Selective perfumes – a product of the creative process using rare plants, natural ingredients. Such aromas on each person “sound” in their own way, lasting from 24 hours to two days. Differ in a limited edition, distribution points around the world no more than 500. Use ordinary glass or original bottles with precious metals, stones and leather. At the same time, the price of some aromas is not higher than luxury perfumes. The cost of such an exclusive bottle can reach several hundred thousand dollars.

Selective Perfumes

Features of selective perfumes

Even if you take into account all the advantages, uniqueness, selective perfumes – perfumes “not for everyone”. The fact is that they may seem specific, even harsh. In addition, they are mostly unisex flavors. A niche perfume on a man reveals more tart notes, on a woman’s body – softer, more tender, sensual. These perfumes change the view of the world of perfume; after using them, I don’t want to return to the familiar world of smells. The sound of aroma depends on body temperature, weather and even a person’s mood.

Selective Perfume Brands

Niche perfumes are increasingly attracting the attention of people, especially women. Every year new selective brands appear, new names sound. Not so much because it is profitable, but because it is something new in a creative way. The desire to expand the boundaries, surprise the world, speak out pushes more and more talents to try themselves in the world of exclusive perfumes. Someone remains a sensual romantic, and someone becomes an innovator.

Serge Lutens

The Serge Lutens brand is distinguished by its originality, excellent taste. Serge Lutans, the founder of the brand, is an authority in perfumery circles, and the brand itself is one of the most popular. One of the first Serge Lutens fragrances, floral Sa Majeste La Rose conquers the essence of a delicate rose paired with sweet honey, light notes of smoke and wood. The composition is supplemented with musk, cloves. Perfume Fille en Aiguiles created on the basis of needles and incense in combination with bay leaves and fruits. This perfume opens best in late autumn or winter.

Tom ford

Gucci’s former creative director at home has partnered with Estee Lauder to produce two lines of cosmetics. Today the name Tom Ford is very popular. He received recognition not only for clothing collections, but also for the creation of an exclusive perfume. The brand line includes more than 30 fragrances for women, men and unisex. Each of them has luxury and sophistication..

Orchid Soleil or Solar Orchid – Women’s Perfume. The combination of orchid, red lily, tuberose, pink pepper and whipped cream will conquer a delicate nature. The bouquet opens from brighter to more delicate oriental. For men, Tom Ford Noir is introduced – the base consists of patchouli, civet and vetiver. Add to them bergamot, cumin, violet, nutmeg and pink pepper, and get an incredible elegant and mysterious aroma.

Etat Libre d’Orange

The translation of this brand sounds like “Country of Free Oranges”. Brand founder Etienne de Swardt has a truly rich imagination. Able to emphasize the exclusivity of aromas. With his spirits, he seeks to awaken sexuality, to reveal the secret, to give freedom to hidden desires. He uses rare perfume combinations. The smell of sweat, blood, sperm are the usual components of these selective perfumes. “Charming secretions”, “Palace whore”, “Virgin and Toreador”, this exclusive brand is of interest only with its shocking names.

Enchanting Secretions refers to a woody scent. Its basis is coconut, lily of the valley, apricot and lilac. The composition is added with chords of iodine, the smells of blood, iris and sandalwood. Truly enchanting, bewitching perfume. “Virgins and Toreadors” is an amazing combination of soft, sweet notes with brutal ones. Musk, tuberose, patchouli, bergamot and vetiver fit perfectly in one bottle.

Etat Libre d’Orange Products

Escentric molecules

Geza Sean composes all her perfumes on the basis of the Iso E Super molecule, which is obtained from the chords of musk, ambergris, oriental flowers and wood. Escentric 01 consists of Iso E Super, pink pepper, lime, mastic tree resin. The nutmeg and woody notes of the bouquet give a special warmth. Molecule 01 is a mono-aroma, consisting of one component, the same Iso E Super molecule. It has a pheromone effect. Perfume attracts with its mystery, then repels with sharpness..


