September 2019 lunar haircut calendar

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Centuries-old observations have uncovered the influence of the moon on hair growth and health. Based on this knowledge, the ancestors compiled a calendar, which until now has not lost its relevance. It identifies the best days for hair care and helps to avoid bad ones..

Which moon is best to cut hair

Moon phases of September 2019

The night luminary affects the human body. Each of the four phases: the new moon, the growing, the full moon and the decreasing one, affects the hair differently. The first and second are favorable for growth. During the third and fourth phases, the roots are strengthened. Among other factors, a moon haircut in September will depend on the direction of the Earth’s satellite.

There is a scientific explanation for the effects of the moon. It controls the movement of oceans, fluids inside a person. The growing moon (1-15 days) enhances blood circulation, fills the hair with energy, accelerates their growth. It is useful to cut the ends during this period. The procedure relieves stress, emotional fatigue.

The waning moon (16-30 days) slows down all the processes in the body. If you cut your hair during this period, the hairstyle will grow slower. This is good for those who want to keep fit longer. A haircut on a waning moon solves the problem of hair loss, because during this period the roots are strengthened. This is a good time for curling, dyeing, straightening strands. The second and third phases are good for the effective fight against dandruff..

September 2019 lunar haircut

Moon position in zodiac signs in september 2019

In addition to phases, the status of the strands is affected by the position of the night body relative to the zodiac signs. Knowing this, you can act on the immune system through your hair or avoid health problems. The day of the week is important for haircuts..

On Monday, this is a way to get rid of depression, and on Saturday – to increase self-esteem..

Lunar calendar and hair cutting in September 2019

Date and day of the week

Moon phase, zodiacal arrangement, lunar day (l / d)


09/01. Sunday

Growing, in the sign of Libra, 3

Neutral day. Changing hairstyles will not lead to fundamental changes in life. Staining will be unstable

09/02. Monday

Growing, Scales, 4

Do not give in to the desire to change the image, any changes in hairstyles will spoil the mood

09/03. Tuesday

Growing, Scorpio, 5

Haircut will attract wealth, hair growth will accelerate, the new color will last a long time. Great day for healing masks

09/04. Wednesday

Growing, Scorpio, 6

A dramatic change in appearance can have both negative and positive effects on relationships with a partner. A haircut will help you find ways to increase your income

09/05. Thursday

Growing, Sagittarius, 6.7

Clipped hair will grow back quickly, but will be naughty. Staining can provoke a conflict at home or at work. A visit to the hairdresser will break the inner harmony

09/06. Friday

Growing, Sagittarius, 7

Neutral time for hairstyles. There is a high probability of increased intuition after any hairdressing procedures

09/07. Saturday

Growing, Sagittarius, 8

Suitable for the treatment of split and brittle strands.

09.09. Sunday

Growing, Capricorn, 9

A dramatic change in image can attract disease

09.09. Monday

Growing, Capricorn, 10

Cropped curls will become stronger, staining will pass successfully. One of the most favorable days for a trip to the hairdresser in September

10.09. Tuesday

Growing, Aquarius, 11

A good day for extravagant hairstyles, but unfavorable for the classic. Curls fit poorly. Great risk to exacerbate the problem of loss

09/11. Wednesday

Growing, Aquarius, 12

The haircut should be carefully thought out, and the hairstyle must be styled, otherwise you can break the connection with the cosmos. Neutral day for a meeting with a hairdresser

09/12. Thursday

Growing, Aquarius, 13

Haircut will improve health, increase intuition. It is undesirable to dye your hair – the color will not be persistent

09/13. Friday

Growing, Pisces, 14

After washing your hair, dandruff may appear. Curling and coloring will adversely affect the quality of the strands. A good day for treatments that strengthen thin or damaged hair

09/14. Saturday

Full Moon, Pisces, 15

Haircuts can trigger illnesses. Dark staining will help to “disguise” from troubles

09/15. Sunday

Waning, Aries, 16

. Haircuts weaken the immune system, there is a risk of losing luck

16.09 Monday

Waning, Aries, 17

A visit to the hairdresser will increase the likelihood of injury. Cut hair will be cut

09/17. Tuesday

Waning, Aries, 18

A dramatic change in image can trigger theft or loss of values. Haircuts are useful for strengthening roots and slowing hair growth..

09/18. Wednesday

Waning, Taurus, 19

Ideal time for experimentation: shortening your hairstyle will extend your life

09/19. Thursday

Waning, Taurus, 20

Feel free to change the hairstyle (length, color). Home care (coloring, firming masks) will give a good result

09/20. Friday

Waning, Gemini, 21

One of the most auspicious days. Perfect for tinting, coloring, perm

09.21. Saturday

Waning, Gemini, 22

Feel free to experiment with color. You can get a haircut, but the hair will grow back slowly

09.09 Sunday

Waning, Cancer, 23

Almost all hairdressing impacts are unsuccessful. Those who seek to get rid of excessive custody are worth a haircut

09/23. Monday

Waning, Cancer, 24

Haircut will bring sadness, longing, spiritual imbalance

09/24. Tuesday

Waxing, Cancer, 25

You should not even wash your hair. With any manipulation of the hair, an exacerbation of eye pathologies is possible, visual impairment

25.09 Wednesday

Waning, Leo, 26

Good time to change the image. Any procedures will enhance the density and silkiness.

09/26. Thursday

Waning, Leo, 27

Feel free to change your hairstyle, a new look will improve your health

09/27. Friday

Waning, Virgo, 28

The best time for all types of perm, coloring. Changing the appearance will attract the attention of the opposite sex

09/28. Saturday

New Moon, Virgo, 29, 1

A visit to the hairdresser can attract misfortune. The critical period for the whole organism

09/29 Sunday

Growing, Scales, 2

Any hair restoration will be effective. Do not radically change the color – expectations will not materialize

09/30. Monday

Growing, Scales, 3

Neutral day. A haircut will attract material energy, relieve negativity. Lush hairstyles work out

Auspicious days

What determines whether a haircut in September 2019 will bring good luck or problems? Hair is a source of strength, what happens to them changes the energy of a person, affects the body, even determines certain events.

Adhering to the lunar calendar of haircuts for September 2019, you will avoid the deterioration of health or financial situation.

Best haircut days:

  1. 09/09/2019 – The most successful combination of the growing moon and the zodiacal arrangement in Capricorn. The day is filled with movement, positive energy. Shortening your hair, you will heal them, gray hair will be well painted. Natural dyes will attract the favor of the head.

  2. 09/19/2019 – A combination of the waning moon and the location in Taurus. Haircut will strengthen the hair roots, they will become thicker. Successful will be the clarification of the strands, any firming and moisturizing procedures. Combing in the direction of the four cardinal directions will successfully distribute cosmic energy.
  3. 09/26/2019 – the waning moon in Leo, combined with 27 lunar days, is ideal for visiting a hairdresser. All procedures will be successful, and a haircut will ensure good luck for a long time. New hairstyle will attract positive energy.

What moonlight days you can not cut hair

  1. 09/15/2019 – the waning moon in Aries will negatively affect the hair structure, any procedures will weaken the roots, lead to split ends. Haircuts worsen the state of the endocrine and circulatory systems.

  2. 09/24/2019 – a visit to the hairdresser on the waning moon in Cancer will bring only disappointment. Haircuts can negatively affect your emotional state. Painting provokes conflicts.
  3. 09/28/2019 – the ancestors believed that shortening hair at the new moon, they shorten life. From a scientific point of view, this is the period when the body is weakened. Postpone not only a visit to the hairdresser, but also any medical procedures to avoid complications.
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