The French brand of selective perfume Montale is distinguished by its love of exclusive aromas. Founder Pierre Montal created perfumes for Arab sheikhs. The works of the French brand Montale are unique, their base consists of a mixture of aromatic oils, and the alcohol content is minimal. They are distinguished by their stamina, bewitching sense of romance and magic..

For feminine natures, Montale offers the fragrance Crystal Flowers. The delicate floral aroma of the east combines lily of the valley, rose, mandarin and musk. Chocolate Greedy with notes of chocolate, vanilla, coconut, orange peel is perfect for lovers of sweets. The combination of plums, oranges, geraniums and roses, presented in Dark Purple, will conquer the brave, extraordinary ladies.

Cnr create

The idea to combine the signs of the zodiac with perfume came up with the astrologer Robert Bohem. 24 flavors, two for each zodiac sign, for men and women. For example, Aries for Men smells of trees: pine and cedar. Diluted with jasmine, geranium, blue mint. Character of spirits corresponds to strong, assertive, tactful Aries. For the emotional Virgin, a floral aroma of white flowers, vanilla, pear, bergamot, clove, cinnamon is presented.

Comme des garcons

Rei Kawakubo is a famous designer, founder of the brand of Japanese perfumes. This laboratory created not only luxury fragrances “Comme des Garcons”, “Odeur 53”, “Champaca”, but also six lines of selective perfume:

  • Sherbet, “edible” odors;
  • Leaves, dedicated to lilies, mint, tea;
  • Red, dedicated to red;
  • Incense, dedicated to religion
  • Colonge, three 18th century style colognes;
  • synthetic line.

Among the floral aromas is Comme des Garcons Series 2 Red: Rose with a combination of roses, raspberries, pink pepper, paprika, blueberries. Such a romantic bouquet will conquer sophisticated natures. “Series 5 Sherbet: Peppermint” with mint and cardamom at the base is suitable for lovers of spicy perfumes. For men, des Garcons Comme De Garsons 2 Man is presented. These perfumes based on nutmeg, mahogany, leather will add a twist to the image of a confident, loving man in the spotlight.

Perfume brand Comme des garcons


Amouage perfume brand has exclusive, unique, unique aromas. Perfumes of the Arab country are one of the most expensive and are distinguished by their luxury. For her, rare components are used that grow in Oman and are prohibited for export. The price of such perfume compositions starts from 10,000 rubles.

Amouage Ciel – a feminine fragrance decorated in a crystal bottle. Violet, flowers of peach, rose, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood for charming, true women. The image for a romantic evening will be complemented by the spirits of Epic of Woman. Floral bouquet of roses, geraniums, jasmine in combination with spices – caraway seeds, cinnamon. Oriental sweets, sandalwood, vanilla will add tenderness and mystery to the image..

Most popular selective perfumes

Selective aromas are gaining popularity, finding a place in the hearts of sophisticated. Among them, a wide selection of perfumes for men and women, but the most popular are unisex. Montale, Amouge, Etat Libre d’Orange occupy the first lines among the well-known brands of niche perfumes. This proves the exclusivity of aromas. Among them are Montale Chocolate Greedy, Serge Lutens Daim Blond.

The main misconception regarding high-end niche perfumes is the high price. There are brands, exclusive aromas that are available to everyone, you can buy such perfumes at points of sale. In Moscow, there are such stores at the Prestige M shopping center and at the Central Department Store, in St. Petersburg at the Raduga shopping center. These same shops offer online shopping. In addition to points of sale, there are online stores where you can order an exclusive perfume online with home delivery.

Among the whole variety of online stores, it is difficult to choose the one that offers a quality product. It is worth paying attention to prices. A fake will always be cheap relative to the original. Before buying online, it is better to first get acquainted with the aroma live, so as not to make a mistake with the choice of your selective brand and choose your aroma.

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